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Friday, July 19, 2024

Carole Bayer Sager: Dancing With the Tea Party


Sarah Palin has recently stated that she believes that she could beat Obama in 2012.

I would have said that was ridiculous until I saw that her daughter Bristol is now heading to the finals in this coming Monday’s Dancing With The Stars.

As Brandy hung her head and cried during her elimination on Tuesday night, I began to believe for certain in the power of the Tea Party. Brandy and her partner Max have enjoyed perfect scores on more than one occasion. Brandy is an excellent dancer who deserved to make it to the finals.

Bristol Palin is a young woman who has a sweet and earnest disposition, who has worked very hard to become a “better” dancer in her DWTS journey, but what she is not, and will never be is a great dancer.

Week after week, dancers with more natural talent, grace, and most importantly, ability have found themselves eliminated after perfect and near perfect scores while Bristol continues to be saved from elimination after continuous weeks of landing at the bottom of the judges leader board.

Week after week we see the real star, Sarah Palin, in the audience cheering and supporting her daughter Bristol, while consciously consolidating her base with each appearance.

What all of this means regarding how the votes are counted on DWTS is far less important about what this might be telling us about the future of our country and the power of Sarah Palin.

Yes, this is only a television show but I hope the Democratic Party is taking notice.

The Karl Rove School of Politics has much to teach us. Stay on point, hammer home the message, (truth or fiction) and get your people to the polls.

Whether one is voting for a television candidate or a political one, those of us not glued to Fox News need to Wake up and Show up if we care about our candidates and our party.

Elections can be stolen when enough people deliver the same message; much the same as choosing finalists on television.

From The Huffington Post