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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Obama wins India business


MUMBAI (Reuters) – President Barack Obama announced $10 billion in business deals on Saturday as he arrived in India to boost U.S. exports and jobs after a mauling in mid-term polls, but he ran into immediate controversy over Pakistan.

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4 thoughts on “Obama wins India business”

  1. Time will rear it’s ugly head and once again the mighty hide amongst those meek and tender?
    I propose Sir, meek and reposed, are but portable Burma shaves strategically given to income, with no out go.

    Our task it now is well written, holding our ground on the manufacturing floor of this little blue orb.

    Will this new crop off seeds survive the next freeze?

  2. If the Big “O” hammered out business deals with India, then it surely means more jobs lost in this country to some degree. Ouch!

    He needs to stay home and mind his missus… : ))

    This President along with a fawning Democratic Congress has sold this nation out all for a buck or two more over time. A president shouldn’t be involved with ‘trade deals’. He needs to use his bully pulpit to enlist the support of the citizenry to force Congress to pass people friendly legislation to protect jobs and to rein in the off-shoring, the H1-B phenomenon etc. We’re almost bled white concerning viable job openings. I’ve run into many Starbucks ’employees’ that have masters degrees in impressive disciplines, yet they seem to be quite happy having landed a job at SBUX…!?

    This same phenomenon happened when the Soviet Union collapsed along with its MIC too. Many of that nation’s top intellects were reduced to sweeping streets and doing menial, manual labor. Visualize you are a cutting edge, credentialed scientific intellect in whatever field you can imagine and in short order you are sweeping streets to survive. We’re headed in the same direction folks. When our system fails as surely as the Soviets, but for somewhat different reasons we’ll witness how the mighty have fallen, along with the meek.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. That’s not counting what Air Force one had to pay too fly over,
    thus invading the sovereign way, too India..

  4. Pakistan receives $2 Billion a year for military support. Which I am sure also lines a few unsavory pockets.


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