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Saturday, December 9, 2023

The election is over: So is the sense of urgency


When Barack Obama tried — as much as his ego would allow — to accept some of the responsibility for the shellacking the Democrats took from voters in the mid-term elections it seemed the President might — after early two years of missteps — finally understand that there is a lot of difference between campaigning and governing.

Then he boarded Air Force One and split town — jetting around the world in a series of International meetings that did nothing but highlight just how out-of-touch and clueless HE can be when he makes the jump from first-term Senator to President.

The votes sent a clear message: Fix the economy, get people back to work and pay attention to details here at home.  But Obama didn’t get the message. He was in Indonesia saying “Indonesia is always a part of me.”

Too bad the plight of ordinary Americans isn’t a part of him.  In fact, after watching this silver-tongued devil at work for a few years, I’m wondering what — if anything — is a part of him.

The Obama who took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a far cry from the polished candidate who slid through the electoral process without any real missteps or problems.

As President, Obama is as clueless as George W. Bush — just another vapid political deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck and too damn stupid to get out of the way.

Political pundits waste airtime telling us how smart Obama is.  He’s not smart. In fact, he’s dumb as a barnyard mule when it comes to running a country. He may be educated but there’s a big difference between being educated and smart.

Bill Clinton was a smart President who did stupid things but had the ability to bounce back. When his venture in the bowels of liberalism cost Democrats control of Congress in 1994, Clinton adjusted his Presidency — becoming a moderate when he had to — and putting Republicans on the defensive time and again.  Even with his pants unzipped and the Presidential schlong embedded in Monica Lewinsky‘s willing mouth, Clinton kept his focus on what needed to be done to salvage his Presidency.

Obama is so wrapped up in playing the role of America’s first African-American president that he can’t focus on the problems at hand. The faltering economy no longer belongs to George W. Bush. It’s Obama’s economy. The Afhgan war is no longer Bush’s war. It belongs to Obama.

Obama promised change without really understanding what needed to be changed or how to go about changing it. He populated his inner circle not with young guns and change artists but with the same, old, tired Washington veterans who served Clinton and — in some cases — even Bush.

He promised to close Gitmo. It’s still open. He promised health care for everyone with a public option and lower costs. Millions of Americans still can’t afford health care because his empty promises produced a health care “reform” that make insurance lobbyists happy but didn’t fulfil a single promise from his campaign.

And when Americans looked towards their government and hoped — in the aftermath of a “game changing” mid-term election — to see determination and a willingness to get to work, Obama goes globe-trotting.

A planned meeting between Obama and Republican leaders has been put off until Nov. 30 — at the request of Republicans who seem as disinterested as Obama in tackling the problems our nation faces.

President Barack Obama waves at a rally in Philadelphia, Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Before the election, both Republicans and Democrats stressed the urgency of needed action to address the nation’s ills.

As soon as the polls closed on Nov. 2, that sense of urgency vanished amid the hangovers of GOP celebrants and washed away in the jetstream of Air Force One.

And the mantra of change will remain on the shelf until it is needed for the 2012 elections.

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21 thoughts on “The election is over: So is the sense of urgency”

  1. One cannot overlook the possibility of a military coup in the near future. But not your garden variety coup.

    This one may pit service against service.

    The intelligence services are closely aligned with the president, and may be in control of him. The will clearly align with him. So will the services that are closely aligned with them – the air force and major aerospace contractors. So will the banks and the media which are controlled by the same sources.

    Other services, particularly the Army and Navy may not go along with the plan. Being composed more of common men they may realize that their troops will not act against US citizens.

    Thus we have an interesting contest. Whoever wins, it’s still a coup. Either it’s the MIBMC and the president, or the other military services that would oppose their rule. Either way, gone are the Constitution and our elected government, for whatever they’re worth.

  2. Sorry Carl: But you’ve already “courageously” taken CHB’s “intellectual substantive comments” position. Who would dare deliberate with such a keen virtual poster who’s insightful ink blot comments fill these pages 24/7.

    Elucidations such as: ” Visualise this man as “dictator for life”.” or “my belief that this president might be the last especially if an engineered state of martial law is activated”, are so worthy of the virtual world at the end of your keyboard that they defy remark.

    Insightful indeed Carl. Insightful indeed.

  3. Quote: “Obama is so wrapped up in playing the role of America’s first African-American president that he can’t focus on the problems at hand.”

    Apparently Doug is competing with Beck and Limbaugh for the 2011 Lee Harvey Oswald Great American Communicator Award.

    • Yo “glowdog”…

      The last time you visited the site was on June 1st with one of your cutting posts concerning our site host.

      “Face it! If Obama had shown up at Arlington on Monday, Doug would have written that Obama dropped by for a photo op. This is just another of Doug’s “bitter” and stale opinion pieces. Seeking solutions to 2009 complexities by framing the issues using yesterday’s pardigms.” …extract from June 1, 2010 post to “Obama flees thunderstorm on Memorial Day”

      Yep it takes real ‘courage’ to do drivebys, never offering any substantive posts to give us further insight to your ‘great intellect’ ; just snide, cutting remarks. Doug’s tough and can take it, but to me it’s the height of rudeness to do so on your part.

      I’ve also moved away from my keyboard good buddy and I surely get a clear image when it comes to nailing your M.O. … : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. Doug, do you believe that Obama, being a left-wing Democrat, is not representing the agenda of the Party? I’m having a problem writing too with a brain full of Vicoden and Lyrica.

    Obama is merely an updated LB Johnson with more money and plans to use. What is missing is the GOP who for years made the fight a personal one against anyone in the Democratic Party. The hopes for Impeachment is building fast to show the Dems their President is not ………? He is what they voted for and the GOP sat back and let them have it.

    I finished President Bush’s book and I am puzzled at his lack of intelligence and imagination. President Bush brought his agenda into being in 2000 and he kept his promises on many of the social issues. Nobody listened or read my warnings and the GOP has become a demand for Theocratic changes. Every problem President Bush faced brought on massive groups to pray. How he expected God to save the most corrupt group of evil people stuns me.

    When a President of the United States faces the massive problems that 43 faced, and ignored them, it shows me a man of no intelligence abd took the short cut through prayer. We need an IQ test before placing a single vote.

    Chief, the New World Order was planned by neocons from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the focus was making America the leader in world power. The Treaties that came from this did exactly what Perot warned of. The frustration of his loss brought me on line searching from some well- informed politicos who could see the fallacy of these plans. It was not within CHB.

    The plan to stop manufacturing our products made promises of better wages and fewer labor unions. We were to become a service nation but without the education and skills to put people to work. Unskilled and unemployables would simply have to leave America.

    It worked! we are just about broken thanks to this AEI destructive mess. The GOP under the direction of the NeoCons pulled off the greatest problem America has ever faced. It primed us and dumbed us down to be taken over by sweet talk. The GOP has a sweet talker named Newt Gingrich who is committed to take the leadership and is not above using Jesus Christ. He will preach the values of humility and being humble in the presence of the son of God. He will promise to destroy the infidels of Islam and he will be successful.

  5. Thanks Woody for the laundry list concerning our sorry state of affairs relative to the mythos of our remaining freedoms; i.e, none, other than the “right to shop until you drop”.

    The path our leadership has been taking this nation is so convoluted and fouled up, all to the detriment of our survival as a nation state confirms my belief that this president might be the last especially if an engineered state of martial law is activated. They are out to destroy the United States of America by creating an extremely desperate situation that will force people to take whatever is proffered them, just to survive another day. Once the U.S. goes down then the rest of world will fall like dominoes at the hands of these shadowy banking and corporatist usurpers.

    Visualise this man as “dictator for life”. We thought so of George W. Bush, but it didn’t happen. The shadowy oligarchs that are planning the demise of our nation state have patience and have been working on troweling in the bricks of our future globalist prison since before the dawn of the 20th century starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 along with the income tax. Now they have technology on their side. We’re headed for a not so brave new world indeed. : |


    “Conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of a New World Order.” …Henry Kissinger, Re:Kissinger: Obama primed to create ‘New World Order’, Policy Guru Says Global Upheaval Presents ‘Great Opportunity’ by Drew Zahn, World Net Daily, January 06, 2009.


    Carl Nemo **==

    • Ever notice how after it became clear the US was using torture in the Middle East that TV shows of all stripes now show torture?

      Ever notice how everywhere they talk about cuts in spending they only mention social and domestic programs and never mention military spending or foreign aid?

      Ever notice how you never see any protesters on TV even though there are thousands, perhaps millions protesting against war?

      The media is grooming the populace to accept torture and reduced rights as normal.

      After Viet Nam, the MIC made moves to take over the media via consolidation. They did not like the media of that era exposing the lies of the Gulf of Tonkin false flag incident and giving voice to the anti-war movement. They vowed to never let that happen again. Today, some 89% of all media is owned by 6 companies all with ties to the MIC.

      Knowing this, is it any wonder most Americans don’t know WTC Building 7 fell and was announced to fall before it did by the BBC, that Iraq never had WMD and didn’t attack us on 9-11, or that Bin Ladin’s secret cave network was a Rumsfeld fabrication?

  6. Obama doesn’t look so stupid if you believe his job is to end US sovereignty, usher in a new age of robber baron capitalism, and destroy the US middle class. From that point of view he’s the best President ever, other than Junior of course.

    I find it hard to believe that a “constitutional scholar” doesn’t realize the implications of what he is doing to our nation.

    Whether or not individual Americans have been personally subjected to tyranny as a result of lost freedoms doesn’t change the fact that they have already lost these freedoms.

    Freedoms lost since 10-26-2001 (signing of PATRIOT Act)

    1. FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigations.

    2. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records questions.

    3. FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.

    4. RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.

    5. FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans’ papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.

    6. RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.

    7. RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.

    These are facts. We have secret CIA prisons, torture, voter intimidation, domestic NSA phone and internet wiretapping, our financial institution sneak and peeks. All they have to do is claim it is a terrorism investigation, and all bets are off.

    They tried to label Gandhi style protests as economic terrorism (sit ins, blocking traffic, barring entrance) to allow the use of these tactics on what used to be called peaceful protests.

    Senator Ted Kennedy was on the terrorist watch list. It took the Secretary of Homeland Security two weeks to take his name off the list. What hope do you have?

    Voting won’t change a thing. They own the machines that count the votes. And they used the 2000 fiasco to make sure they had as many of those machines out there as possible.

    Once freedom is lost it is rarely re-gained. How can we re-achieve these freedoms?

  7. Carl Nemo, your notion of the CIA being integral to Barack Obama I cannot argue with as I have no knowledge of such. I do not mean to be sarcastic, but if the CIA backed Obama they sure aren’t getting their money’s worth. After all, the CIA won’t last long if the U.S. ceases to be!

    Almandine’s comments struck a chord, especially the “Islamic Apologist” and that the emperor has no clothes. I joke with friends that the Barack Obama Presidential Library will (assuming he chooses a site within the U.S.) have to be in either Utah or Nevada, as they have the open space required to contain his ego.

    Lately, as the picture clears to the monomania and ego centrism of Mr. Obama, I was reminded of a passage in history during the last few weeks of the European Theater in World War II. As Soviet artillery rounds fell outside his bunker in Berlin, Hitler conceded to an aide that indeed the war was lost. But it was the German peoples’ fault….They proved themselves unworthy of HIM. One of my pet peeves is that the president is commander-in-chief of the armed forces…NOT the American people.

    Mr. Thompson is pretty much spot-on, as usual. The “urgency” involved getting elected, and there is great confidence that the giant protozoa of Washington will absorb any misguided newcomers, spitting them out its arse if they don’t “adapt.”

    I’ve served my nation in more ways than one, and it frightens me to see such a childish and selfish sandbox built upon the sacrifice of men and women for several centuries. I think Harry Truman had it right many years ago when he judged primaries as just so much junk.

    The pursuit of personal profit at the expense of the nation is now a virtue…be it on Wall St. or Washington.

    • “…there is great confidence that the giant protozoa of Washington will absorb any misguided newcomers, spitting them out its arse if they don’t “adapt.”

      Imagery at its finest…

  8. As a followup source folks may care to read the March 21, 2010 article “Was Obama a CIA Agent? You be the judge!” by Deanna Spingola as followup corroboration of my allegations that indeed he has ties to “the company”. Once an agent, always an agent operative for “the company” regardless of one’s ascendancy to high office. No one really quits or retires just the same as the “mob”.

    This may explain too why he’s all too casual about how things are coming down for the Democrats since his worldview is that they are just another political mark as well as the Republicans in order to facilitate a “company sponsored” plan for us; ie., “We the People” and it aint’ good for sure… / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Don’t hold your breath for the Klieg lights to shine forth enlighteningly on the Obummer in Chief. Be content with the pablum of partisan politics and the yearnings of sham ideologues. As you have said before, the “book” has been written and the “old men” of political history can’t find the “TSA contraband” in their shorts… much less their souls.

      No wonder the state of affairs.

  9. The ultimate question is: Who is Barack Obama and what are his true roots along with his education and upbringing? I still believe his meteoric rise to power, first the the U.S. Senate, then on to the Presidency along with all the slick advertising and his no doubt stunning rhetorical abilities are almost too good to be true and quite possibly he had some heavy hitters standing behind him along the way, one of which is none other than our CIA. As it’s been said: “if something is too good to be true, then most likely it isn’t and he’s surely turned out to be as bogus as a blue three dollar bill.

    If people don’t care for this source; ie., “Prison Planet” then you are welcome to do a broad search via Google under…Obama CIA connections and you’ll have many to choose from.

    It’s my belief, he along with other ‘candidates’ in the future have been synthesized and are waiting in the wings to be “activated” at any time in order to fulfill a mission even if it’s of a political candidacy nature. It’s somewhat of a twist on the plot for “The Manchurian Candidate” sans political assassination as in the storyline, but still just as frightening to think that our presidency has been compromised by our intel agencies. Seemingly our entire political paradigm has become “smoke and mirrors” within a puzzle palace.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Roots? Try a multicultural Hawaii and a muslim Indonesia. I think “Dreams from My Father” sums up his attitudes.

      As for the CIA connection, those roots of his made him ripe for the plucking. The question is… who do they – ultimately – report to?

  10. One problem here is the continued idea that Obama is “one of us”. He’s NOT. He believes that the US is mostly responsible for the world’s problems… a neo-colonialist society bent on subjugating the masses across all continents… the rapist of all the world’s resources… the bane of human existence. A quick precis of the Roots of His Rage:

    The people who elected him thought his “change you can believe in” meant a better, more prosperous future for themselves. “Change What you believe in” is what he really meant… come to the opinion that America must atone for its sins.

    No, Obama is not like Bush, nor just another vapid politician. He’s not stupid, nor merely the African-American playing field leveler for black America. In addition to old hands, his political young gun Czars are marxist rabble-rousers and fellow collectivists. He’s an Islamic apologist and menace to our country and way of life.

    The election, it has become clear, was a referendum on the big O himself, who is going slowly now, because the jig is up. Our emperor is naked.

  11. “…touch and clueless a bigger can be when…”

    I hope that’s a typo Doug. Ha. I don’t want to know what that word was supposed to be.

    But any way, moving on…

    The words of Benjamin Franklin comes to mind at this point…

    “Here comes the orator! With his flood of words, and his drop of reason.”

    There should be no doubt among Americans, aside from the hardest of hardcore party faithful, that both parties have, and will continue, to sell out this country, and its people, to the highest corporate bidder.

    Stay active people. Keep the pressure on this new Congress. There is no going back to sleep. Drop the partisan loyalty, they have none for you.

  12. You are so right!

    I’m not convinced that the voters understood the critical mass the election brought on. We wanted a lack of Bush and would take any thing in any color or size to fill the White House. The GOP reacted dangerously hoping for the dreaded march on the White House.

    The missing link in the GOP was changing their agenda and trying to use women in place of a winning curriculum. Our voters watch too much television and want a wise cracking woman with big boobs to work for. The most dangerous part of this election was the lack of respect for law and order in our government. I would never vote for anyone who threatened bullets over ballots.

    I’m used to fighting for the GOP agenda where all Americans were equal. There is no fight here. The litmus test on social issues that I warned about in 2000 are now in the GOP Agenda.

    I came back hoping that some of the light was still on here. It is meaner than ever. I’m getting ready to move back to California where the majority of people do respect individual freedoms.


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