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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Democratic tale of woe continues with two weeks to go

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With just two weeks to go before voters decide who runs Congress the Democrats keep looking for a life raft in a sea of bad news, disastrous polls, shrinking fundraising and growing anger from voters.

The weekend wasn’t kind to the party of the jackass.

Political prognosticators increasingly predict the Democrats will lose control of the House and a few are saying the party will get creamed on Nov. 2.

Even Democrats privately predict the party will lose at least 50 seats on election day — a margin well above the 39 seats that Republicans need to recapture control of the House.

Stu Rothenberg, a respected political analyst, predicts a net gain of up to 60 seats for Democrats. Rothenberg says 100 House seats are competitive. Charlie Cook, another analyst whose predictions are usually accurate, puts the number at 97. Nearly all of the competitive seats are currently held by Democrats.

While few expect Republicans to retake control of the Senate, they will pick up seats, giving the Democrats a razor-thin margin that will effective turn control of the Senate over to moderates who cross party lines.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to rake in much-needed campaign cash while Democrats spend more time on the phone begging for contributions that don’t come.

“It’s brutal out there,” one Democratic consultant told Capitol Hill Blue. “We’re looking at a political waterloo for the party.”

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