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Friday, December 1, 2023

Obama and Pelosi: Pariahs for the Democratic party

President Barack Obama: Oh, how the mighty have fallen (AFP)

So, you’re President of the United States and the de facto leader of your party.

But your party wants nothing to do with you as it struggles to retain control of Congress.

In the brutal world of politics, even a President can’t get no respect.

Republicans hoping to gain votes in this year’s midterm elections run against Barack Obama.

So do many Democrats.

Many Democrats want nothing to do with their President. Supporting his agenda means trouble at the polls.

Some who voted for controversial Obama programs like the laughable health care “reform” bill now want nothing to do with it. They avoid mention of the legislation in their campaign propaganda while their Republican opponents use that vote and anything else that ties them to Obama.

And if Obama isn’t a big enough villain, there’s always Nancy Pelosi — the boss bitch of the House, the Speaker whose star has fallen almost as fast as Obama’s.

If Obama is the godfather of political failure in this year’s midterm elections, Pelosi is his mistress of misery — the corrupt Speaker of the House who promised to “drain the swamp” and then promoted the tainted “votes for sale” John Murtha for the number two job and who looked the early way at the corruption of Charlie Rangel, the living large New York Congressman.

Even other Democrats couldn’t stomach Pelosi’s unfathomable pick of Murtha and rejected him outright in favor of Steny Hoyer. But what else should we expect Pelosi, the daughter of Tomas D’Alesandro Jr., one of the most corrupt mayor in the history of Baltimore — a city known for shady politicians.

Pelosi, like he Republican majority that preceded her, runs a Congress of crooks, con-artists and failures.  Obama, the charismatic speaker who dazzled crowds with brilliant rhetoric, is nothing more than a product of the Democratic political machine of Chicago, another poster child for corruption. With the likes of Tony Rezko, a well-known windy city political “fixer,” backing his rapid rise in politics, Obama was just more of the same, not an agent of the change he promised.

So the Democrats, who are just as crooked, corrupt and dishonest as the party of the elephants, find themselves on the verge of an ouster from control of the House and Obama appears destined to become a one-term President — joining Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush in the trashcan of recent Presidential failures.

And voters will turn, once again, to the GOP — the party of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush — along with a few tea party fruit loops whose entire realm of government experience is a high school civics class.

Jesus, what a mess.

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4 thoughts on “Obama and Pelosi: Pariahs for the Democratic party”

  1. No Doug, the Tea Partiers were the ones who FLUNKED civics class.
    BTW, civics is no longer offered in most public schools, just an FYI.

  2. Solid analysis concerning a sorry state of affairs Doug. Unfortunately when the electorate seemingly enjoys a failed two party system of government there will be no salvation as we continue our national “death spiral” to oblivion.

    Americans have been the cocks of the walk for so long especially post WWII that they don’t seem to realize their duplicit leadership has incrementally sold their collective butts out to offshore interests all for a few dollars more. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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