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Saturday, February 24, 2024

If at first you don’t succeed, quit

Rick Kaplan promised to boost ratings at MSNBC. He didn't. So he's gone.

Rick Kaplan promised to boost ratings at MSNBC. He didn’t. So he’s gone.

Reports Broadcasting and Cable Magazine:

As expected, MSNBC President Rick Kaplan is exiting the beleaguered NBC-owned cable news network after a two-and-a-half year tenure where MSNBC made some small gains but failed to move ahead of second-placed CNN in the cable news race. 
In a note to staffers, Kaplan lauded the network’s recent gains, particularly for Hardball and Countdown, saying prime ratings are up 25%. However, recent ratings show MSNBC is still a distant third. According to May Nielsen ratings, MSNBC’s prime time audience is still half of CNN’s, with an average 322,000 viewers in prime to CNN’s 688,000. Top-rated cable news net Fox News averaged 1.3 million viewers.
NBC News President Steve Capus, who oversees the network, said in an e-mail to staff that MSNBC department heads would manage their divisions for a brief period until Kaplan’s replacement is named. One possible name under consideration is said to be NBC News executive Phil Griffin, a former MSNBC exec.
In December, NBC and Microsoft Corp, co-owners since MSNBC launched in 1995, moved to dissolve the partnership. NBC now owns a majority stake in MSNBC and plans to buy-out full ownership. The two companies continue to be 50-50 partners on MSNBC’s Website,