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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Harry Reid hangs on to win in Nevada

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Reuters)

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid won re-election in Nevada against Republican Sharron Angle in a tight race, Fox News projected on Wednesday, a blow to Republicans who had hoped to oust him.

Republicans had targeted Reid and poured millions of dollars into Angle’s campaign, which was also backed by the conservative Tea Party group. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigned for Angle as well.

The victory will give a little breathing room to President Barack Obama who has relied on Reid to shepherd his legislative agenda through the Senate, where Democrats will hold a reduced majority.

If Reid, a former boxer and lawyer, had lost, it would have been the second time in six years that Republicans had ousted the Democratic leader in the Senate. Tom Daschle was defeated by his Republican opponent in South Dakota in 2004.

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