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Thursday, July 18, 2024

John DeCock: 2010 Elections — The New Inquisitors


They are intolerant of religions other than Christianity, sometimes to the point of advocating persecution. They are skeptical or critical of science, even science with overwhelming acceptance and real world proof. They build themselves up by calling others heretics or, in the contemporary parlance, unpatriotic. They are the descendants of Torquemada and they are angry and violent. They want to punish their opponents and keep the masses ignorant. They fume and sputter and spew their bile with unctuous self righteousness and a willing army of believers, eager for someone to blame who does not look like themselves.

The Inquisitions of the middle ages were infamous for their brutality, intolerance and hostility to science. Six centuries later, we still have wannabe inquisitors among us and they are aspiring to positions of power or growing their ranks through support of like-minded candidates.

Think hard about the level of ignorance that is confronting us in this election. If that alone doesn’t scare you into voting, go to the back of the class and study the life of Galileo.

From The Huffington Post