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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Robert Greenwald and Tanene Allison: Thank You, Alan Grayson


Alan Grayson was a hero for progressive politics in Congress. On November 2nd he lost his seat in the House. Watch this video tribute and join us in thanking Alan Grayson for his fearless work.

Share your stories of how Grayson inspired and affected you.

We have already seen the notes of appreciation start to come in from throughout the country.

Greg S. posted: ‘Congressman Grayson, the fact that the GOP worked so hard to defeat you was because you are right and you work for us. Don’t let January be the end. Let it be the beginning of a new Progressive movement, and please lead us there. You are respected and loved and we thank you! You are a truly great American!’

Kevin S. wrote: ‘I absolutely love Alan Grayson. This guy is a true American. He stands up for his/our rights, is for the average person, and tells it like it is. Obama/Grayson – 2012!!!!’

Join Greg and Kevin in sharing your story of how Alan Grayson’s leadership has inspired or affected you.

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7 thoughts on “Robert Greenwald and Tanene Allison: Thank You, Alan Grayson”

  1. Grayson was (and still is) a blithering idiot. His brain could never catch up to his mouth, and his accusations & statements were borderline insane. So what if he was a “hero” to the progressives. These are the folks that want big government to give them everything they want (free health care, free food stamps, free retirement, etc.).

    The only way to save this country, is to allow people to be productive. The progressives want to destroy anyone who has a decent job, or makes a decent living, so all people can be equal (financially). The real solution, is for progressives to get a job, and find out what it’s like to have THEIR income stolen from them, in the form of taxes, so that the government can buy off the “poor” with more free government cheese.

    GOOD RIDDANCE to Grayson. He was nothing more than a stain in Pelosi’s panties. The country will be much better off, when he crawls back under that rock he came from.

  2. By the hatred inspired by Grayson among the righties, he must have been doing something right!
    He should wear that as a badge of honor.
    The righties were all for swift-boating Kerry and smeared him with the most disgusting vitriol. Ran ads against a triple-amputee veteran with his picture side by side with Osama Bin Laden, etc and now they had this feigned phony outrage because one of them got “the treatment”.

  3. Alan Grayson is a cancer to the Democrat party and was rightly ousted. He is lower than scum. If that’s what Progressive’s are for, then damn them for eternity.

  4. As someone who lives in Central Florida I can tell you that Alan Grayson was a national embarrassment. Anyone who compares his or her opponent to the “Taliban” doesn’t deserve to be in congress. You can say what you want about Rush, Hannity or even Beck, but I bet you would be hard pressed to find ANY GOP candidate running for Governor, Congress or Senate that compared President Obama to the taliban or called him a muslim in any of their ads. The fact that progressives view Grayson as a hero tells me they care more about winning and calling names than arriving at actual solutions and having people who command respect (albeit minimal) in the US House.

    I know Democrats in Florida who were stunned when Grayson unveiled his “Taliban Dan” ad, whats more, I was sickened to see fellow Americans support that ad simply because it was run against a well respected individual who happened to be a Conservative- so much for “progressives” being ‘tolerant”–I guess you only deserve “tolerance” when you have the right letter in front of your name.

  5. There is a documentary being made about Rep. Grayson’s attempt at re-election! Check out the initial teaser trailer at and check back regularly for updates on the movie!

  6. Grayson is a breath of fresh air to the political scene. Smart, outspoken and willing to say what others won’t. I wish he was running in my district. What he said about the republican health care philosophy was priceless! !

    • it is a spiritual axiom that for every as.s hole in the universe there is at least one tongue attempting to lick it……you, richard, are that tongue.

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