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Friday, June 14, 2024

Angry independents add up to doom for Democrats


For the upcoming midterm elections, the theme is — once again — change but the change voters want is something Democrats ain’t offering.

And Democrats face an increasing number of independents who say they are mad as hell about the way Democrats are running the country and they want change in Congress.

In fact, independents are as mad as Republicans and that’s bad news for Democrats.

More bad news for Democrats clinging to control of Congress: Independent voters are nearly as grumpy as Republicans about politics this year.

The Associated Press-GfK Poll shows 58 percent of independents and 60 percent of Republicans said politics is making them angry, compared with 31 percent of Democrats.

At least 7 in 10 independents and Republicans were disgusted while 4 in 10 Democrats expressed the same sentiment. The poll shows independents and Republicans more disappointed, depressed and frustrated over the way Democrats run things.

This is bad news for Democrats because independent voters helped propel them into control of Congress in 2006 and into the White House in 2008.

Democrats face judgment day on Nov. 2 Election Day when a lagging economy and President Barack Obama‘s plunging popularity give Republicans a shot at capturing control of Congress. Independents, who can be pivotal in many congressional races, now prefer GOP candidates over Democrats by 52 percent to 36 percent and this number jumpd to 62 percent to 29 percent among independents considered likeliest to vote.

“There’s a yellow light flashing” for Democrats in the numbers, Ann Crigler, a political science professor at the University of Southern California, tells the Associated Press.

The AP reports:

Combined with other findings, independents’ sullenness underscores how difficult it will be for Democratic candidates to win them over this election.

Only about a third of independents say the country is moving in the right direction and more than half say Obama is doing a poor job as president. Three-quarters disapprove of Congress, only about a third want Democrats to control Capitol Hill next year and more than 8 in 10 call the economy poor — similar to Republicans and exceeding the two-thirds of Democrats who say so.

“I’m not happy with Republicans,” said Ed Perry, 66, an independent from Lowell, Ohio, who thinks government is too large and expressed anger in the poll. “But I’m really unhappy with Democrats.”

Independents’ feelings about politics have sunk along with everyone else’s since Obama’s November 2008 election. They’re more than twice as likely to be disappointed and five times likelier to be angry than they were in an AP-GfK Poll taken days after Obama’s victory. They’re also half as likely to say they are proud and excited.

Among independents who said in this month’s poll that they supported Obama in 2008, only a quarter say their vote this fall will be a show of support for him. More than 8 in 10 express frustration and disappointment, and just under half trust Democrats most to handle the economy.

Independents’ dismal views of the country’s direction and their negative ratings of the president and Congress mirror the midterm elections in 2006 when President George W. Bush was in office and the GOP controlled Congress, as measured by an AP-Ipsos Poll that September. That suggests the gloomy mood that swept Republicans from congressional control that year could work against Democrats this fall.

The poll was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications from Sept. 8-13, using landline and cell phone interviews with 1,000 randomly chosen adults. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 4.2 percentage points for adults and 6.4 percentage points for independents.



AP-GfK Poll:

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8 thoughts on “Angry independents add up to doom for Democrats”

  1. So you all sit around here puling and micturating and none of you do anything constructive. YOU can change either party if enough of you get together. You cannot change either party by voting for some independent just because he or she is independent.

    ALL politics is grass roots.

  2. The Republicans are not giving the already passed reforms to fully take effect. All they’re doing is saying “NO”. From experience I know that “The Contract WITH America” actually was a “Contract ON America.'” A lot of years of Republican rule can’t be overcome with less than 3 years!
    AND….when the Republicans were in power, they ramrodded bad legislation (such as tax cuts to multi-millionaires). Does ANYONE know why the Dems haven’t done the same thing??


  3. In Washington we have the choice of Patty Murray, who has already shown her colors to not care how the people vote and legislate in opposition to what the people say, OR, Dino Rossi. Rossi is nothing more than a corp sell-out whom has already taken huge campaign donations from said corps. We can vote Murray, whom has made her stand on Christine Gargoyle’s anti-business taxes and sur-charges, or vote Rossi, who is pro-business and will bring businesses back to WA which in turn WILL provide more jobs in our state. Hmm, two evils, one vote.

    • Good thoughts Keith. I’m a Clark County Washington resident and share your sentiments concerning Patty Murray and Dino Rossi. Patty Murray is known in D.C. as the “Queen of Pork” mostly pitching money towards feelgood programs that demonstrate massive pilferage and wastage of taxpayer revenues. The VA is one of her pet pork recipients, but we are never short of tales concerning core rot that never seems to be addressed from hospital care to simple VA benefits. People sorely need jobs, so the smart bet would be on Rossi although I’m not voting for either. I’ve had it with lying flimflam main party crimpols.

      If Rossi wants to create more jobs, not only for Washington State, but the nation at large then he has to become a loud voice against further off-shoring and so-called ‘free trade’ which has turned out to be a canard. Also there has to be either a curtailment or a strict limitation on the number of H1b visas issued annually to allow our college and tech school graduates a better chance at landing the better jobs within American industry.

      I too am leery of Rossi, simply because he’s associated with the “rethug” party that assuredly works 24/7/365 to screw over the American worker while squandering our nation’s wealth on foreign military adventurism. There’s a high probability that Dino will forget his commitment too once landing in D.C. as most do while simply pitching pork back to Mayberry, Washington in order to keep his braindead, indiscriminate constituents ‘happy’. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. I may be disappointed in the Dems (actually, disappointed in the Government in general), but I’d NEVER be stupid enough to vote for a Republican, ever again. And it would be even MORE stupid to stay home and let the Repubs win by default, especially since a certain well-known ex-House Whip is running in my state. So, off to vote I will go!

    • In other words, your willing to vote to screw yourself because you hate repub evil more than dem evil? Why is it you think you have to vote for either corrupt party? this makes no logical sense!

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