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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Former Obama supporters abandon Democrats, head for GOP


The coalition that catapulted Barack Obama into office in 2008 is gone, fed up with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams. Voters now appear willing to give Republicans another try along with tea party newcomers.

A new Associated Press-Knowledge networks poll shows at least 25 percent of those who voted for Obama have defected to the GOP and will vote against Democrats in November.

Half or more of these disaffected voters say they will definitely vote on Nov. 2 and the candidate they vote for will be anyone but a Democrat.

But while Republicans stand to benefit from those abandoning the Democratic party, those who voted for John McCain in 2008 say they are considering casting their ballots for Democrats and two-thirds of them say they will vote.

Not all those votes, however, will go to Democrats. Many will go to independents and tea party candidates who are out of the political mainstream.

Writes Liz Sidoti of The Associated Press:

It’s a wide enthusiasm gap that’s buoying Republicans, who are poised for big electoral gains, and worrying Democrats, who are seeking to hang onto majorities in Congress as well among governors. Obama’s party hopes its superior get-out-the-vote operation, updated from his groundbreaking campaign, can overcome Republicans’ energized supporters to mitigate expected losses across the board.

While no president can be expected to fully rally his supporters when he’s not on the ballot, the survey illustrates the wide scope of Obama voters’ disappointment with the president and his policies almost halfway through his first term — and two years before he’s likely to seek their backing again.

To find out how the electorate’s political views have changed since the 2008 election, the AP and Knowledge Networks re-interviewed the same 1,254 people who were part of a random sample of Americans surveyed up to 11 times throughout the 2008 campaign by the two organizations and Yahoo News. The recent interviews occurred Sept. 17 to Oct. 7. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

Bottom line: Voters are  pissed as hell.

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4 thoughts on “Former Obama supporters abandon Democrats, head for GOP”

  1. Most written posts to this site, including my own, have a dour overtone mostly. So I thought I’d post an inspirational music link that best sums up our national lot. It’s performed by Christy Moore, my favorite, Irish folk singer with a “mission”.

    Folks, the time is getting near when the only solution will be to “rush their perimeter”, losses be damned! I think you all know whom I’m referring to. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. My apologies Eve…”Solid”, not ‘soilid’. I fat-fingered the keyboard and the message was sent prematurely.

    It’s tragic that we have no viable third party choice in this country; ie., an Independent Party with a solid showing of representation throughout the country at all levels of politics from local to national.

    Ross Perot’ tried to offer such an alternative, but seemingly the American people have a love affair with having only two that have since merged into one which should be more correctly called the “Duopolist Party”.

    Some readers to this site are upset with my “permafrost” level of negativity, but I see multiple crises headed our way as a nation. Seemingly 2012 will be just about the time that the confluence of many of these will come together and I’m not referring to natural disasters, but simply a national one of monumental proportions; ie, the cratering of the U.S. dollar in world markets (happening now), the mass exodus of capital from the U.S. to anywhere else in the world that’s steaming full ahead on the friendly seas of economic success while the cost of foreign goods used for our everday existence will become a “moonshot” as a function of our devalued currency. Unemployment will reach historical levels with little to no jobs available due to the rabid offshoring of our manufacturing infrastructure during the past 30 years or so. American citizens are going to pay a dear price for having little imagination when it comes to electing officials to run their government. Yes, seemingly we’ve lost our collective sanity as you so suggest in your post. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Another perfectly descriptive article from Doug Thompson.

    “The coalition that catapulted Barack Obama into office in 2008 is gone, fed up with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams. Voters now appear willing to give Republicans another try”
    -Doug Thompson

    Herein lies the issue readers.

    Like an abused child (suffering abuse from both parents) American voters are perpetually abused by the false dichotomy of “Republican vs. Democrat.”

    Choosing one or the other, but fooled into having no “real” choice. The illusion is allowed to continue years after year.

    If the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over while expecting a different result, then the US voting populace (by definition) must surely be insane.

    Unable to see the solution is to abandon both parties (or parents) because both continue to abuse the child/voter equally, only at different times (or at the same time).

    My opinion (and it’s only an opinion) is that neither party is worthy of representing the people of the US. They are bought and paid for, they are owned, and thus, the US populace is ignored and abused. This should disqualify them from their position, should it not?

    Aided by a corrupt and complicit MSM, the voters are continually fed lies and outright distortions of the truth, biased and heavily censored in favor of a predetermined, desired outcome.

    Everyone on here understands this is not how a free society receives it’s news/info.

    As soon as the people of the US demand better from their government (on all levels), then (and only then) will they deserve better.

    Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama … where’s the difference?

    Talk with your neighbors and explain your views. Send them to websites where they can get a more accurate picture of what’s really happening.

    “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

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