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Thursday, July 25, 2024

GOP closing arguments


Opinion: If we get the chance, Republicans will restore limited government to Washington.

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2 thoughts on “GOP closing arguments”

  1. Republicans restore “limited government to Washington? That is total crock.

    Our Founders never said a thing about “limited government,” never said if it was to be big, if it was to be small or if it was to be medium. One Founder, Alexander Hamilton, did say (paraphrased): “When I talk of a limited Constitution, I mean a Constitution that has specific limitations to its legislative authority such as it should pass no bills of attainder, no ex post facto laws and the like.” The “like” would included repeal of habeas corpus. But those three specific limitations are what the GOP said didn’t apply to George W. Bush because he was a “war president.”

    The first Congress put more limitations on government in the form of the Bill of Rights. No laws either for or against religion. No regulation of speech, no regulation of peaceful gatherings, no regulation of the press. The right tries to put government in religion and religion in government at all times. The right imprisoned many for Marxist speech and now regulates speech of pregnant women and their health providers or advisors. The right used “free speech zones” (or police riots) to regulate peaceful gatherings. And its constant battle with the press is another form of regulation.

    The right legislates against the limitations of unreasonable search and seizures (4th Amendment), The GOP has constantly legislated against provisions of the 5th Amendment, the 6th, 8th and 9th Amendments by trying to eliminate protection against self-incrimination, impartial juries, right to be tried in the state and district of the crime, to have legal representation, to face accusers. The right opposes prohibitions on cruel punishments, and denying that unstated rights don’t exist even though the 9th says they do.

    Then there are areas where government doesn’t have authority to act. Such as: there is no power over our loves lives and marriages, no power to regulate our patriotism or lack of such, no power to regulate the reproductive act, no power to tell us what we can inhale, ingest or insert into our own bodies. No power to regulate our movement across state lines. But the GOP has constantly regulated in those ares and many more. So limited government to the right can only mean government is limited only to serving and protecting the right. The right tries to legislate in all areas of our lives except guns and commerce, two areas in which government does have power to legislate. It’s the left that upholds the Bill of Rights, doesn’t use nonexisting powers and that is practicing true “limited government.”

    What Cronyn says the Republicans will do has been tried several times and has failed each time. Another depression anyone?

    • The left upholds the Bill of Rights? That’s a laugh. What they do is let the “right” do their damage in the name of patriotism; the left then campaigns against it, ghets themselves elected, and then use those powers for their own agenda while doing nothing to overturn such “abuses.”

      For further proof of this, please refer back to the 2006 midterms and the 2008 election.

      Of course they both have their prescribed roles to play in this fantasy world of the two party power-sharing system, and both Republicans and Democrats dutifully follow their lead every two years.

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