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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Andrew Shirvell FIRED


The Michigan assistant attorney general who made headlines for hassling the University of Michigan’s student assembly president has been fired, the Michigan Daily reports.

According to the Associated Press, Andrew Shirvell was let go during a disciplinary hearing related to the issue. The attorney general’s office originally held that Shirvell was protected by the First Amendment.

Shirvell came into the public consciousness in September for his vehement criticism of Chris Armstrong, who is the University of Michigan’s first openly gay student assembly president. Shirvell created a blog called Chris Armstrong Watch and frequented the university campus to heckle Armstrong, taking issue with what he perceived as the student’s “radical homosexual agenda.”

Shirvell took a leave of absence from the attorney general’s office last month. He was later suspended. Chris Armstrong Watch was shuttered around the same time.

Armstrong, appearing on CNN in October, called Shirvell’s blog “hurtful.” Last month, Armstrong called for Shirvell’s disbarment.

From The Huffington Post