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Thursday, November 30, 2023

GOP insider blasts Michel Steele for blowing RNC millions

RNC Chairman Michael Steele: Did he bankrupt the GOP?

Gentry Collins, a well-connected GOP insider and political director of the Republican National Committee, quit his job Tuesday with a blistering letter of resignation accusing RNC chairman Michael Steele of blowing the group’s millions and leaving the party broke during a critical period in the just-completed mid-term elections.

Collins said Steele’s extravagant spending habits leaves the RNC deeply in debt.

“In the previous two non-presidential cycles, the RNC carried over $4.8 million and $3.1 million respectively in cash reserve balances into the presidential cycles,” Collins wrote in his two-page letter. “In stark contrast, we enter the 2012 presidential cycle with 100% of the RNC’s $15 million in lines of credit tapped out, and unpaid bills likely to add millions to that debt.”

Because of Steele’s waste, Gollins said, Republicans:

  • Could not run independent expenditure ad campaigns on behalf of GOP candidates;
  • Adequately fund a planned voter turnout operation for Senate and House candidates;
  • Could not fund a 72-hour turnout operation in the closing days of the election;
  • Offered “only a fraction” of direct to candidate financial contributions planned for candidates;
  • Was forced to scale back its support of state parties.

RNC insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that a lack of funds hurt GOP Senate candidates in the final weeks of the campaign and may have cost Republicans a chance to take control of the Senate.

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