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Friday, June 14, 2024

What ever happened to Juan Williams?

From wrestling divas out east, to clueless, cold hearted, semi-slave owners on the left coast, people could not help but notice that today's GOPers, along with their evil mini-me sidekicks, the Tea Baggers, are raving loons.

1929 –  Black Tuesday, Stock Market crashes triggers Great Depression

2004 – Osama bin Laden, in a videotaped statement, directly admitted for the first time that he had ordered the Sept. 11 attacks.


“Is there no longer freedom of speech in this chamber, Mr. President?….Mr. President…MR. PRESIDENT?….You can turn my microphone off now.”
Michelle Bachmann

“It is not enough to be abstinent with other people, you also have to be abstinent alone. The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. You can’t masturbate without lust!”
Christine O’Donnell


About three months ago I predicted that O’Keefe and other radical, serial lie-based life forms (See generally, Drudge, Rush, Sean) would concoct some new issue, and go hog wild on Democrats and liberals.

Sure, O’Keefe did hire actors, dubbed lines, and creatively edited a recent meeting of the New Jersey Educational Association, because people were awake this time, his efforts have gone nowhere.

There have been a few other bits of tid, efforts and tossing up huge handfuls of shit, and seeing what might stick to the ceiling. Unfortunately, their efforts were eclipsed by a series of events so odd, so unusual, that one feels like quoting Condi Rice’s reaction to accusations that she fell asleep on the job before 9/11.

For a short while, I worried that the Yawn Williams imbroglio would grow legs, and become the rallying cry against an already mentally barren NPR, and quite possibly grow into an attack on all outlets, journalists, and media figures who failed to toe the most conservative GOP  line. Despite strong pushes by John Kyl, deMental deMidget DeMint, and other hatchetmen, the most surprising thing happened. The Williams story died an early death.  After all, not one democrat dared show the slightest bit of support for NPR (Shades of ACORN) and even NPR managed to outdo itself in terms of how lame its response and handling of the situation was. But again, the story died before it could become a movement.

True, in part, Juan dug his own grave. Pawing and harassing sweet young things since 1991 didn’t help matters any. Neither did coming into proverbial gold, to the tune of $2,000,000. But again, something else happened, something that killed these kind of stories in their tracks. So, what stopped the final framing (and sideways attack on Democrats) from taking hold?

We know it as the Tea Bagger impact.

From wrestling divas out east, to clueless, cold hearted, semi-slave owners on the left coast, people could not help but notice that today’s GOPers, along with their evil mini-me sidekicks, the Tea Baggers, are raving loons. Sharron Angle, Jan Brewer, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Joe Miller, and so many others continuously showed themselves to be the ideal representatives of America’s Ignorant, the modern know nothings, the people most likely to be helped by a new Americans with Mental Disabilities Act.

To be sure, the media did its best to ignore Rand’s gestapo stomping tactics, but because the media no longer controls the story, those ugly videos were seen by millions. Sharron tried to ignore the media, and therefore, keep out of the public eye, (Running for public office in secret? the mind boggles) but her own well-documented history and her political stances (circa 1438 CE) kept her in the news. Joe Miller, bless his unethical soul, was forced to out himself. Despite half-baked mea culpas, Joe’s unsavory past easily blended with his present persona, and not even Sarah can save his bloodied ass.

When Jim DeMint is out-weirded by senatorial candidates trying to join him inside the Bloatway, you know something strange is up.

In some ways, I would love to relax and enjoy the moment. The daily outrages, the constant drumbeat of Ineffable Stupidity, and the ever distant relationship these Tea Baggers have with reality would be really entertaining and amused, but for one problem. Some of them could be elected, and actually might be, if we let down our guard, and forget to get out the vote as early and often as possible. I am sure many here would have loved to do the same. Instead, we fought. We raised money. We got out the vote. We voted early. We fretted, we worried, and we wrote LTTEs.

Luckily, our efforts have not gone for naught. Partly due to the Tea Baggers own mental Buggery, partly due to a population realizing that these “morans” are blithering idiots, and partly due to an allergic reaction from the presence of so much conservative corporate money, early voting has never been higher.

In Illinois alone, especially among the yute, people of color, and in lower income areas, early voting has doubled, yes D O U B L E D, the numbers in 2008.  Absentee voting is also twice as high as 2008, and far higher than 2006. Lines yesterday (our last early voting date) were reported to be more than two hours long.

Chew on that for a bit. Imagine an unengaged, uncaring, non-enthusiastic voter waiting in line for TWO HOURS simply to vote early.

I do not predict major upsets on Tuesday. The economy has been too troubled, the employment figures are jarring and upsetting, too many democrats in office proved to have a Slinky-like spine, and the President misread just how evil his opposition was going to be. Besides, after two huge victorious election results, we were bound to lose ground in this one. Besides, the MSM has been pounding the “Dems Lose” meme since June. Koch and company, along with other ultraconservative bastards, have spent close to $400,000,000 attacking Dem candidates, and supporting Tea Baggers. The top self funders spent another $250,000,000 of their own money. No matter how you cut it, money does create interest, and interest can translate into votes.

I do predict that it will not be as bad as we feared, and nowhere near as bad as MSM was trying to paint it. Already, news groups are backtracking, questioning the methods pollsters used, and suddenly realizing (something we knew back in 2008), that the younger, more liberal LIKELY voters were connected to the world by cell phone, not a land line. In fact, the most likely landline owners are Fox News watchers, whose average physical age of 103 (with a mental age of 73) make them not only incredibly conservative, but astoundingly unread, uneducated, uninformed (hey, they watch Fox!), and allergic to facts.  Of course the polls are wrong. The question is how wrong.

So, to sum it all up,

a. The polls are skewed heavily to the right, to the elderly, to fox viewers.

b. Young voters, more liberal, and more progressive voters had no enthusiasm gap

c. Tea Baggers are fucking lunatics.

d. People are rebelling against too much money, mostly conservative, in politics

e. Colbert/Stewart will be a huge success, in part, because people want sanity back in our country.

All this adds up to one result: Who the hell can predict this November election?

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10 thoughts on “What ever happened to Juan Williams?”

  1. It seems to be easier to throw rotten fruit across the aisle than to set up plans for correction. America needs a third, or even forth party to stop the name calling. America has leaned into a two-party nation and it was simply a matter of time before we ended up with two identical parties.

    Look at the failed attempts to broaden (change) the voters into stepping into a new form of government. From Goldwater to Perot, we learned it was impossible. The voters are unable to broaden their interest in searching for what they want for a government.

    Personally, my vote goes to any candidate who shows an honest and deep respect for individual freedoms. It must be the individuals choice of who they marry, where they live, and where they attend school without the government’s interference. Sadly, the Gods are now part of the litmus test prior to elections.


  2. It’s quite entertaining to see people ranting on about the vitriol put forth by the right by putting forth vitriol. In this article I see nothing but one man trying his best to belittle others by stooping to their level. Good job Rob, you have shown yourself to be just as loony and hateful as those you rail against.

    • We don’t agree often, Keith… but this time it’s lockstep.

      From the what it’s worth dept… Rob has been off the beam for a couple years now, bare minimum.

  3. Some of us lefties still like land lines, Rob. We can’t carry them around with us (a HUGE plus) ans still technically require a court order to tap. And Hell, I’m not even half of 103……. and I don’t OWN a TV let alone one with Faux News programmed into the channel memory.

    Polls have been manipulated by the mob ever since the Masada incident of AD 60 or thereabouts…….

    Distraction, division, confusion and outright lying have been used by politicians even longer……..

    Why did Bin Laden wait three years to “confess” to 9/11? Sh^%, he would have been PROUD as all-git out…… that is, of course, if he actually had anything to do with it. Probably took the Mossad that long to get an actor to grow a beard to forge the video……

    Just a few questions. I hope you’re right that the Tea Baggers have been inflated by the MSM and the pollsters to be much bigger than they really are. Guess we’ll find out, soon. Either way, Gandhi was right. Cowardice (Dems) REALLY IS worse than violence (the GOP) and people seemingly would rather have violent lying crooks in office than cowards.

  4. I’ve seen the same rants on the other side of the ledger with Soros/Pelosi/Frank/Rangel and then insert you left wing organizations of choice. Amazing how much both groups have in common. Do they use the same template to save money? Do they both get together and laugh about “keeping the fires going?”

    • “Do they use the same template to save money? Do they both get together and laugh about “keeping the fires going?” …extract from post

      I’m sure that’s exactly what they do. It’s in our face, yet many, if not most refuse to believe it could be so.

      Carl Nemo **==

    • If it isn’t bogofree, then I’ve wasted my time on giving the author benefit of the doubt with a serious reply. Possibly you see things in a more extra-dimensional manner than myself. You might be correct…? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. “Who the hell can predict this November election?”…nobody Rob, but some things aren’t worth predicting and this is one uv’em.

    “The more things change, the more they remain the same. ” …truer words have never been spoken.

    There is to be no redemption for this sorry, twisted, degenerate debacle known as politicking and voting in the U.S. It’s simply a ritual while the shadowy oligarchs sitting in their respective gentlemens’ clubs calmly smoking a cigar could care less who wins since they control both sides of the political equation.

    I’m already dreading the early kickoff for the next election which will no doubt start in earnest post this mid-term changing of the duty crimpols. Our system of government has become just so much white noise insanity; our once fine Repubic having devolved into an “Idiocracy”. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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