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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sarah Palin Outlines Her Ideal Qualities In A Presidential Candidate


Sarah Palin provided a brief bit of insight into her ideal Republican presidential candidate Monday, repeating her earlier claim that she’d be willing to run if nobody else possessed what she views as the proper credentials.

While speaking mainly about character and the proper level of “conservatism” before, Palin added a key qualifier this week: someone who is “electable.”

Here’s what she told Fox News:

“I do not know, but I’m certainly going to take a good lay-of-the-land look, and see if there are others out there, who are electable, who are willing to make the tough decisions, won’t care what the heck the media says about them, but will do the right things and shrink the government so the private sector can thrive.

If there are others out there, willing to do that and make the sacrifices, I’ll support them. If there’s nobody else, I would do it.”

As Christian Heinze of GOP 12 points out, those characteristics, particularly the “won’t care” about the media, are beginning to sound a lot like the way the former Alaska Governor likes to portray herself.

As for her electability, however, the latest round of polls shows little certainty in the way of numbers.

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