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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Just another photo-op

President George W. Bush's latest clandestine trip to Iraq ain't playing all that well.

President George W. Bush’s latest clandestine trip to Iraq ain’t playing all that well.

Writes legal professor Stephen Bainbridge:

I had drinks on Sunday with a very prominent conservative writer who strongly supported the original decision to go to war with Iraq. I was thus surprised by his candid admission that we’re "losing" the war. When I asked what metric he used to reach that conclusion, he replied "public disorder."

Bush’s publicity stunt visit to Iraq doesn’t change that dynamic. More than two dozen people died in insurgent attacks the day before Bush arrived. Indeed, the intense security surrounding Bush’s visit to the heavily fortified Green Zone itself demonstrates just how bad the security problem remains.

The American people get it. According to a recent CBS poll, about half of the American people think Zarqawi’s death won’t fundamentally change the amount of violence in Iraq. Over half think the war in Iraq is going badly. Over 80 percent recognize that we’re facing a civil war between Iraqis.

Over at MSNBC, they called the visit the "mission almost accomplished" photo op.