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Monday, July 22, 2024

New poll pops Palin’s bubble


Sarah Palin: Bye, bye Miss American Pie (AFP Photo)

Sarah Palin, once the star of the Republican and/or Tea parties, is now just a falling star, a new Gallup Poll shows.

Gallup surveyed American voters following the Nov. 2 election and found Palin’s unfavorable numbers at a new high — 52 percent — while her favorable rating stands at 40 percent — tying her lowest numbers in older plls.

While 80 percent of Republicans hold a favorable view of Palin, the poll found 53 percent of independent voters and 81 percent of Democrats see her in an unfavorable light.

Bottom line. Palin could conceivably win the GOP nomination as President in 2012 but is not electable in a matchup with a solid Democratic opponent.

Read the full poll results at Gallup.

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6 thoughts on “New poll pops Palin’s bubble”

  1. Our nation has become so degenerate and so media driven…I say “Palin for Preznit”…no?

    In the end times for the ‘Republic’ we are sorely in need of entertainment rather than substance, no different than ancient Rome with the games and circuses.

    I think she’s hot in a ‘seedy’ way and her image will make a good replacement for the Statue of Liberty, ‘torch in hand’ with her wanton, slatternly expression for power at any price…?!

    Go…Sarah! : ))

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Mrs contrived will bury America with glee whence juxtaposition of her true reflection mirrors the shallows wherein all her brethren lurk.

    All you defense lawyers better line up now, the show is about to pass you by.

  3. Why does Sarah Palin remind me of “Raymond’s Mother” who was the main character in a great book entitied “Manchurian Candidate?”


  4. So, two years out you quote ONE poll and draw a given from it? Jist a few days ago a PPP poll had Palin leading primary voters in Maine, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    Recently, in a hypothetical matchup Obama lead Palin 54-46…by eight points, which reflected a 30+ point swing from earlier this year when he was up 55–24.

    Finally, about a week ago an HCD research poll suggested,

    “Democrats increased their support (for Palin) from 12% to 14%; Republicans increased their support from 60% to 63%”

    This was after just ONE new political ad.

    Polls are like Rorschach tests with the exception you have to look at all the cards your shown to interpret.

    You see a poll here, a poll there, and cherry-pick numbers that are consistent with your anti-Palin sentiments and think you have stumbled on to some absolute truth.

    Worse still, you totally ignore the context. Palin is very competitive with other republicans and her democratic opponent has been abandoned by independents and his numbers are in a flat spin which will be reflected by polls that take into account his abysmal performance at the G20.

    How maligned is Barack Obama? One poll has George Bush tied with him in a hypothetical head-to-head.

    Here’s s suggestion: wait for a year before you bury Palin.You tried to when she resigned her position as governor, you just dug the grave to shallow, I suppose.
    The woman you knew is dead was instrumental in handling the dems their worst midterm thrashing in at least 30 years.

  5. Favorables smavorables. I know people that don’t like her but would vote for her over Obama, and I know Republicans that like her but would vote for someone else in the primary. These polls mean less than nothing.

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