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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Foolish candidates and the foolish who follow them

Sharron Angle: Another part of a political fruit salad

This was the election years when the people’s anger was supposed to rise up and take back our government.

Instead, the inmates are taking over the asylum and electing who defy logic and turn out to be embarrassments.

If the trend continues, we will come out of campaign 2010 in worse shape than ever.

Look at what the people have given us so far:

Rand Paul, son of Ron, the candidate of both the Tea Party, the man who got into eye doctor school without a college degree and wants to return America to the dark ages when whites ruled and blacks knew their place;

–Sharron Angle, another Tea Party favorite and who might blow the Republican Party‘s best chance to unseat Senate Majority Leader and casino bagman Harry Reid of Nevada. Angle is so far out there that even the rapid right wing is ducking for cover;

Alvin Greene, the South Carolina Senate candidate who came out of nowhere as the Democratic choice and represents a non-existent IQ and no knowledge of issues is no disqualification when it comes to winning elections.  Still, he is a candidate who can run on his record — a criminal one — proving that some candidates can run for office as crooks while others leave and head straight for jail.

The list goes on and on: Ben Quayle, son of Dan, the GOP congressional candidate who wrote for the raunchy gossip web site, TheDirty.Com, using the pen name “Brock Landers,” the name of a porn star character in the film “Boogie Nights; and too many candidates who lied about serving in Vietnam, claimed military medals they never received or padded their resumes.

If these “candidates of the masses are an example of what happens when the people speak, then the people need to shut up. A political system that gives us Sarah Palin is hopelessly flawed.

What makes all this even more scary is the number of brain-damaged followers that voted for these folks and continue to support them in a cult-like manner.

No wonder this country is in trouble.

(Edited on Aug. 19)

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39 thoughts on “Foolish candidates and the foolish who follow them”

  1. It is fun to laugh at the lack of polish of some of the latest candidates, who we would love to have entertain us with brilliant oratory and keep us rapt with clever insight. (Much as I dislike his policies, Obama is generally nice to listen to and sounds a heck of a lot more intelligent than George Bush. ) But maybe it isn’t rocket science to balance a budget and not spend money the country doesn’t have. My eight year old has a better handle on the ills of government largess than the so-called “intellectual elite” sucking up valuable air in Congress. If Sharon Angle and Sarah Palin can sit on their hands and stop trying to “fix” everything, I’d happily take their peas over the brilliant and accomplished Harry Reid and Nazi Pelosi.

  2. [quote]every so often, they manage to do something decent, if not brilliant.[/quote]

    Yes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    [quote]Even Sarah Palin manages to say something reasonable every so often.[/quote]

    Highly doubtful.

    We had a chance to elect Ralph Nader. What happened?

    • I agree, Nader is and was a voice of reason. Just not the reason The Mob needs or wants to maintain power. That’s my point: Reason-able candidates don’t have a chance of getting past the media mob. I read somewhere that 60% of voters didn’t know who Nader was in his 2004 Presidential run. Then again, I don’t believe a lot of polls, either.

  3. It’s all the GMO’s in the food supply… we’re all losing brain cells, thanks to our government being in bed with Monsanto. . 😉

  4. By the way, I meant to add that I have direct experience with TV stations and networks giving discounted air-time to “favorable” candidates while pricing reformers and rational people running for office out of the game. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to prove (in a courtroom) when the mobsters run that arena, too.

  5. Howard Hirsh, whadaya got against ashtrays? I think they’re rather clever gadgets, personally.

    Woody, I think you hit it outa the park. If the only choice we have is between the evil and the crazy-stupid, I’ll take crazy-stupid ’cause every so often, they manage to do something decent, if not brilliant. Even Sarah Palin manages to say something reasonable every so often.

    The con artists, thieves, racists, murderers and liars that run both parties, the media (their propaganda division) and the government have no redeeming qualities at all, unless you happen to live in Hell. Everyone knows it and most are in agreement as to who the real problem-kids are. I’m not convinced that Americans as a whole are complete idiots, but my years in the TV biz have taught me how The Chosen Mob manipulates opinion by creating and sponsoring people like Palin. The strategy is simple: Control both sides of the debate. Keep the masses fighting each other like a Jerry Springer episode so that we’ll be too distracted (or entertained) or confused to get to the real problem. Keep stories front and center that promote your agenda, bury the ones that don’t. (the anti-Mosque / anti Muslim as an example) Give the megaphone to candidates who are easily manipulated and/or discarded if they stray too far from your agenda. And most importantly, CONTROL THE MONEY SUPPLY, both in a microeconomic and macroeconomic sense.

    I think the answer is simple: Don’t believe what you see on TV. It’s not real, it only LOOKS real. I guess I’ve realized I agree with Doug, our system IS broken. But only if you believe what Our Masters want you to believe. We may have some really rough times ahead, but I think we’ll sort it out if we learn to fix the small things and let the Mobsters hang themselves.

    • It’s like John Prine’s song, Spanish Pipe-dream:

      “Blow up your Tv,
      Throw away your paper,
      Go to the country,
      and build you a home.
      Plant a little garden,
      Eat a lot of peaches,
      and try to find Jesus,
      On your own.”

      • LOL, that is essentially what I am doing. Moved onto 5 acres out in the middle of no where beginning of August. Have plans for a 1 acre garden and 1 acre orchard, and have 2 acres set aside for livestock. Micro-farming is a blast. Finally using my college education. I was in the College of Agriculture at Ohio State.

        I spent two weeks with no internet or television and it was one of the best two weeks I’ve ever had. No kidding.

        If anyone knows of someone looking to move to Columbus, Ohio, I have a bi-level for sale in the city.

        • In spite of being a Wolverine from U. Mich, I like your comments, Woody. I too live in the boonies (of Montana) after years of west-coast cities. I own a house in Nashville, too, since I need to make some money, occasionally, but necessity is the only reason I go back East…..

  6. Voting for rich globalist Republicans and Democrats has brought us to this place we find ourselves ensnared. We fight between the false right/left paradigm keeping our country divided while they train the military to detain us indefinitely as terrorists.

    Maybe these candidates are foolish, but they aren’t rich globalist scumbags selling us little people out to international bankers. Maybe that’s all the difference that is needed.

    We assume voting even works since it didn’t in 2000 when the Supreme Court usurped our right to choose and in 2004 when Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell rigged the election for Junior. Don’t tell me I’m crazy, I saw it first hand here in Ohio. It can and has happened here.

    Why do wars in the Middle East continue?

    Why do the twin deficits continue to increase even when they have been cited as one of the greatest threats to our nation?

    Why do we allow a private bank to issue our money and lend it to our government at interest? All our Federal taxes now collected only go to pay interest on debt. None of it goes to anything else, not infrastructure, not military, not bureaucratic paychecks, it ALL GOES TO DEBT SERVICE!

    Why is greed good?

    Why can corporations contribute unlimited funds to candidates, while real people are limited to the amounts they may contribute?

    Why do we allow multinational corporations to sell products inside our country made with slave labor from other countries and send jobs from our country to other countries that abuse basic human rights?

    Why does our President order assassinations of people including US citizens?

    Why doesn’t our Federal government protect it’s own citizens from Mexican gangs and Israel’s IDF and Mossad?

    Am I crazy and foolish for asking these questions?

    • Hi miinimalist…

      Learn to luv it good buddy/gal… : ) Sites where all the exchange is always sympatico is boring…boring…! We need to tip a few tables from time to time.

      We have some great threads ranging from ” no comment” to feisty threads on this site, but all are above average… I guarantee! Hopefully at the end of the day we can all tip a few, chomp down a burger and throw some darts, still all friends in thought…no? : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  7. Doug, must say it’s good to see you participating again in controversial topics. I’ve long admired your ability to instigate a good discussion with a carefully crafted yet controversial position statement. Keep it up!


  8. (Who IS this “griff” idiot…jeeezus).

    Doug, I couldn’t agree with you more. The group you mentioned has the collective IQ of an ashtray. Wasn’t is Shakespear that said the masses are asses? Sarah and the rest you mentioned prove it. The answer might be to require a least a college degree to vote. From what I’ve seen, the rancid masses are eating this crap up and that’s what it is – pure crap. I have to stop before I get an aneurism.

    • Griff, what’s going on with you? You never used to be this bitter and contentious. I always enjoyed your posts, even when I disagreed with them. This is Doug’s playhouse. If you don’t like it, please, feel free to build your own somewhere else (since you are so accomplished with computers and all). He has the freedom to speak as he pleases here, whether we agree or not. That’s a fact that I defend. He owns it, he can do what he pleases with it. Simple as that. It’s like the old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.” It all comes down to manners, really.

  9. I’m not wild about Angle for the Senate, but I’d take a candidate who is willing to stand for something other than their perceived God-given right to suck at the government teat over a classless sellout. Of more concern to me is how the middle has simply disappeared, apparently along with the common sense of the nation as a whole.

    I flip channels between the OlberMaddMathews channel and the O’HannityBeck channel and wonder what in the hell is wrong with this country. I keep hoping that somewhere out there – there are people who: don’t give a damn if gay people marry; don’t get bent out of shape if someone burns a flag; don’t get their panties in a wad about the environment; who think the poor deserve their fair shake; but also don’t agree that giving the poor a fair shake means screwing people who have earned their wealth; and who believe that when the government gets larger, individual liberties shrink … Where is that party? Sign me up.

  10. Democracy is a system of checks and balances bassed on the assumption that all of humankind is scum. Someone once said that democracy is the worst form of government that can be imagined, but it is better than all other forms of government. We are left with no other alternative than playing the game with the hand we have been delt.

  11. My all time favorite bumper sticker says: “Don’t vote it only encourages them”.

    Along every freeway entry and exit we have “vote for me” signs by a bunch aspirants all too eager to be enfranchised by the people through the ballot box, so they too can get their snouts in the public trough.

    After this Obama & Co. debacle, my wife and I have resigned ourselves to simply vote on levy issues etc., but will refrain from embracing candidates. They all lie from local to Federal level. It seems to be part and parcel to politics itself.

    I’ve become a 13th octave cynic relative to political candidates. Besides I’m getting too old to waste the few precious remaining years of my life hoping beyond all hope that things will turn around.

    The USS America is headed to the bottom. We’re broke, living on borrowed money, our trade deficit is an abomination while our collective leadership represent the worst possible traits to be found in humankind.

    I understand and empathize with your angst on this issue Doug.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Hey Carl, haven’t posted in quite a few blau moons but I certainly am in the same mode as you regarding the D-Crappers & Republikaners. I get quizzical looks from my Democrat neighbors, whom I love, but are bewildered when I start going off on Obomber’s complicity with PNAC policies; they think it’s different when D-Crappers do the same things as the Chimp did.

      One question off topic: do you post on any WW-II history forums? Just wondering because that is a great interest of mine and I know you are very well versed in that historical period.

      Bis Spater Herr Nemo

    • Mr. Nemo, I just honestly wish I could disagree with you, however, you are absolutely correct. I might add that who ever said the voters are stupid in the USA was correct. We always go for the hype and do not demand substance or proof from any candidate of either political party.

  12. Amen, Doug! Would that those you mention were the only crazies out there! Voters who have no concept of governmental processes and how they came to be, who fall for and promote outright lies by candididates and other crazies, are not just dangerous in the voting booth, but quite likely in the in the larger society.

  13. Doug, If you would like to back a candidate to oppose Obama in the next election, I would suggest the former governor of Virginia, Mark Warner. He is smart, and has experience in government and in business. What he has, that Obama does not, is CREDITABILITY. I think he would be able to unite most liberals and conservatives. I don’t think there is a single Republican who has these qualifications. Mitt Romney would make a credible president, but the Republican right would never nominate him.

    • As Virginia’s governor, Warner raised taxes in Virginia after promising not to and has lied consistently about his support for the 2nd Amendment. Virginia has two lousy Senators Webb and Warner. Both have voted for every insane bill that has been proposed by the extreme left. It is time for both to go from elected office.

      • Yeah I see you deleted my response to you on the other article. What’s the problem? You can dish it out but can’t eat it yourself?

        • What the hell are you talking about? I haven’t deleted anything.

          Or maybe your browser was loading an older page from cache. It happens sometimes.

          (Comment edited)

          • Yeah I guess my fifteen years in the computer business has left me completely clueless as to how to surf the web properly. And I guess I was delusional when my response disappeared then miraculously reappeared after you edited your original comment to pre-emptively answer mine.

            I guess being the editor does have its advantages. Like trying to make people look stupid. Sorry, but it doesn’t work with me. I’m no amateur.

            Yeah, the country’s in trouble. And it ain’t because of people like me, it’s because of people like you.

            • I don’t have to make you look stupid. You managed that all on your own. I edited my response after your comment was posted. Then I posted that I answered it. There was nothing sinister about that, expect perhaps in your own mind.

              When it comes to politics, you are — in my opinion an amateur. When it comes to computers, I have no idea of your expertise because I don’t know you and you’re like so many others here who choose to keep your identity and background a secret from others on this site. I know your name because we have corresponded by email but your only responses lately to what I write is sarcasm, spite and attacks and that does not invite, encourage or leave room for reasonable debate

              I put my opinions and feeling out there every day under my own name and on web sites where my background is available for all to see. I admit my failings and deal openly with my struggles with problems like alcoholism, unlike you who never backtracks even when proven wrong and never apologizes for attacking others, as you too often do (and if you want examples I can rehash them for all to read).

              (Comment edited)

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