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Friday, June 14, 2024

Arianna Huffington: Sunday Roundup


This week delivered a bracing lesson from the School of Unintended Consequences when news broke that Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni, had felt moved, nearly two decades down the road, to “reach across the airwaves” and leave a voice mail for Anita Hill, asking for an apology. She didn’t get one, but she did unleash a torrent of pubic-hair-on-a-Coke-can flashbacks, and inspired Justice Thomas’ ex-girlfriend Lillian McEwen, a former prosecutor and law professor, to break her 19-year silence and talk about her “freewheeling sex life” with Thomas in the early ’80s, as well as his porn “obsession” and fascination with large-breasted women. Oops. Chastened, Ginni Thomas canceled an interview with NPR, while her new Tea Party-inspired group, Liberty Central, walked back claims that Obama’s health care law is “unconstitutional.” I guess she never heard the expression: “Let sleeping Long Dongs lie.” In the words of Ginni: “Okay, have a good day.”

From The Huffington Post