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Friday, June 21, 2024

The midterm political circus


“People often tell me to ‘cheer up, things could be worse,'” My granddaddy used to say. “So I cheered up and — sure enough — things got worse.”

With just over two weeks to go in a midterm election that is already being called everything from a “game changer” to the “day Americans take back their government,” most polls show Republicans poised to recapture control of the House but falling short in the Senate — although they will pick up some seats.

While polls are tightening in several key races, they still show widespread — and deep anger — against the status quo.

Barack Obama‘s star has plummeted from the political sky with all the speed of a global killer comet. One poll shows Americans sharply divided over whether Obama is a better President than the widely despised George W. Bush.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Obama and his fellow Democrats have managed to do what many thought impossible — rescue the tarnished Bush presidency from the dustbin of political history.

The fact that Obama’s 23 point lead over Bush in public approval ratings is gone showcases what a monumental failure the great black hope has been at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course, he has had help — sheer incompetence from the so-called Democratic leaders in the House and Senate — but Obama’s complete and utter failure as President proves that great campaign speeches don’t make great leaders.

Obama continues a tradition of voter incompetence when it comes to picking leaders. No President in recent times will be remembered as a great head of state. Obama will go down in history as a black Jimmy Carter, Bush as a despotic President who lied his way into an impossible war, Clinton as a philanderer who preferred blowjobs to policy and Bush the first as a liar on taxes who said “read my lips” and ended up a one-termer when Americans did exactly that.

America is a screwed-up nation, led by screwed-up Presidents with help from a screwed-up Congress elected by screwed-up voters.

The system is so flawed that the current hope for salvation comes from a phony grassroots operation called the tea party, a corporate-driven campaign that has delivered the looniest collection of candidates to ever populate ballots.

The “take America back” movement has given us loons like Sharron Angle, Chrstine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino and other misfits who couldn’t lead a Cub Scout Pack, much less a nation.

Yet some of these clowns will win on Nov. 2 because the average American voter is willing to try anything — even untrained monkeys — rather than the “business as usual” collection of political pabulum offered by the Democratic and Republican establishments.

Those frustrated by a faltering economy, continued unemployment and the longest recession in American history justify their intent to vote for the clown posse from the tea party by saying “they can’t do any worse” than the current collection of crooks, misfits, con-artists and mentally-challenged idiots who occupy Congress.

That’s the problem.

They can do worse.

And they will.

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7 thoughts on “The midterm political circus”

  1. In my neck of the woods we have two main parties: The Liberal = Repubs. & Labor = Demos.

    I can remember, when I was around 8/9 years old I asked the old man what was the difference between the parties?

    Dad said: “The Libs help the rich get richer, and the Labor help the poor get poorer; and in general they do a pretty good job at it.”


  2. A smile, handshake and a (soon-to-be-broken) campaign promise from these “clowns” doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  3. Rue is a state of mind for we Metamucilites.
    Pop said, shine them molar boards boys fore they touch the ground a plowin. They must scour. Llamraf.

    It is an insult, a vetting we will go, this foul popularity contention.
    Why don’t they swing two live cats and a wallaby round the room on CNN/ PBS so zero to none will witness the next debate.

    It is obvious we are soon to be the dry bearing in their machine of innuendo, half truth, and ambulance chasing. Bareness of the very soul of the grease masters squeak , we the little Red Hens are left to ply the last truth.

  4. Accurate and to the point, of course.

    I remain hopeful yet doubtful that changes in leadership will accomplish much. Many of the problems seem deeply systemic.

    Thing is, at some point one has to move beyond bitching about the government to doing something to change it.

    Let’s hope voting for “untrained monkeys” helps. If not then I rue the next chapter.


  5. More than correct… any challenge to the ruling oligarchy and its political henchmen in DC is better than good.

    It remains to be seen if the voters can or will do worse. It will all depend on the measuring stick being used to gauge it, but I can’t imagine any bunch of clowns actually doing worse than the current circus… especially if our founding principles have any bearing on their behavior.

  6. I guess it remains to be seen whether or not they’ll do any worse, but I view any challenge to the entrenched Establishment as a good thing.

    It has taken decades of Establishment control of not only our government but also the so-called “information” (propaganda) that we use to make our electoral choices, to get where we are. A change in rhetoric, a change in the dialog, no matter how inane it may seem to the politically correct, brainwashed robotic masses, is a positive.

    The Federal Reserve, once viewed as untouchable economic wizards, is under increased pressure and scrutiny from an awakening public. This is due entirely to the decades-long diligence of a single representative.

    Both parties have been exposed as frauds, thanks to corporate marionettes Bush and now Obama, and their fellow travelers in the “hallowed” halls of the Congress. The lamestream media has been exposed as unapologetic propaganda arms of the fake left-right paradigm.

  7. Wow, one of your best indictments ever concerning the failed political order of the day…!

    A nice clown too with his hand outstretched, offering hopefuls some hope this upcoming election. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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