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Friday, December 8, 2023

Jonathan Ellerby: Politics, Change, and YOU–Where do you stand?


The political landscape is changing by the minute in America but one thing remains steady and growing: the endless cycles of blaming, complaining and name-calling. As a parent, if I saw children on the playground behaving as our politicians do in the media, I would be deeply disappointed and would address the behavior as unacceptable. The media acts so concerned about the growing crisis of bullying in America — yet in later segments on the same shows and stations they give valuable air time to political leaders and talk show hosts who name call, insult and verbally attack those they disagree with. For some reason, when our political leaders show a lack of patience, cooperation or shared accountability, we call them “champions.” Regardless of your political leanings or label if you take a deep breath and face the facts, no business or family would survive with the kind of “in-fighting,” insulting and disrespect that we are getting far too use to.

So here are two ideas to consider.

  1. If you really want to understand what is going on in politics, don’t read popular media. Do some research and find websites, journals and newspapers that present educated, informed, unbiased reviews of the facts and factors. Don’t feed the TV or web media outlets that are busy trying to hook you in like a soap opera while selling you cars and tooth whitener on the side — turn that stuff off!
  2. If there are topics in the political area that you are really interested in, such as education, healthcare, military spending, the economy or the environment, don’t spend too much time talking about it and feeding on the same old story of change and change the change — roll up your sleeves and get involved in making a difference in your community. Most of the causes we wait for politicians to change can be influenced locally by volunteers, thought leaders and involved citizens. Everyone has something to give; blaming and complaining only gives a headache.

Are you are part of the solution, or part of the problem?

From The Huffington Post