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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

China gives U.S. assurances on rare earth minerals


SANYA, China (Reuters) – China told the United States on Saturday it would not withhold rare earth minerals but the two nations did not appear to make headway on disputes over North Korea and regional territorial claims.

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1 thought on “China gives U.S. assurances on rare earth minerals”

  1. This rare earth intrigue with China is totally unnecessary. Congressional committees were alerted to this impending crisis, but have been dragging their collective butts on opening up alternative sources for these minerals. Two or our close allies have incredibly rich rare earth resources; ie., Australia and Canada and no doubt there’s reasonable supplies to be discovered in the more arid regions of the United States. I suspect that the deserts of Chile have large resources since they are rich in lithium that’s going to be key in the manufacture of electric cars etc.
    So the West best get on the stick and start developing these mineral rich sites that are friendly to Western interests.

    To be quite frank, China is no one’s friend when it comes to human rights while their entrenched communist leadership is hellbent on eventual world hegemony in terms of markets and militarily speaking. Everytime America’s unwashed masses run to Walmart they best realize they are helping to arm sworn enemies of human rights and freedom anywhere and everywhere for all time and places. Making buku yuan is ok with their regime, but anything beyond that such as political activism is verboten with possibly deadly consequences for doing so. Chairman Mao lives…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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