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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

No road map for Afghan withdrawal


World leaders want Afghanistan to control its own security by 2014, but what will it take to get there?

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2 thoughts on “No road map for Afghan withdrawal”

  1. From the article…

    “With the public in the U.S and particularly in Europe losing patience with the Afghan mission, the NATO announcement seemed intended to generate headlines or at least a public perception of a plan for withdrawal.”

    Just like the perception of closing Gitmo, the perception of an “end to hostilities” in Iraq, the perception of an improving economy, and the perception of government for the People.

    This will surely be part of Obama’s re-election campaign strategy. Which, of course, should begin any day now. At the same time we’re asking Pakistan for more leeway and more real estate in which to bomb “suspected” Al-Qaida and increasing our presence in Yemen and Africa.

    Well I guess we should feel secure in the knowledge that we still are afforded a trial by jury in this country, as opposed to just bombing the piss out of your neighborhood when you’re suspected of some thing. But that could change any time.

    Any one interested in buying a Nobel Peace Prize? Barely used, but highly tarnished.

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