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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bill Clinton’s Mission To Save The Democratic Senate (PHOTOS)


Election day could be a nightmare for Democrats — they’ve known as much for a while. The party, looking quite likely to cede majority control of the House to Republicans, did its best to deploy all of its biggest weapons to help administer last-minute aid to key races around the nation.

Former President Bill Clinton has been a vital tool for Democrats, who are hoping that his last-minute campaign efforts can turn the tides in some close House races, but perhaps more importantly, safeguard majority control of the Senate.

In an election cycle where the presence of the genuine face of the party, President Barack Obama, is often similar to using a double-edged sword where the precision of a scalpel is needed, Clinton’s position as the former charismatic leader of the country during more prosperous times is crucial.

Across the nation, the former president has drawn huge crowds and cash for Senate candidates who are tasked with maintaining their party’s control over at least one chamber of Congress.

Take a look at his campaigning efforts and vote for which has been the most effective:

From The Huffington Post