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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Even Democrats think Conway attack on Paul went too far

Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway: Over the line

Democrats cringe when asked about Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway‘s latest attack ad against Republican opponent and tea party favorite Rand Paul in their contentious race.

Sen. Claire McCAskill is one Democrat willing to go on the record saying Conway went “way over the line” in the ad that attacks Paul for an alleged participation in a mock pagan ritual as part of a secret society in college more than three decades ago.

So is Rep. John Yarmuth of Louisville, who told the Huffington Post‘s Howard Fineman that “I wouldn’t have done it,” adding “and it looks like it is backfiring.”

Democrats contacted by Capitol Hill Blue admit they are “bothered” by the ad and feel Conway “went too far” but few are willing to go on record saying so.

“He’s blown it,” one Democratic consultant said of Conway and the ad. “He just handed the race to Paul. Any chance he had is gone.”

Rand refused to shake Conway’s hand at their recent debate, telling his opponent that his actions “demean Kentucky.”

View the ad below.

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6 thoughts on “Even Democrats think Conway attack on Paul went too far”

  1. This is a bogus story from both fronts. First Rand has nothing to argue about, the commercial is technically true.

    Second, Conway is making a deal out of something that I don’t believe is. Sure it happened, but I view it more of a college ritual or fad, not something Rand has built his life’s path on.

    What I do believe is important to not though, is that Rand seems to have dropped the only redeeming worthiness he had, support for a fair tax! What good is this clown without support for that?

  2. Yup, can’t bring up old secret societies in politics, or else we might have to discuss the bizarre rituals of skull and bones and all the Senators and Presidents that have been members of that society.

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