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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

David Brock: Sarah Palin: Release the Tapes


This morning on Fox News Sunday Sarah Palinechoed Andrew Breitbart’s discredited BigJournalism site in making serious accusations against CBS affiliate reports in Alaska.

PALIN: As for Joe Miller, the things that this fellow has had to put up with up against the GOP machine and the Democrats and the liberal media in Alaska, it’s no wonder that the numbers are tightening in that race. Just last night it was revealed that the rally that I had for Joe Miller on Thursday, it was revealed and we have the tape that proves it, that the CBS reporters, the affiliate in Alaska conspired to make up stories about Joe Miller.

We have the tape, Chris, and I can’t wait until it busts out all over the nation to show what it is, that we — kind of what I put up with for two years now with the media — but what Joe Miller is faced with in dealing with somebody who feels — Lisa Murkowski — so entitled to that seat that she and some of her people, including some complicit in the media will do anything. They will stop at nothing to allow Lisa Murkowski to get back, elected.

WALLACE: You’re saying. Wait a minute. You’re saying — I’m not saying you’re bringing this story — you are saying that local reporters in Alaska conspired with the Murkowski campaign to put out false information about Joe Miller?

PALIN: I am saying, and we have it on tape, that CBS reporters of — in the affiliate up there in Alaska, on tape, are saying let’s find a child molester in the crowd as supporter of Joe Miller, let’s blast that. Let’s concoct a Ron Paul moment there. Let’s find any kind of chaos so that we can tweet an alert saying, “Ooh, there’s chaos. Joe miller got punched.” That’s sick. Those are corrupt bastards, Chris. That’s what is wrong with the media today, when they have their chosen one, and nine times out of ten — heck ten times out of ten in the liberal media, it’s going to be the liberal as the chosen one.

Sarah Palin has made serious accusations of journalistic malfeasance. Either Palin accurately described the tapes, or she did not. America’s news consumers need to know the truth about these serious accusations. The public in Alaska needs to know the truth so they are fully and correctly informed before they cast their ballots Tuesday. Palin has a responsibility to release the full, unedited tapes publicly and to all media.

From The Huffington Post

3 thoughts on “David Brock: Sarah Palin: Release the Tapes”

  1. Idiot the tape is all over the web. It may be garbled but it still sounds very much like the reporters were looking for a method to take Joe Miller down via fabricated slander.

    Only liberals would listen to the tape and shrug it off, voters will not. Just look at what happened in Kentucky with Rand Paul and Conway’s negative slanders.

  2. Sarah, are you using the term bastard to describe your grandchild? Are you using the corrupt term to define your own character. If Rahm can’t use rahtodd you are too obligated.

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