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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Everything you always wanted to know about sex? Been there, done that


Baby boomers say they don’t need to learn anything new about sex. They already know it all.

And it’s the women who say they know the most when it comes to getting it on.

That’s the conclusion of a new Associated Press-LifeGoesStrong.Com poll on the sexual habits of the baby boom generation.

Among those polled, 59 percent of women say they know all they need to know when it comes to bumping bellies while 48 percent of men claim the same level of confidence.

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3 thoughts on “Everything you always wanted to know about sex? Been there, done that”

  1. All they need to do to learn about foreplay these days is to simply show up at a US airport and have the TSA do an “enhanced” body search!

  2. Well, this assumption that Baby Boomers don’t need to learn anything new is not true, the Bulldozer Fetish Phenomenon has not been broached

  3. I often wonder what would bring on such a commentary? Is Doug pro choice? Does he approve of condoms being passed out at school? Does he believe that God can terrorize the kids into staying away from sex? Can the Ministers demand a marriage ceremony first?

    When this slows up at CHB, it is time for me to move on!


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