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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Obama’s campaign plan: Blame Republicans for everything

President Barack Obama: When in doubt, blame the GOP (AP)

President Barack Obama continued his blame game Monday, traveling to America’s heartland and saying all the failures of his administration is the fault of Republicans.

Republicans, he said, are the party of “no, we can’t.”

President Barack Obama derided his Republican adversaries on a visit to the US heartland Monday, saying their slogan for the upcoming mid-term elections was “No, we can’t.”

“You remember when I was running? We had a little slogan, ‘Yes, we can.’ These guys’ slogan is ‘No, we can’t,'” Obama declared in Wisconsin.

Obama’s campaign sqing takes him to five states in three days, hedgehopping the country from Wisconsin to California to Florida to Washington State to Ohio in a desperate attempt to drum up support for faltering Democrats facing tough mid-term elections.

Republicans, Obama claimed, systematically oppose his policies in Congress.

Continuing on his theme of “the party of ‘no,’ Obama said Republicans say: “No on closing loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. No on the tax cuts for small businesses. No on the clean energy jobs, no on railroad and highway projects. Just this weekend, the Republican leader in the Senate said, this is a quote: ‘I wish we had been able to obstruct more.’ Obstruct more! Is that even possible?”

A third of the US Senate and the entire House of Representatives are up for election this year along with governors of 37 of the 50 US states in November.

While Democrats currently hold majorities in both houses of Congress, they do not have enough of a margin in the Senate to block Republican filibusters and polls show the party is losing ground with independent voters who give them control of Congress in the last two elections.

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3 thoughts on “Obama’s campaign plan: Blame Republicans for everything”

  1. There are 35K registered lobbyists in D.C. Do the math. There are 70 lobbyists per congress member. In 2009 they spent $3,500,000,000.
    Do the math. That averages out to $6,500,000 per congress member.
    And the voters have a say?
    Our government nationalized part of the auto industry when they bailed out GM.
    Actually this was a gift for the UAW. Our government owns 60% of GM and accordingly assumed $17,000,000,000 in broken pension debt. When is Gm going to repay the debt? Where is this $17,000,000,000 that we do not have coming from?
    Obama is the President of no!
    NO to the taxpayers and tax cuts…
    NO to quality healthcare….
    NO to victory for our military…
    No to stopping the envasion on our borders…
    NO to quality SCOTUS justices…
    NO to an Iranian policy for “NO NUKES” for our sworn enemy…
    NO to oil exploration…
    No to clean coal…
    Ad infinitum…
    Our Commander-in-chief needs to lean forward in his foxhole and engage the enemies of our nation!
    As a leader one is responsible for whatever happens or fails to happen.
    Obama was misguidedly elected for a position he obviously is incapable of managing. He has no plans, only more campaign speeches about how we will feel when he is elected. He’s not a president but plays one on TV (DAILY).
    GWB is NOT the POTUS. He has not been for over a year and a half.
    Mr. B. Hussein Obama is the POTUS and has been since GWB left.
    He IS the man in charge.
    The wheels are coming off the Government Motors bus and Barry Soweto is our DRIVER!

  2. Obama did get his agenda passed. It didn’t work to create jobs. It didn’t work to stimulate the economy. It didn’t work to reduce medical costs. It didn’t work to improve healthcare. It didn’t work to protect the environment. It didn’t work to reduce the debt and deficit.

    Democrats have again proven, hopefully for the last time, that Keynesian stimulus does not work, that massive new spending does not reduce the deficit, and that government is the problem not the solution.

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