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Friday, June 14, 2024

UFO Sighting ‘Outliers’


Cliff Young and Julia Clark warn not to misread the midterm tea leaves.

Mark Mellman argues the election results were caused by a combination of exposure and recession.

David Hill says tribalism drove the 2010 results.

Jon Cohen points to revised exit polling numbers.

Jay Cost breaks down election results by region (more here).

John Sides notes that even a “bad year” was pretty good for incumbents.

Steve Singeser reminds us that not all the races are over.

Mark Baldassare and Mark DiCamillo review the California results.

Mark DiCamillo assesses the rise of “robopolling” in California.

Josh Marshall ponders those internal polls..

Junk Charts praises the New York Times exit poll charts.

Nate Silver is betting against dark horse candidates for 2012.

Gallup finds Palin’s ratings at their lowest since they began polling on her.

Tom Jensen reviews the favorable ratings of the 2012 Senate class.

Lee Drutman explains how partisanship affects perceptions of the economy (via Nyhan).

Frank Newport assesses how Americans view the government’s roll in creating jobs.

Sean Trende offers his take on 2012 redistricting.

Nancy Scola wonders what the merger of two of the left’s best-known fundraising and voter file organizations will mean for future campaigns.

Janet Paskin offers a pessimistic take on journalists’ use of data.

Robert Kosara offers advice for using visual information to tell a story.

SurveyUSA discovers that people in Los Angeles think they’re in a suspense-thriller movie.

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