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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Erica Payne: Welcome to CRAZYTOWN


Are you sane enough to vote November 2nd? Take the quiz and find out!

1) Colorado Senate Candidate Ken Buck insists that he does not wear high heels. Do you think he secretly wants to?

2) NY gubernatorial candidates Carl Palladino believes that being gay is ‘not a successful option.’ Do you think that is why he told a journalist he would take him out instead of just asking him nicely if he wanted to have dinner some time?

3) Republican Senatorial candidate John Raese, from West Virginia, wants to spend $20 billion putting 1,000 lasers in the sky immediately. Does he know that it would take 1,326,259 people working full time for a year to pay for these lasers if they made minimum wage?

4) Republican Senatorial Candidate Sharon Angle does not believe that pregnant incest victims should have access to abortion and instead encourages women who are carrying their father’s babies to make a “lemon situation into lemonade”. Does Angle have unresolved daddy issues?

5)An operative for Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul recently stomped on someone’s head. Do you want to stomp on Rand Paul’s head?

6)Sarah Palin often uses the phrase “Don’t retreat…Reload” to encourage her supporters. Is her obsession with guns a sign of penis envy or is she trying to send Levi a message?

7) Glenn Beck has compared the United States Peace Corps to the Nazi Youth Program. Does that mean that Rich Lott and Beck could have just as much fun helping people around the world as Lott had dressing up in Nazi uniforms and playing war?

8) TV Host Glenn Beck regularly cries on his show. Were there so many commercials on his show for Goldline International, that he missed the ones for Cymbalta?

9) Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell believes scientists are cross-breeding animals and humans to create mice with “a full-functioning human brains”. Does Ms. O’Donnell have a fully functioning human brain?

10) Do you love your country enough to VOTE SANITY on November 2nd?

Correct answers: 1) yes; 2) obviously; 3) yes but he thinks the pretty lights are worth it; 4) duh; 5) yes but not in your nice shoes, the hair gel might ruin them 6) both; 7) no because the Peace Corps doesn’t have outfits 8) no, he saw the commercials, he was just so pissed at the 911 victims it didn’t register; might ruin them; 9) no, but not that many Republican politicians do either so she will fit right in; 10) we sure hope so..

If you answered 6 or more questions correctly, CONGRATULATIONS! You are sane enough to vote in this election. For more information, on the array of Crazytown residents running for office this year, please see our video Welcome to Crazytown or visit our website

From The Huffington Post