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Monday, April 22, 2024

Former Clinton Aide: Sarah Palin An ‘Extraordinary Ass’


Sarah Palin was at the butt end of an insult from former Clinton aide Jami Floyd on Friday, when Floyd called the former Alaska Governor and potential presidential fascination an “extraordinary ass.”

“Never underestimate your opponent and the governor says she’s an extraordinary asset to her party,” Floyd said on MSNBC. “I say she’s an extraordinary ass, frankly.”

The discussion came in the context of recent interviews with Vice President Joe Biden, during which he seemed to express little worry about Palin’s ability to beat Obama in 2012, but did admit that she is “always underestimated.”

Floyd explained her slight as a function of Palin’s flounder when fellow Fox News commentator Glenn Beck asked her to pick a favorite Founding Father earlier this year. During that conversation, Palin notoriously told Beck, “Ya know, well, all of ’em.”

“The more the woman says, the more trouble she gets into,” Floyd said, before conceding that Palin was a “fascinating,” “beautiful,” “great fundraiser,” but “not the next President of the United States.”


From The Huffington Post