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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sarah Palin Names New ‘Mavericky’ Man Of The GOP (VIDEO)


Move over, John McCain.

With the 2010 midterm election just days away, Sarah Palin signaled that she sees another man in the Republican party as “mavericky” — a label that the former Alaska Governor and Arizona Senator became notorious for embracing together when they were running mates during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Speaking at a GOP rally in Florida, Palin raved about Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Marco Rubio in a manner echoing how she used to boost McCain.

“Marco Rubio started and kinda taking on the establishment and mavericky, going rogue, you know, doing it,” exclaimed Palin. “And I look at him and I think, you know, we kinda started a whole bunch of this stuff. So, very very proud and encouraged by Marco.”

It seems safe to assume that McCain won’t be losing any sleep over the matter. While the longtime GOP Senator recently admitted he is proud that Palin will always be part of his legacy, earlier this year he made clear he no longer sees himself as maintaining the same “maverick” status.

Via ThinkProgress comes video of Palin’s remarks:

From The Huffington Post