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Friday, December 1, 2023

With friends like the tea party, Republicans don’t need enemies

Christine O'Donnell: a right-wing flake

Amid all the hoopla over the phony grassroots operation called the tea party, a central and important question gets lost.

Did Republicans recapture control of the House of Representatives because of the tea party or in spite of it?

One can argue that the tea party’s willingness to accept and push questionable candidates cost Republicans in key Senate races. Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell were so far out there that even the zealots who dress up as Uncle Sam or wrap themselves in American flags couldn’t muster up the courage to vote for them.

Without Sarah Palin and the tea party’s intervention in Delaware, Mike Castle would have captured the GOP nomination but Castle is — God forbid–a moderate and there’s just no room in the tea party universe for moderation.

It takes more than wrapping up fishy candidates in an American flag.

Polls show Castle would have cruised to victory in a win the GOP needed but Christine O’Donnell was a flawed candidate with fudged credentials and a persona so flaky that she made Palin seem smart.

And this was the year that Republicans could finally send Nevada casino bagman Harry Reid packing. The Senate majority leader’s public approval rating in his home state was so low that a banana-chomping monkey could have taken the seat.

But the tea party went even lower on the evolutionary chain and came up with Sharron Angle, a devisive extreme right-wing troglodyte with a penchant for off-the-wall statements.

Two vital Senate races, two lame-brained candidates.  The endorsement of the Tea Party’s chief flake — Sarah Palin — was apparently the only qualification needed to meet the fledgling party’s incredibly thin standards.

In an election year where public anger towards President Barack Obama and his Democratic co-conspirators were so high it is entirely feasible that Republicans would have won control of the House without help from the fruitcakes of the tea party.

And the tea party’s presence — in the end — probably hurt the GOP more than it helped.

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32 thoughts on “With friends like the tea party, Republicans don’t need enemies”

  1. The only two solutions to the oligarchy are

    (A) Leaving America

    (B) Collapsing the system through sustained general strikes, work stoppages and enormous economic sacrifice and civil disobedience.

    Both are quite painful, especially to those who grew up playing by the rules taught to them about the country they loved, neither of them are guaranteed to work and either one could wind up costing you very dearly.

    So in essence there is no real solution that doesn’t involve a lot more pain that that which we are already experiencing, see Woody’s reference to Palestinians for clarification.

    It’s going to be a very long and sad seventy years…

  2. Hey Carl, it appears that the number of replies on a particular thread is limited by the software and has nothing to do with content.

      • The software limits the number of replies to a single comment but does not limit replies to the article. The limit to a single comment is a layout issue. After a while, the comments are compressed into a narrow column that’s too hard to read.

  3. Shame is a large word to bandy about, however forgiveness and understanding have two syllables squared.
    Would that resound in the cavernous hearts of men?.. kcaH.

    • Hey Bryan…

      Maybe so. As I implied above, I thought the old edge was dulling and needed to be sharpened. And it was getting late…

  4. If you go to “Blue Ridge Muse” you’ll read an article concerning his back. It seems too that he’s engaged in press related assignments which have no doubt kept him distracted from the site. It would be nice to know who manages the site in his absence. Quite possibly it’s one of the longtime moderators on RR or contributing editors. I think the HuffPo articles et al. are simply an expedient solution while he’s currently indisposed.

    Carl Nemo **==

      • Doug Thompson has been good to us all in terms of tolerance and latitude concerning posts either positive or negative. It’s his “thought vessel”, under his command so to speak and I think he deserves some generous slack on our collective part, “his loyal crew in thought”…no?

        You might care to read his “Blue Ridge Muse” article concerning his back and within the reference to the work he’s doing.

        The man evidently has to make a buck or two, so I’m not going to jump on him about HuffPo articles. To me it’s still CHB regardless of what’s posted.

        I read articles, dissect them, then make a determination if its worth my effort to respond. Actually if you respond to to a HuffPo article you’ll get far more readers concerning your post then simply on CHB via a Google search.


        “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” …Sam Adams


        So consider your posts to HuffPo articles via CHB as just another place to create more ‘brush fires’ of the mind. : )

        Carl Nemo **==

    • Almadine,

      I have noticed as well the changes that have taken place on this site. It seems as though the crippling vines of corporate America has made its way onto this page as well.


    • I hate to stick a pin in the bubble of all this speculation but to make it clear:

      1–I am still very much “in control” of this site., In fact, the top three articles in the “news” section on the home page are mine along with the column posted on Friday.

      2–The HuffPo articles are just one part of stories we get via several sources through RSS feeds. Others include Politico and Reuters. I will be added more in the near future.

      3–The RSS feeds are part of an expansion of the news we can present. By including news from different sources, we can provide a greater variety of articles for our readers.

      4–As for “making a buck,” that has never been a goal of CHB. The ads help pay part of the expenses for keeping CHB on the web but this site has always operated in the red.

      5–Since adding the RSS feeds, our readership has increased as have the number of new commenters. I see that as a plus.


      • Mornin’ Doug –

        Just Jonesing for your more typical loquaciousness, I suppose. As for me, a little less Huffpo and better variety of viewpoints would be welcome.

  5. It’s only faux contention. At the end of the day the Dims, Rethugs (regardless of what stripe) meet at local watering holes and no doubt laugh at the b.s. they pull on the American people. It’s no different than defense and prosecutorial lawyers, adversaries in the courtroom, but buddies at the pub after dark. Hey, it’s just a job to them; ie., ripping off hard-working citizens 24/7/365 with endless criminally inspired cockamamie legislation.

    It won’t take long to corrupt this new batch of reps. They’ll be indoctrinated quickly to the fact that if they don’t play the game and follow the party leadership’s marching orders then they won’t be seated on any committees or at least those of substance. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

      • It is that bad and worse Almandine. A number of years back I read a book “The Rich and the Super Rich” by Ferdinand Lundberg (deceased) an economist. The book lays out in great detail how the U.S. is managed by the shadowy oligarchs down through their foundations, lawyers and lobbyists on affecting legislation for their corporate benefit.

        Even Congress has ‘customs’ that are followed; ie, a pecking order along with protocols and procedures to be followed. When the freshmen Congressmen arrive they go through indoctrination. Of course their pay and benefit packages are addressed, but then they are taken in the backroom just like new recruits and the ‘law of the political land’ is laid out to them. So from the brow of a cigar smoking oligarch, sitting in a plush club chair, courtesy of his area “billionaire gentlemen’s club” ideas that benefit his bottomline predicates a process to be set in motion through their lawyers, to lobbyists, then onto his running dogs in Congress. Good dogs get rewarded handsomely while bad dogs don’t get reelected…period!

        Pick up a copy of “The Rich and the Super Rich”. It will set you free… : )

        With my knowledge base I still can’t believe we were suckered into voting of Obama, my wife too. I guess we’re impressed by erudition, feigned or otherwise, but failed to spot the con artist. Barack Obama is a very eloquent speaker, teleprompter or not. He’s able to handle himself well on his feet, but he’s definitely not a leader and has turned out to be a synthesized, holding shill of a President until the ‘rethugs’ regain office as they’ve done so now. The Republicans are the flagship party of the shadowy oligarchs referenced in my opening; ie., the folks that own America and its people lock, stock and barrel. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

        • I know what you mean about the oligarchs and their minions in Congress. My hope is only that the “new” reps – yes, those angry, irascible good old boy/gal types just elected – show the old guard their middle finger when it comes to breaking their promises to those who elected them. The raping of the republic has to stop somewhere / sometime. Why not now?

          I think rather than reading the Rich and Super Rich, I’d be better off reading the Federalist Papers if it’s being set free that’s the goal. Then again, got any good books on insurrectionist tactics and strategy?

          • Many if not most of the clowns that have been recently elected will compromise their committment for change once they leave Mayberry, USA. It’s the core rot of the system itself that precludes change; ie., PAC’s, lobbyist shenanigans etc. Why would billionaires or centimillionaires spend 50 to a 100 million plus of their own money to get elected? The answer is to be in a position of legislative influence that will benefit their bottomline in some way.

            With the recent SCOTUS ruling giving corporations the same status as citizens; then in time we’ll have not simply millionaires in the Senate and the House, but the oligarchs themselves doing the legislating, seemingly as a ‘hobby’. / : |

            Speaking of good books on tactics and strategy; I highly recommend “The SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook” by Terry White and “SAS Survival Guide” by John Wiseman. Both are available from Amazon and other book sellers. I own multiple copies of both. Survival, in the event the balloon goes up is more than weapons, tactics, and strategies though. It first begins in the mind with an unrelenting will to never, ever quit in the face of adversity. Many if not most U.S. citizens have become too soft and weak-minded to prevail against seemingly overwhelming odds, but it can be done and it will be so.

            As in most successful insurrections such as our “War of Independence” it took the lives and fortunes of the few to save the many from British oppression and to change the course of history. At that time both the British army and navy were the most powerful force on earth; ie., an 18th century superpower, yet our ragtag army and militias prevailed. The reason is they employed guerilla tactics emulating methods learned from the “Indian Wars” that preceded our revolution. The British were still confronting the enemy in close, ordered formations wearing red coats which make for great targets too. They were not prepared for total and absolute, unorthodox resistance from a population of ragtag colonists.

            I hope the info helps. Don’t forget to stay fit too. Couch potatoes with ‘dunlaps desease’; ie., their bellies dun lapped over their belts aren’t going to fare well if they have to go from 0 on the couch to 60mph in order to save their butts and loved ones too. Have a plan and execute it if necessary.


            “Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory” …Miguel de Cervantes


            Carl Nemo **==

            • Be forewarned. Insurrection will only play into their hands and allow the police state to come into full fruition. It’s exactly what they want to pull the curtain down on this nation and “thin the herd.”

              If we don’t start a revolution ourselves, they will pull a false flag and blame it on anyone actively speaking out against their agenda of globalism.

              Passive resistance is considered terrorism by the state, and those participating can expect to be held indefinitely without due process. We are condemned to injustice and brutality. Most Americans just don’t know it yet.

              I’m not trying to discourage you guys, but this is what is in store for you should you decide to resist them. You need to be prepared to give everything, including your lives, if you go down this path. If you want to know what it’s like, ask a Palestinian.

              • Hi Woody,

                My reply to Almandine was not to encourage revolution. Only a fool would do so, but rest assured someone will do so once the balloon goes. My reference to the “balloon” could be the money going bad through hyperinflation, no auto deposits of SS checks or of a welfare nature, no more money for food stamps, unemployment etc. Then rest assured many people will rush the perimeter with the end result being “blood in the streets”.

                We discuss this issue on CHB regularly. When my aforedescribed scenario occurs, the people will be at a loss for words and beyond discussions be they web based, town hall or wherever. They will turn into mad dogs. There’s only a thin veneer of civilization being held up at this point in time and it will only take a spark to set off a great cleansing.

                Yes there are peaceful ways to turn things about, but no one is striking en masse’ as they do in France, Greece and other places or failing to send the check in the mail or canceling auto withdrawals from their accounts. The process is called “monkey-wrenching” and is a form of guerilla tactic still within the system but which challenges the order of the day.

                I’m afraid many years of the mass dispensation of antidepressants along with the fluoridation of our water supplies and the immersion of our collective psyches with “boob tube” programming have dociled our citizens to the point of being almost lobotomized. Mention a “Black Friday” sale or some stupid sports event, “Dancing with the Stars” or some other mind-numbing nonsense and they’ll be “all ears” and full of trivial information concerning such events. Ask them who the VP of the U.S., Speaker of the House, or how many U.S. Senators we have and their faces go blank. I’m never disappointed by this demonstrated mass stupidity on a daily basis.

                Case in point. Just look at the plethora of assclowns that just ran for public office local to federal level and “won”. Ouch! / : |


                “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” – Edward R. Murrow


                Carl Nemo **==

            • Hey Carl, I’m fully prepared for all that. But I’m still holding out for a political solution. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but she surely is warming up in the green room.

              • I’ve noticed that further replies to either mine or Almandine’s is disabled which to me over time is a ‘flag’ that our site host wants us to cut our “thought thread” concerning insurrection etc.

                “So what’s your solution”…extract from reply

                3x+5=3x+8 as expressed by this equation Almandine has no solution and we’ll have to rely on the way of the “Tao” to reveal the outcomes; i.e., the future path for our nation as a function of an evolutionary process. Our national plight along with the byzantine complexities of government have rendered us no different than laborers on the “Tower of Babel” project referenced in the bible. Lotsa noise, no solutions yet everyone seemingly has the solution…no? : |

                Carl Nemo **==

        • Carl Nemo: I was going to comment, but your last paragraph says it all. My wife and I both are two extremely bitter Obama voters, but not devotees. This nation was in desperate need of a true leader, one devoted to capitalism while at the same time bringing things back to a sustainable balance.

          Such is not the case. Corporatism rules the day, and I am afraid the cost will be steep while falling heaviest upon the weakest. If one wants to guess as to the greatest catalyst the Tea Party had, it is Barack Obama.

  6. The tea party movement was captured by the Big Tent Republicans. How else would the Vice Presidential Nominee from 2008 end up being the “Tea Party’s chief flake.”

    Besides, they needed farther right loons to make far right Republicans look like moderates.

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