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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Obama admits ‘mid-course corrections’ needed but remains vague on details

President Barack Obama takes questions from students at a town-hall style event with students at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai, India, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Barack Obama may be in India but he is haunted by rejection back home and admits he must make what he calls “mid course corrections” if he wants to see a second term to his embattled Presidency.

Speaking to college students in Mumbai, India, Obama said voters exercised their “right, obligation and duty” last Tuesday when they ousted many incumbents — mostly Democrats — and elected candidates who openly oppose his policies.

Obama may not have been on the ballot but the state of his Presidency was and it was that Presidency that voters rejected by overwhelming numbers.

With Republicans winning control of the House and eating into the Democratic majority in the Senate, Obama must face the political reality that his future at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is threatened and that he must find a way to recapture the hearts and minds of voters that put him in office in 2008.

Former President Bill Clinton managed to reverse the tide after his drift to the left cost Democrats control of Congress in 1994. It remains to be seen if Obama can do the same.

Obama didn’t offer any specifics but admitted the election “requires me to take some mid course corrections and adjustments.”

Just how he will make those corrections is unknown. He said the corrections, in large part, will depend on negotiations with Republicans who have shown little sign of wanting to help the President.

Obama knows he has to change the tone of his Presidency but he has yet to say how he will do so.

Meanwhile, Democratic insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that party leaders are looking at ways to win back voters without Obama and some say privately that they are looking at ways to distance themselves from the increasingly unpopular President.

Obama is on his longest Presidential junket abroad — a 10 whirlwind days in  India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

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2 thoughts on “Obama admits ‘mid-course corrections’ needed but remains vague on details”

  1. Oh! and one more thing. this so-called constitutional lawyer thinks that he can order american muslims assassinated(murdered)without any due process of “law” to determine actual guilt of committing crimes!

  2. It sounds to me Doug, that O’man is just looking for more smooth sounding speeches to contrive an image change perception for the sake of himself; I mean, this is what it is about, is it not? As far as substance is concerned, O’man never had much to begin with.

    For two-years we heard this guy critisize many bush policies and yet, after his election he pretty much adopted and even tried to expand on those policies he critisized. What happened to the transparency? No lobbyist control of the WH? No backroom control of the process? He said the HC debate would be on C-span? Where was it held? Behind closed doors, and the Health Insurance “reform” bill(now law)was a boondoggle to the insurance industry, a gaurentee of billions of $ due to a mandate! A mandate he opposed in opposition to Hillary’s mandate. His mandate was for young children only. What happened? The same with the financial “reform” bill. Didn’t do much, and did not adress the main problems with the meltdown. He made it appear like he was doing something important for the nation without actually changing the corrupt practices of the system!!!

    The wars are still on-going. I expect no opposition to the continuation of these wars from the newly elected bag-men of the gop. they will want to attack Iran next. Of course, for public consumption we may hear the dems oppose any new wars under O’man due to being in the minority in the house again. After the O’man took office, the so-called progressive/liberal opposition to the wars came to a deafening silence!

    And this so-called “constitutional lawyer” was supposed to, to a degree restore some constitutionality to our government again with “outdated notions” like Habeas Corpus and the closing of gitmo, which is still open for buisness and in early 2009 his justice department argued that other detainee’s had no rights whatsoever in the “other” middle east gulags in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Oh, he might make some changes around the edges to make it appear that he is changing, but doesn’t O’man believe in what he is doing? Not according to what he said during his two-year campaign, but what he has done during his presidency, which has been the opposite? What does this guy really believe in except the false image of his own greatness?

    I don’t believe a word he says!!

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