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Sunday, February 25, 2024

A complete Democratic failure

Nancy Pelosi is such a complete, utter, failure as Speaker of the House that even she admits it. When a politician admits failure, you know they realize they've screwed up big time.

Nancy Pelosi is such a complete, utter, failure as Speaker of the House that even she admits it.

When a politician admits failure, you know they realize they’ve screwed up big time.

Writes political columnist Marsha Mercer:

She’s not Glinda, the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz,” able to wave her magic wand and change things.

In nine months on the job as House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has learned to live with the limits of her power.

Pelosi may be the top Democrat in the House and the most powerful woman in Washington, at least for now, but she can’t change things instantly. And so, she endures the wrath of the Democratic base for failing to end the war in Iraq.

“I don’t disagree with the public,” she told reporters at a lunch last week. “We have not done well in ending this war.”

Not well? That’s an understatement from someone who opposes the war herself. Pelosi chooses her words carefully; she also can speak plainly.

“It is not just the opinion of the Democratic base that we should end the war but of the American people,” she said. Democrats, independents and some Republicans agree the war should end.

“They don’t want to hear about 60 votes in the Senate,” she said. “Just do it.”

The problem, of course, is that the Democrats didn’t “just do it.” They “just didn’t do it” and then they “just” came up with excuse after excuse for “not doing it.”

The blame is not Pelosi’s alone. That corrupt political hack from Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is just as big a failure when it comes to delivering on political promises. So are other members of the Democratic Party who have backed down, time and time again, to the demands of a despot named George W. Bush.

And a large part of the blame lies with ignorant voters who expected the daughter of one of the most corrupt mayors in the history of Baltimore to be either effective or honest. Pelosi is just another corrupt crook who talks out of both sides of her mouth and kowtows to the moneyed special interest groups who control both political parties in this nation.

Under her watch, the Democrats voted to give Bush more power to spy on Americans and abuse the Constitution. The backed away from campaign promises to put limits on Bush’s power to wage war and send more American men and women to death in illegal wars based on lies.

Democrats proved themselves no more honest than the corrupt Republicans they replaced in the offices of power. They became accomplices in Bush’s dismantling of the Constitution and the elimination of the freedoms that once stood as the foundation for this nation.

As we head into the Presidential campaign season, the Democrats appear poised to anoint yet another she-devil as their leader, the double-dealing, jive-talking Hillary Clinton. All the repackaging in the world can’t hide the fact that Clinton voted to give Bush the power to wage war and, to this day, she refuses to either apologize for that vote or admit she made a mistake. Underneath the veneer of consultant-packaged rhetoric is the soul of a warmonger who can be just as much of a hawk as the Republicans and that vicious streak should share the hell out of Americans.

Americans enter the excesses of a Presidential election year with no real choices among the frontrunners of either party. Any chance for change remains mired in the muck of the second and third tier of candidates and they have no chance of breaking out.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi is a failure. The Democratic Party is a failure. But the real failure is a political system that has allowed Democrats and Republicans to become the only choices. In the end, a victory by either party is a failure of the system and the real losers are the American people and a once-great nation called the United States.

35 thoughts on “A complete Democratic failure”

  1. I’m sick and tired of those people who continue to rail against government run health insurance. Every reason they give for not having it is already proved wrong. We have government health care – Medicare – and it is better than any private health insurance.

    With medicare you can select any doctor or hospital or other medical lab or testing facility you want for a small co-pay. All preexisting conditions are covered and you cannot be cancelled for any reason. Prescribed medications are co-payed at only $1-4.00. And the premiums are far lower than any private health care that provides anywhere near the same coverage. But, of course, none do.

    The main thing wrong with health insurance is that it is “insurance.” That means there is an insurance “company” running it that must make a profit. Therefore, it costs the individual more money. You pay for the care PLUS a fee to the insurance company. Medicare is non-profit, therefore, the cost of care is less to the individual.

    The misnomer is that medicare is government run health care. It is not. Under medicare, health care is determined by the health care professionals. Under the present system, health care is determined by insurance companies who decide what is covered and what is not.

    Medicare is the cost of health care administrated by a non-profit agency.

    There is no reason why the entire country could not have medicare. But there are two reasons why it does not.

    a) the insurance companies would lose a fortune, some would be out of business.

    b) the doctors and hospitals and pharmcuetical companies and labs and testing facillities, etc.(the medical industry) would lose a monstrous amount money because, as the the only health care payer, medicare could control prices.

    Consequently there is no bottom to the well of money they will spend on our legislators to prevent a national medicare for all.

  2. Ms Price , If I may address a few of your points . I would take issue with your statement that the national parks are a mess . Where there are problems its because conservatives have cut back the budgets for upkeep to do important stuff like give tax cuts to millionaires . You really don’t believe that selling them off to to Exon mobile or some developer would improve them do you ? As far as Mr pauls idea of privatizing the highway system , do I even have to explain how breathtakingly stupid that is ? You kept refering to the old Soviet union as ” socialist ” . Wrong , they were Marxists or communists if you prefer , not socialists . If you want a model of socialist , or democratic socialists , try France , Germany , Sweden etc , you know , countries that actually care about their citizens more than their corporations . I know , you’re probably going apoplectic at the very idea . I assume that by ” redistrabution of wealth ” you’re refering to taxes on the rich ? If so you are correct , I’m all for it . You made a comment about being refused healthcare by big government . Try getting sick if you have ( can afford ) for profit health insurance , they’ll drop you like a rock unless you have a union contract . Its not good for the bottom line . I see you also like to throw out all of the conservative boogie men ” big government ” , ” socialism ” ” tree enterprise ” etc etc . When you do this I’m supposed to start backing up saying ” oh no not that ” right ? Wrong , I’m all for big government 300 million big , I want the special interest money out of it , you conservatives forget , in a democracy we are the government . Yes I want it big enough to grab the likes of Ken Lay , Lee Raymond , Eric Prince , the Walton family , big oil , big tobacco wanta be aristocrats like the bushes and forbes by the scruff of the proverbial neck when necessary . What pray tell do you think would happen if we followed Ron Pauls ideas of privatizing everything and selling of all of the commons to the highest bidder ? Raping and pillaging come to mind . It would be akin to a sheppard turning over the welfare of his flock to a pack of wolves . I also know that trying to get you to understand the folly of this mans misbegotton , illconcieved ideas is a waste of time . I have friends that are Paul lemmings and they , like you , just refuse to actually think these things through . You also don’t seem to realize all of this free market conservative poison has been tried before and been a disaster ? If not may I recommend ” The Jungle ” by Upton Sinclair , that would be the free market , survival of the fittest ( greediest or well born ) wonderland it would lead to . No thanks , I’ll take a little big government socialism anytime .

  3. The electoral college has to go. How does one become an elector, anyway? I wish just once a group or renegade electors would vote against the popular vote in their state. That would finally end the electoral college nonsense. Gore won by 600,000 votes. There was so much flim-flammery in Florida, there should have been a re-vote not a re-count. Such things occurred as state police sealing black neighborhoods, no one allowed in or out, while looking for known felons. Of course they chose election day to do this. No other day would suffice. Of course black people mostly vote democratic, but this couldn’t have had anything to do with JEB BUSH’s Fla. State Police’s decision to conduct those activities on election day. Otherwise, it would appear as though election fraud had taken place and we all know that could never happen in America. A South American country’s populace would be rioting in the streets over something like this.

    — Kent Shaw

  4. The failure of this political,system is nothing special. If you study history, you come to the realization that all political systems are failures, and the only way of dealing with them is to keep on bitching. Keep up the good work!

  5. Not a problem, Klaus. Thanks for the reply. I admire your commitment to your beliefs and your ability to work for postive changes.

  6. Sandra,

    Two of the last three administrations (assuming you mean 2 runs of the Bush administration and 2 runs of the Clinton administration) have been the neocon/PNAC controlled Bush administration.

    As I and others have pointed out before, BOTH of the Bush administration’s so-called “elections” to office are more than debatable at this point.

    I must, yet again, object to your saying the “voters are responsible” for the Bush administration. There is more than ample evidence that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were rigged by the Republican Party.

    In 2000, We, the People elected Al Gore as President but the Bushies with a lot of help from the USSC robbed Gore of his Presidency.

    I still view the Bushies as being an illegitimate government. As such, I will take NO responsibility for “having voted” for them.

  7. Hey Jarnod, sorry I got so riled but when it seemed like you were being condescending it really hit my button so I am very receptive to your ideas -Peace Brother.

  8. First of all, you don’t know me yet your making a lot of generalizations that I and other posters on this web site don’t do anything positive.

    Well, I happen to work locally on environmental issues here in Palo Alto, California with a group called ACTERRA. I also have stumped for an environmentalist,
    Peter Drekmeir, one of the directors of a local environmental group, to get on the city council, who won a seat on the council.

    I’ve personally walked precincts, collected signatures for environmental issues here in the great county of Santa Clara. I also have done precinct walking, phone banks & checking poll returns for a state assemblyman, Ira Ruskin, who also got elected.

    I’ve cleaned birds when there was an oil spill off of Santa Cruz a few years back amongst many other things of an environmental restoration nature such as removing non-native invasive species of plants.

    To cut to the chase -don’t ram your wunderkind can-do on me when I already am quite constructive and contribute my civic duty to my country.

    On the count of calling up my representatives and senators, I’ve always used the utmost in polite decorum.

    Mad! You bet I’m mad and I’ll use all the F*cking expletives on….the Fu#@#$@#ing Rant page I want to regarding the greed and apathy and chicken-shitedness of the Democrats.

    Obviously, your not a regular, so you haven’t read the many postings which along with expletives are also quite positive, in depth, and logical in there analysis.

    So don’t ram your Est positive mumbo jumbo down my throat.

    What you have to offer in the means of positve constructive things to be done I think is great, but don’t generalize and second guess the positiveness of many of the folks who post on this site intimating what you think they are, or are not doing.

    Spare us your condescending platitudes, just say what you want to say with out your narcissistic blather.

  9. Response to SEAL from jarnod11:

    I’m with you on cancer treatment because I am going through that myself right now. Best of luck to both of us on that score. Going through chemo has given me a sense of urgency and more passion in trying to make things better for this country. I want my kids to have a chance to excel and prosper.

    Please see my earlier response to Klaus on what I am doing to help construct a better society.

    One solution to our national problems would be to put on the ballot an “up or down” vote on whether or not any lawmaker (local, state, regional, national) can take donations from any lobbyist or lobbying group. My opinion is that you can’t truly make the best decisions for your constituency or the country if you take money from group(s) that have a vested interest in the outcome of legislation or regulations. In my opinion, this would be a large first step and one that would clear the way for a more rational government.

    Best of luck to you with your treatments.

  10. Reply to Klaus from jarnod11:

    Klaus, good point in your last line and certainly a valid one.

    In response, I am setting up a website and writing a mini-book (actually a quick-read manual) on identifying what is wrong with this country, while presenting options and inviting others to develop solutions to solve those problems (via the website). I am into the book in a big way and hope to dovetail it with the website. I hope to get this well in the works by the first of the year in an attempt to have an positive impact on the upcoming national election.

    If you talk to your reps in a manner that is similar to how you have written your response here, you should not be surprised that you are ignored.

  11. I’m seeing the same statements here that are on the Reader Rant. More government control, this time taking on health care costs. Many like the thought that the government owns most of the open land in America making it free from taxes. Our Highways are a shambles and our parks not good for much other than fires. Could it be that the government is not good at managing these kinds of things?

    Would you rather have the government issue coverage for only approved sicknesses and surgeries and which medications they will pay for? Have you not learned at this time that the government is a mass of greedy people just waiting to abuse and use all of us tax payers?

    The problem is not the system America uses but the government greed. Do you honestly believe the Democrats are less greedy than the Republicans?

    America must cut back on government authority. Handing this massive sponge of greed, our needs, is not the answer to our problems. It is the source of our problems. The key to correction is not to change the system but change the representatives who have abused their power. Take a look at the platforms of both parties. Is this really what we want leading our nation?

    Both parties are promising changes to all American citizens from the Socialism of government control to the other end of turning us into a Christian nation meaning a police state. Where does one go to say NEVER to both of these plans?

    Third parties are condemned even before they start. We must decide before a single Primary comes up HOW MUCH GOVERNMENT DO WE REALLY WANT?

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who will cut back on government authority. But then what do we do with those American who cannot read or write or have no work ethics? We have to cover these drop outs as we cannot let them starve or freeze. Where did the churches go who used to take care of these homeless drop outs? Oh yes, they are now lobbying for more federal grants.

    What changes will be made come the Primaries? The GOP could not even elect a dog catcher at this time due to the corruption brought in by this phony religious movement.

    If Ron Paul is not what you want, then by all means go Socialist! Before you do this, please look at the economics of the old Soviet Union and even the new European systems of government. How easy it would be to throw away our scarred Constitution and simply make a government who takes responsibility for all of us. None of us would ever have to think or vote again as the system will take care of everything.

    Will a redistribution of wealth please you? Do you want to work a 60 hour week where you can take home only a portion of your earnings? Will your homes and cars be taxed based on our incomes rather than a fair market amount? Will private schools be taxed so that they will be forced to close? Will you be able to live with kids who can read only at a 4th grade level?

    Will your carefully planned investments find that the government can tax them by impossible standards of profits? This is what big government does to the people of the nation!!!

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reduce and limit the federal government so we can afford to live in a house, attend good schools and have retirement funds when we can no longer work.

    Apparently I remain the only Capitalist on this Home Page at CHB. I certainly got into trouble on the Reader Rant for stating my political opinions of free-enterprise capitalism. I did not vote for the terrible leaders we have in D.C. who took away so many of our freedoms found in the Constitution but I’ll be damned if I will support anyone who wants the federal government involved in my entire life.

    The voters are responsible for bringing in the last 3 Administrations who have raped and pillaged our freedoms, our federal budgets and removed the spirit of individual freedoms. You can vote for anyone you want but will you be willing to take the responsibility for Socialism which it seems you desperately want and need?

    Don’t bother to slam me for my independent desires, I’m out of here where freedoms are ignored and a limited government is feared.

  12. Jarnod:
    I made 3 phone calls this morning to tell my reps in Washington that if they did not stand up and vote to override the Bush veto of the health care bill I would vote for their competition in the next election no matter who it was.

    I also sent 2 E-mails to my senators about other things. What else would you have me do? I can’t get too far away for very long from my treatments at the cancer center.

    Instead of complaining, how about offerring your plan?

  13. Excuse me! There is no law that the Congress can not simply cut funds for the occupation which does not require a veto proof majority or the senate to to cut funds.

    I have called and called my representatives and senators to no avail, I don’t merly complain, but the fact of the matter is the Democrappers are on board with this occupation by its simple assertion that, while being against the occupation, they still put in the clause that ‘enough troops should be left in Iraq to protect American assets’; translated this means they support the continued occupation of Iraq which is also why we hear nothing from the Democrappers about the biggest McEmbassy ever being built & the 14 permanent military bases being built, one right next to Iran.

    Nancy Fancy Pants took out a clause in the May spending bill that would have required BushCo to go to permission to congress to bomb Iran; Fancy Pants Nancy took out that provision after being booed about it by the AIPAC lobby. The AIPAC lobby with no equivocating whatsover has been behind this occupation from many, many moons ago.

    While on Fancy Pants watch, BushCo was given permission to spy on US citizens without any oversight by the FISA court.

    So don’t tell me I’m not trying to do anything constructive when we as citizens continually call our reps and they continually ignore us.

    CHB is probably the best forum I’ve ever encountered by people who truly care and are not merly blabbers that do not back up their words with actions.

    What I see in many postings on this site is the frustration of the fact that they do constructive things such as calling their reps but to no avail.

    The solution is to throw out Bummettes like Nancy Fancy Pants and Hairy Reed and tar and feather them putting them on a rail strait out of DC.

    Cindy Sheehan sees what’s going on and she’s running against Nancy Fancy Pants so all I have to say to Cindy is: Go Girl Go!

    What I have to say to Hillary Clinton is: Don’t go girl go!

    Oh! By the way jarnod, what actions is it you personally have taken.

  14. Nancy Pelosi has been an utter failure since she became the Speaker of the House, and her actions in regard the crisis brewing in Turkey is just another nail in her coffin of incompetence, and the Democrats would be well-advised to find a speaker that also has a little common-sense, a trait that she severely lacks and shares with the rest of Congress.

    Bush, Pelosi, And Congress: Dumb and Dumber

    William Cormier

  15. You got that right, Doug. And Pelousy is not even the worst offender in the Loser Department. Madam Hillary gets my vote for Hypocrite of the Century So Far. I never thought there could be ANYONE that could redeem Bush, but these two zeros are doing all they can to make Bush look better.

  16. Ron Paul…

    A poster above claims that Ron Paul is the solution to our problems. Although he is the only Republican who has gained some of my respect, and I appreciate that he values the constitution (in most ways) and wants to stop our foreign interventions, he is frothing at the mouth to outlaw abortion. That is scarey! On the other hand, Kucinich and Gravel respect the constitution and want to keep us out of war and take care of problems at home, but do not want to oppress women or lead us back to the days of back-alley abortions. These two are our only hope, but too bad the people vote for the person with the most $, who also happens to be person the 6 mainstream press outlets support. So we will get Hillary and more war in the Middle East. Sigh…

  17. Please , all of you misguided Ron Paul supporters . His policies would be a disaster , privatizing everything , doing away with pretty much all regulation and governmeny agencys , selling off public lands and parks ( and the highway system ) to the highest bidder ( Guess who that would be ) . If you like the present republican policies he would put them on steriods , he’s wrong on everything except the war . Yes , he’s honest and nice . The problem is , he’s also loony . Please , read his policy ideas and think them through . All he would do is turn the country over to the rich and powerful , lock , stock and barrel .

  18. Failure yes but (this failure) includes the whole nation. Almost every aspect of this country is and has become a complete failure and we are going to pay….soon. In fact, it has already started in a very serious way, ie. the total collapse of our financial system which much like politics is has become based on stupidity and greed. Give it another six months and the whole landscape will have changed into something very ugly. Good luck!!!!!

  19. Yes, Pelosi has failed to do a lot, mainly because the Congressional votes can’t be garnered to override King George’s veto.

    A similar failure of late has been the Rant itself. It has become like the derelict talking to himself in the alley about things that have gone wrong. All the Rant seems to do lately is increase the flatulence in a strong wind. It is noticed for an instant, then forgotten except for the odor. And soon that is forgotten as well.

    To me, this website has become a disappointment–broken promises and always complaining. Do something constructive. Destructiveness works for a while, but when nothing constructive is offered, you are left with a toothless rant.

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