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Saturday, June 22, 2024

So much anger, so little reality

Glenn Beck: There's gold in them thar shrills (Reuters)

To no one’s surprise, thousands flocked to the National Mall Saturday to see and hear Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

There’s a lot of voter anger out there. On the other hand, there’s not a lot of ways or places to express that anger. Beck offered an outlet.

It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the likes of Beck, Palin, et. al. People are mad. They want action. They need more choices.

On the flip side, the left offers their channels for anger: Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, etc. But like Beck and Palin, Olbermann and Maddow offer a limited choice of options from a narrow point of view.

Both sides serve their own special interests. Neither side serves America. The angry voter is a resource for exploitation, not salvation.

There’s no doubt that serious, fundamental change is necessary in this country. America is a nation in deep trouble. High unemployment, we are told, may well last another decade. Recovery in the housing market is a far off dream. Our economy is floundering, the dollar is a joke on the international money scene and the nation is torn at the seams by dissent, discord and dissatisfaction.

We are no longer a nation united by a common bond. We are a nervous populace divided by anger. Those on the left blame the right. The right blames the left. The center blames both sides and all sides offer nothing but a return to their own perspectives as a solution.

Anger is too easily fueled by those eager to exploit. Anger creates great soundbites and headlines but produces little in long-term solutions. Anger deepens wounds that take too long to heal at a time when healing, conciliation and cooperation are necessary to achieve any real chance for success.

America cannot move forward as long at we are mired in a morass of hate, anger and futility. America usually stands tallest during tough times but these tough times have gone on for too long and are taking their toll on the national psyche.

Angry voters are urged to institute change by tossing out the old but sending the old guard packing does little to bring about that change when the new is nothing but recycled old. Barack Obama swept into office on the illusion of change when — in reality — he thrived by exploiting the same corrupt system of government. Democrats promised changes if they regained control of Congress and then installed two old-school pols — Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid — as their leaders.

So can we expect the new crop of changers — installed by so-called “grassroots movements” like the Tea Party — to change the way things are in Washington?  Can Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Ben Quayle and other favorites of the AstroTurf movement save America?

Not really. Even if all of them are elected, they will be a minority of freshman at the bottom of a very tall totem poll controlled by a system where seniority and old-school politics rule. Some will last only one-term (as happened with many swept into office by voter anger in 1980). Others will adapt and become part of the system they promised to change. The few remaining will become outcasts on Capitol Hill — shrill gadflys ignored by their colleagues and treated with disdain by the media.

In two years, unresolved voter anger — fueled by a lack of overnight change — will target them for removal from office in exchange for another group of change prophets.

Voters will lose. America will suffer. Only the Glenn Becks, Sarah Palins, Keith Olbermanns, Rachel Maddows, et. al will win because the only real goal was ratings, book deals and the financial gain that comes from duping the masses.

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24 thoughts on “So much anger, so little reality”

  1. I believe that most of our present problems actually started when the news services became entertainment services and little else. When you flip channels all stations are running a commercial at the same time. Doesn’t this raise your suspicion that the stations are also airing the same story at the same time. Isn’t this possibly done in collusion to stop the viewer from checking other stories that the others are reporting. I believe that all of the stations get there services from AP and other national news services and then discuss them as a fact without additional investigation. what happened to the real reporters who were objective and actually did their own real, in depth, impartial investigation when reporting the news. We need a return to those values and until we demand them we get what we deserve.

  2. Just to add some fuel to Doug’s argument about the lack of reason, reality, sanity, decency, morality or whatever else you want to call it: Obama won a NOBEL F&^%ING PRIZE for doing NOTHING other than being a lying, scumbag, politician. If that’s not all you need to know about OUR MASTERS selling us their TWISTED AGENDA, warped (zionist) racism and cruel Darwinian crusades, I don’t know what could possibly be more telling.

  3. I was at the event. There was no anger! The words republican and democrat, libertarian or otherwise were not mentioned. Beck’s followers have taken a pledge of non-violence. It was to restore honor. Perhaps if we elected honorable people, we wouldn’t be in this mess. In Biblical terms, there is such a thing as righteous anger and I think that applies today. We’re angry with the way our currrent leaders have taken the country. It is time to get back to our roots, minus the slavery!

  4. Angry voters or intelligent voters? Mutual exclusive or the same? Anger is good as long as it does not become emotionally over whelming. Gets the thought process and involvement going. See it all the time on local issues.

    I think there are some wonderful individuals in Congress – I’ll try and think of a few – but the problem is they have a real pack mentality like some dogs on the prowl. Collectively nasty but individually many are OK.

  5. Sorry the above should read: but I reckon if I did find an honest man he would end up nailed to a cross.

  6. Bill: “Find some honet men”

    There’s the rub, me and my lantern been wandering the planet for yonks (albeit backwards) in search of an honest man.

    From my experiences I have yet to meet an honest man – but I reckon if I did find an honest man would he end up nailed to a cross.

    If we want honest governmnet then we should elect our dogs.

  7. Sell everything. Buy diamonds. I don’t want a military takeover of our government. I want a civilian takeover. Get rid of the crooks, leave the few honest men and maybe women, and let the people, the We The People, run things. Can’t do much worse.
    Government by Appointment via a Lottery. Who will tell me that the man in the street, or on the street, will do worse than bush, cheney, obama & biden? Prove it. Find some honest men (aye, there’s the rub!) and give them 3 years to run the country. But how to get rid of the incumbents?
    There’s always all those rails on the battlefields of MD and VA, and any Home Depot and Bed, Bath, and Beyond can supply enough tar and feathers…
    Hey, like the 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, its a good start.

  8. If things go the way I think they will, i.e. the Fed continues its dollar-trashing rampage, leading to worthless currency, unemployment like pre-WWII Nazi Germany and anger only imaginable, now, this problem will fix itself. Lots will die, of course. And expect a nice terrorist attack or two so that we won’t have any choice but to fight wars with the remaining Muslim countries, for Israel, of course, but with every other excuse in the book used as a scapegoat.

    I think things will be better in the country, but be careful, Woody. There are LOTS of heavily armed, Bible-crazed trigger-happy angry morons here, too. Probably orders of magnitude more, as a percentage, than in the cities.

  9. Excellent post Doug. Sad how things have just plummeted in our country in such a short period of time. Even a greater sadness that our politicians are inept when it comes to fixing our problems.

  10. Just caught the movie Walküre/Valkyrie on satellite last night. Only an action such as was taken in this movie would correct this situation. My favorite line from the film,

    “God promised Abraham that he would not destroy Sodom if he could find ten righteous men… I have a feeling that for Germany it may come down to one.”

    How many righteous men do you suppose we could find in Washington?

    Although I am aware of some dissent amongst our military, I don’t think it is to the extent as it was in Nazi Germany. Nor does there appear to be any sort of movement against the regime in any of the upper echelons of our society. The only popular uprising that I can think of where common folks actually won would be the French Revolution. All others successful movements had the support of the bourgeoisie/aristocracy in some form or another.

    “Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off.” -Colonel Mertz von Quirnheim, from the movie Walküre/Valkyrie

    I don’t believe popular uprising is possible in today’s United States thanks to corporate media/government propaganda, the “dumbing” down of our populace, and reliance by so many on the very system that is destroying their future. Likewise, attacking the current system with violence will only play into their hands, bringing the police state they have been preparing into fruition. They have been practicing for civil unrest for that last couple of years. What have you been doing?

    This is why I have moved out into the country, to hunker down and wait for our destruction. I am not a rich man, nor do I have friends in high places, in industry or in the military that would be capable or willing to do what is right for our country and our future. So I prepare and I write, and encourage others to do so as well. Write and read, and educate those that will listen. Forgive and forget those that won’t. Time is too short to waste on those unwilling to hear the truth.

    It is my hope that as the number of voices in unison against this fascism increase, we will drown out the globalist/corporatist cabal and reach a turning point where real change can be enacted. At some point, we must gain a foothold into the national broadcast media and with the aristocracy that controls it. Without that pulpit, we will always be marginalized by the corporate media and government as conspiracy theorists, anarchists, and terrorists.

    Don’t fool yourselves. We are already being monitored. Our emails, phone calls, and communications on this very website are being scrutinized by the NSA, CIA, and FBI. They can track us via GPS or cellular triangulation, and can remotely turn on our cell phones and use them as bugs against us all without a warrant.

    Once the police state is fully active, we will be subjected to “random” searches, harassment, torture, and assassination. They have already claimed it is their duty to do these things in the name of protecting us. The question is no longer if they will do these things, the question now is when will they do them and what will be your response.

    “I’m a soldier, I serve my country. But this is not my country. I was lying out there bleeding to death, thinking, if I die now, I leave nothing to my children but shame.” – Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, from the movie Walküre/Valkyrie

    What sort of country are we leaving for our children?

    Will they praise our values and virtue, or will they carry our shame?

    It is time to decide just who you are and what you believe in and support. No more lesser of two evils, because that is still a vote for evil. Demand real choice, or demand your freedom from their system of corruption. To do less and continue the status quo, is to betray your own future and the future of your kin.

    • Superbly expressed Woody.

      Congratulations on your move to a rural situation. May you and your family survive to a greater degree than most.

      In these times trust no one other than yourself. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  11. Yep Doug and people are going to get a lot angrier in time.

    Visualize where everyday sounds like the 4th of July after dark and there’s a red glow against the horizon as cities burn. I’m not joking either. Our elected crimpols in D.C. have sown the wind, unfortunately “We the People” shall reap the mighty whirlwind for their traitorous duplicity in high places. There is to be no redemption for a people that have fallen asleep at the wheel of life. We’re getting the government we deserve in spades.

    “To be forewarned is to be forearmed” …Miguel Cervantes

    Carl Nemo **==

      • No need to ‘burp’ my friend in thought. I understand, but it’s true; shy of a sorely needed revolution to overturn corporate hegemony over this land, we’re seemingly doomed to serfdom…burp! : D

        Nemo **==

        p.s. It’s high time to rush the perimeter”… no.?! : |

    • At the moment, I’m not sure we have one. That’s the problem. The only viable alternative that I can see is fundamental change to the system, if such a change is possible.

      • End the Fed. End the Imperialism. Back to the Constitution. Back to sound money and true free markets. Back to individual liberty and self-determination. Back to the future.

        • Although I concur wholeheartedly Griff, it ain’t going happen good buddy.

          Our government as well as our general populace have been reduced to a “Tower of Babel” situation with everyone pulling in different directions, each having their selfish agendas first and foremost on their minds.

          We don’t need no stinkin’ liberty, self-determination, sound money and free markets. The people prefer endless access to credit via their cards and so too our government selling worthless bonds to gullible investors worldwide all hoping to get their money back although it’s being ever shrunk in value by the Fed~ U.S.Treasury’s unholy axis of ‘legal’ counterfeiting.

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Yeah I know. But that’s the solution, to start.

            People ask for solutions and then find every excuse under the sun why they can’t get behind them.

            But hey, what does this amateur know any way?

          • Part of the process is changing the dialog in Washington. Too long have the two parties maintained tight control of the “debate.” You can’t change the mindset without first changing the dialog.

          • The debate is already changing… less and less are being said about the benchmark issues of the last 30 years (abortion, etc) as the focus is turning toward the more holistic direction our country should be headed in and the type of people we need to install in office to make it happen.

            This is a development we need to nurture and help define.

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