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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Voters don’t expect much from a GOP Congress

Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner: New boss, same as the old boss (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The voters who turned control of the House of Representatives to Republicans say they don’t expect much from a GOP Congress.

Two polls say voters show little excitement about a Republican-led Congress. In a Pew Research Center poll, only 48 percent express any happiness or excitement about Republican leadership — a sharp contrast to the 60 percent who said they were happy about Democrats taking over just four years ago.

A CBS poll shows even more doom and gloom. Only 40 percent of those questioned said they expected anything from Republican leadership.

Both polls confirm what others have suggested: Voters just wanted to get rid of Democrats on Election Day and since the only choice in most cases were Republicans, they voted for the party of the elephant without an expectation that things would get better.

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3 thoughts on “Voters don’t expect much from a GOP Congress”

  1. I would proffer that the old Corvair while needing constant attention, is still highly preferable to the Ox cart that a Republican house will attempt to have America riding in.

    This incoming group of posturing mechanical genius’s mean to empty the oat bag, butcher the oxen, and burn what they view as the underlings cart of prosperity all in the name of free trade and corporate autonomy.

    I take your comment to mean you support blocking needed legislation and threatening to shut down the government just to score political points is a proper way for public servants to conduct the peoples business.
    Is that indeed a fact Sir?

  2. What, no excitement for continued seditious and borderline treasonous behavior along with grinding to a halt the gears of the peoples machinery?

    Sitting atop a 551 Sheridan in 1970 I never imagined later in life my country would become an Edsel.

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