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Monday, June 17, 2024

Obama admits economic woes will hurt Democrats

Obama: We got trouble (Reuters)

President Barack Obama is conceding that if the midterm election turns out to be mostly a referendum on the economy, “we’re not going to do well.”

In an interview with ABC News, Obama also said “I have not seen a single new idea out of the Republicans” to jump-start the economy. He commented after House Republican Leader John Boehner (BAY’-nur) of Ohio proposed a two-year freeze on tax rates.

Obama said the party should be able to keep control of Congress “if people take a look at what Democrats stand for and what Republicans stand for.”

But he said Democrats won’t do well if it amounts to a referendum on “the economy as it currently is.” Obama said he believes “everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it’s been doing.”

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5 thoughts on “Obama admits economic woes will hurt Democrats”

  1. What amazes me is the President visits “rust belt” areas of the country that have been heavily impacted by the relentless offshoring of manufacturing during the past 15 years not to mention the incredible damage wrought by the banking and associated insurance debacle that’s wrecked the housing industry since the Bushistas left office.

    I listen to his speeches, but you never hear him mention how off-shoring needs to be closely regulated along with the curtailment or a moratorium on issuing further H1-B visas. How are jobs going to be created when simultaneously they are leaving our country? We’re hemorrhaging as a nation relative to our job markets and there’s no one to administer necessary emergency triage to save this nation and I’m not talking about more stimulus money either, but to shut down the root cause of the problem; greedy corporatists gone wild!

    So to give audience participants a boohoo message about our economic woes, while the root causes of this problem are never aggressively addressed makes no sense. When are folks going wake up and simply not show up to these punch our t.s. card sessions on behalf of politicians that don’t give a flying flip about their country or the people.

    Weiss Research recently published an article that the Feds have spent an average of 5.6 million dollars per job that’s been created under the stimulus package which is madness. I few months back I cranked out similar figures based on the money spent to date and the number of jobs created. It’s simply “nuts”…!

    Carl Nemo **==

    • It shouldn’t cost we tax payers a single red cent for a job to be created. In fact, it isn’t the job of government to create jobs, but only to create an atmosphere that promotes growth in the private sector.

    • I’m a rust belt-er and I’ve been complaining of this since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.

      My theory is they have been purposefully making people move away from areas like the Great Lakes and concentrating them in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada so that they can shut off their water and leave them to die in the desert.

      I’ve seen plans for combining many of the Great Lakes states with regions of Canada to form a new manufacturing free trade area after the fall of the United States. The foundations of that are laid out here.

      So they pulled the plug on the unions and pushed the Big 3 auto’s around the world which has caused mass migrations out of the Great Lakes region. The only other event to compare it to is New Orleans after Katrina. But the Great Lakes exodus was certainly a man-made disaster.

      And you are right Carl. No one will talk about it in the mainstream media or the politicians. And those same policies continue to decimate this once great region of our country. I fear it will continue until the collapse of the dollar or a federal debt default, just as planned by the Federal Reserve and the globalist “free trade” lobbies.

    • Great link Almandine. It’s hard to find honest analysis concerning our markets. The cited article is right on the money. I also like how it calls out those like GhL with their chicken little name calling. Real news isn’t always happy. Only infotainment that passes for news via the mainstream media is happy.

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