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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Jim Parry: Banana Republic — A Rhyming Rant


As the rich get more wealth
And the rest just get whacked
And good middle class jobs
Simply aren’t coming back,
Oh America’s bound
On a grim downward track
To become a banana republic.

Want some numbers? Some proof?
Well, the top one percent
Take a quarter of all
Total income — it’s meant
That elections get bought
By the rich. Yes, they’ve spent
Lots to buy a banana republic.

And in recent decades,
Of the total increase
Of all income, fourth fifths
Went to them. They don’t cease
To pile wealth upon wealth.
One percent grow obese
Leeching off a banana republic.

Does their wealth trickle down,
Do some good? Not at all.
Education, health care,
Infrastructure – we fall
Far behind other lands
In so much! You can call
Us a squalid banana republic.

Yet the rich demand more!
If the Bush tax cuts stand
The top point one percent
Would see their haul expand.
Each would get a tax cut:
Almost four hundred grand
In a hopeless banana republic.

Yes the hope in the heart
Of America fades.
No one dares to rebel,
Dares to man barricades.
We just hope we get jobs
As the butlers and maids
To the rich! Hail banana republic!

Ah you say, “But the Tea
Party vents common rage!”
But directed at whom?
Look up high, above stage.
Look who’s pulling the strings:
The rich puppeteers gauge
How fools aid the banana republic.

Oh yes back in the day
When old United Fruit
And a local big cheese
Could conspire to loot
Nations far south of us
We could say (no dispute),
“At least we’re no banana republic.”

But today income gaps
Widen right here at home.
As our homes are foreclosed
From Miami to Nome,
See the top one percent
Party like this is Rome.
It’s the Caesars’ banana republic.

For this top one percent
It’s a super fine deal.
They can legally rise,
They have no need to steal.
But the rest of us drop
As we slip on the peel
Of bananas. Banana republic!

From The Huffington Post