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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Johnny Cash’s Daughter Jabs Sarah Palin


Rosanne Cash, daughter of legendary country singer and songwriter Johnny Cash, tweeted her way into politics again Tuesday, sending out a dispatch batting former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for supposed hypocrisy in her criticism of President Obama as an unvetted, unprepared leader.

The musician tweeted Tuesday:

He was pres. of the Harvard law review, a constitutional scholar and a Senator. And you?

Her link led to a post by conservative blog Hot Air about a recent appearance by Palin on an Anchorage area radio show.

Here’s what she had to say to KWHL’s Bob and Mark about a re-released anti-Obama documentary directed by conservative radio host John Ziegler entitled “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected And Palin Was Targeted.”

“We know that Obama wasn’t vetted through the campaign, and now, you know, some things are coming home to roost, if you will, which is inexperience, his associations, and that ultimately harms our republic when a candidate isn’t — isn’t vetted by the media, that cornerstone of our democracy. So, you’re right, it’s not about me and whether you like my politics or not. You can push all that aside, and just pay attention to what that message is in this documentary, and that is that things have got to change for the better in the state of journalism. Otherwise, you know, it could be part of a demise of our democracy if that cornerstone erodes.”

It seems a rather strange rebuke, not only because Obama, as Cash points out, appeared to have a considerable resume despite his rookie status in the U.S. Senate, but because the campaign scrutiny of Obama — including his connections to controversial figures such as Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers — is rather well documented.

Palin’s comments also underscore an ongoing sentiment by the former vice-presidential candidate that she is held to higher media standards than any other political figure, a view that she espouses in a New York Times Magazine article released Wednesday.

Rosanne Cash also dipped her toes in the political sphere earlier this month when she called incoming GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner an “asshat” over Twitter for invoking her father’s name as part of oft-repeated a campaign trail punchline

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