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Friday, July 19, 2024

The worse Obama gets, the better Bush looks

Former President George W. Bush: Suddenly, he's not looking so bad

Is President Barack Obama as bad a leader as his predecessor — the universally despised George W. Bush?

A growing number of Americans believe so. In fact, the number of Obama doubters has grown so dramatically in recent months that Americans are now almost evenly split over which President is worse — Bush or Obama.

A new CNN/Opinion Research Poll shows the two virtually tied when it comes to public approval ratings of their presidencies.

In the poll, 47 percent approve of Obama’s performance as President compared to 45 percent for Bush. That two percent is within the poll’s margin for error which — in polling terms — is a statistical dead heat.

One year ago, Obama led Bush by 23 points.

A year ago, Obama had been President for nine months. As Americans get to know him more, they like him less and an approval rating that was so high 12 months ago has dropped dramatically.

In more bad news for the current President and his party, the poll shows Republicans lead Democrats by huge advantages among men, independents and blue collar whites — the very demographics that put the party of the jackass in power in 2006 and turned the White House over to Obama in 2008.

“Democrats may want to think twice about bringing up former President George W. Bush‘s name while campaigning this year,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

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6 thoughts on “The worse Obama gets, the better Bush looks”

  1. Bush didn’t have the problem of being “supported” by a non-cohesive majority congress and a minority against him that still plays the superior game in manipulating the uninformed masses. Too many people getting all of their education from Faux News.

  2. Senator Barbara Boxer in the first session of Congress will–FORCE–upon us a massive Amnesty for all illegal aliens and President Obama will sign it. The democrats want to enact the President Bush’s Totalization treaty for Mexican illegal workers, so they can access our Social Security benefits. This means SSI for old disabled American will be at risk as well as retirement pensions for every citizen and legal resident. The costs to pay for this bill will be the taxpayers burden, as its always been. Every amnesty that follows will bring millions more poverty stricken people and their children, that will smother our education system. Just look at good examples in border states, were classrooms are crammed with illegal alien children and as a cause citizen children are receiving poor schooling.

    Low income Senior Citizens in many emergency rooms must sit for hours, while foreign parents with four to six kids are waiting for treatment. As there is no disclosure of the painful amount of money, as no administration has had the backbone to tell the absolute truth. That for decades each president and his incoherent representatives have ever found nerve to release any true accounting. Senator Boxer, Reid will doom this country to unimaginable overpopulation, expenditures even while we have 15 million legal workers, cannot find a job. What you decide in November, will either be the success of the Tea Party who will not entertain any type of Amnesty whatsoever and demand that Washington secure the open border. We could pay for the Afghanistan war for a year, with the just the federal cash spent to support the illegal alien welfare.

  3. There has never been a president as excruciatingly bad as Geedubya: a moron with no moral compass who was really just a hood ornament for Dick Cheney and company. Neither time that GW took office was he really elected by the people. The first time, the Supreme Court installed him. The second time, easily hacked electronic voting machines did the trick.
    Obama may not be the savior that voters hoped for, but he is not nearly as bad as the bubblehead who preceded him. One hopes there never will be another president as terrible as Bush.

  4. Wow, what a comparison; i.e., worse to more worse!? We’ve really set our metric high for Presidents. America, now seemingly Amerika has devolved into an “idiocracy”. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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