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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Land of the Sheep, Home of the ‘fraid

What a week. What a month. What a mess. Today's top military leaders (those outside the Pentagon) know that for every month of combat, troops need 2 months off to release the pressure, to detox, to re-enter society.

What a week. What a month. What a mess.

Today’s top military leaders (those outside the Pentagon) know that for every month of combat, troops need 2 months off to release the pressure, to detox, to re-enter society.

Before Dear Leader broke our army, US DOD plans required at least 1.5 months off for every month in combat. Otherwise, soldiers risk suffering from serious problems. Suicides, murders, insanity, PTSD, massive depression, – these results are not just some egg-head-based guess, they are guaranteed to happen. Unfortunately, our troops are not getting even one month off for one month of combat service. Two days ago, our Senat-whores refused to give our soldiers even that much time off.

On Wednesday, His Most Pious Senat-whore Lieberman (?-CN) lectured Americans that giving US troops sufficient time off, away from combat zones, giving them time to recover, to reset their minds, and to get in tune with family, friends, loved ones, would actually HURT THE troops. His Most Pious claimed that by preventing troops from getting enough time off, he was actually supporting them.

His Most Pious type of circular reasoning deserves to be flushed along with last night’s dinner.

His Most Pious is but one example of the unintended lowbrow humor, high hypocricy, and bittersweet reality that exists within the bloatway. He was not alone. Half of the 100 most powerful lawmakers in this country agreed with Ole Joe.

Supporting the troops has taken on a weird flavor. In fact, if you take a step back and really look at Dear Leader (and his merry band of senat-whores) you realize that either they are nuts, or we are.

Take free speech – or what is left of it in our country.

Dear Leader Bush jumped in on what constitutes support of the troops with both left feet, when he attacked a recent MoveON newspaper ad. The ad raised serious questions about the White House script which favored Dear Leader’s Surge. Dear Leader angrily ranted that it really was an attack on the military at large. By exercising free speech and criticizing a general with facts, the whole military was “attacked”.

Dear Leader’s little storm troopers responded in kind, with 72 Senat-Whores voting not to uphold the idea of free political speech, but to attack the messenger, even though MoveOn was factually correct.

Given their refusal to decry and disclaim GOP attacks on honest military men, like Max Cleland, John Kerry and those veterans who protest against the Iraqi occupation, the GOP proved again that constitutional rights apply only the the GOP, and to hell with everyone else.

Our freedoms, speech, in particular, have been under attack for some time. When an obnoxious, arrogant, publicity-seeking college student gets ELECTROCUTED, tortured really, simply because he asked pointed questions in a public forum, using a public mike, we seriously have to think about what has happened to our country.

Whenever Dear Leader and other top GOP leaders convene a “public” meeting, their playbook includes specific plans to prevent protesters, or anyone who may question them, from exercising their constitutional rights. People, citizens – You and me – are shunted into portable prisons, penned up like wild animals, while Dear Leader and his mignons arrive, grab their campaign donations, finish their pep rally, then leave. And with unrestricted, unsuprvised, unfettered internet, e-mail, phone and cell surveilance, the local police are told exactly who to detain ahead of time. Not even the USSR had so much control, subtle as it is.

On the issue of MoveOn, BetrayUs and Iraq, our Senat-whores had a chance to redeem themselves. They could have looked at the DOD reports, DIA reports, CIA reports, the Iraq study group report, the reports from independent experts, and even the reports from congressional groups. They could have even read the scathing DOD report that came out just THREE DAYS after General Betrayus’ cheerleading performance before congress. The last DOD report put lie to every single statement made by BetrayUs, except when he answered that he did not know whether our Iraqi Occupation had made America safer.

They could have learned just how politicized BetrayUs has been throughout his career. BetrayUs, the man who handed over 180,000 weapons to today’s anti-American insurgents; who lied about finding WMD factories on mobile trailers; who gathered others’ works and ‘wrote’ his famous book on “Insurgents”, then proceeded to ignore it in Iraq; who gave political speeches on command, and who wrote politically timed LTTE before the 2004 election; who wrongly claimed that his training of Iraqi police and army forces was a success; who dealt so blatantly with his superior officer, that it earned him the lovely, but accurate “ass-kisser” medal of honor, with valor; THAT BetrayUs, actually was a perfect target for the MoveOn advertisement.

Funny, our MSM must have missed how the Senate responded to that report.

We have the Senate to thank for a new and improved attitude in this country. It is that the uniform that makes the man, not the man that makes the uniform. Once a uniform is donned, IT IS TRAITOROUS to question his behavior, ass-kissing, repeated failures, political activity on behalf of a failed war, or his mistruths. If you do, YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO AMERICA. Once someone dons an uniform, he cannot be questioned.

Free Speech – we hardly knew ya.

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