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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Quayle calls Obama ‘worst president in history’

Ben Quayle on the campaign trail (AP)

The son of former Vice President Dan Quayle unveiled a TV campaign ad Wednesday in his bid for Congress in which he calls President Barack Obama “the worst president in history” and tells Arizona voters that he wants to “knock the hell” out of Washington.

Ben Quayle’s provocative ad, aimed at voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District ahead of the Aug. 24 GOP primary, was released amid allegations that he posted items under an alias for a racy social website a few years ago.

In the campaign ad, the 33-year-old Quayle faces the camera directly and begins by saying, “Barack Obama is the worst president in history.” Quayle’s generation will “inherit a weakened country,” he says.

He goes on to implore voters to send him to Congress: “I love Arizona. I was raised right. Somebody has to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place.”

The ad was to begin airing Wednesday on Phoenix-area TV stations, and was posted on the Internet. Quayle’s campaign would not reveal the amount of the ad buy.

Quayle, who is a lawyer and managing director of a Scottsdale, Ariz., investment firm, has never held elected office. But he has emerged as the top fundraiser in the crowded field of 10, and profits from name recognition that comes with being the son of Dan Quayle, the former Indiana senator and vice president under George H.W. Bush.

Recent controversy over the racy website, which was aimed at detailing Scottsdale’s nightlife, has livened up the race, with Quayle’s campaign this week calling allegations that he once was heavily involved in the site a “smear of the sort that has been trafficked by several of the candidates in this campaign for months.” The campaign suggested the allegations, first reported by Politico, might have come from a publicist for one of Quayle’s competitors.

Quayle has admitted that he knew the site’s founder, Nik Richie, and once referred him to a lawyer. When asked Tuesday whether he wrote for Richie’s site, Quayle told The Associated Press that he “wrote a couple of satirical and fictional pieces for a satirical website” but that he quit doing so once the website shifted its editorial direction away from satire.

Quayle said he couldn’t recall what his posts involved or when he made them.

Richie said Quayle contributed items in 2007 under the alias “Brock Landers.”

“He was the guy, that you know, people would send pictures to of hot chicks, and he would put together who he thought was that hottest girl and why,” said Richie, whose legal name is Hooman Karamian.

Quayle hopes to replace retiring Republican Rep. John Shadegg in the GOP-leaning district that covers parts of Phoenix and Scottsdale and some rural areas to the north.

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13 thoughts on “Quayle calls Obama ‘worst president in history’”

  1. “This unspeakable excuse for a President has had the f***ing nerve to keep all those campaign promises. We should hound him and all his Democratic lackeys out of office at the earliest opportunity.

    IMPEACH HIM NOW!! Before he has the chance to keep another promise.”

    I am pleased that I can finally agree with you on something. I do not celebrate diversity, rather I look for what we have in common as Americans-not how we are different. Sadly I had to read through all the Bovine scatology to get to the last part. The sound of it was soooo good I got a warm fuzzy feeling.

    1) When is GM going to repay the debt? The bailout was for the UAW.

    2) As a retired infantry soldier, When we have to do a job, We use overwhelming decisive force to end a conflict as quickly as possible.We go to win, not to have a gutless politician surrender for us.

    3) Many do not have healthcare because they don’t want it. How dare B. Hussein Obama tell me I have to have it and also fund those who don’t want to purchase it. As a civilized soceity we have an obligation to help those who CANNOT help themselves. I’ll be darned if we have to help those who WILL NOT. Thanks FDR-LBJ and all the loyal liberals.

    4)Lilly Ledbetter is just another way to create another class of victims. You can sue for discrimination before this was passed.

    5) A closed Doughnut hole that will save money? The government has NEVER saved anyone money. All the do is take $ from the declining numbers who are actually paying the bills by paying taxes in this country (In fact a pre-requisite for the BHO cabinet is to have either not paid or cheated on your taxes). I’m tired of my government assigned dependants who don’t live with me.

    6)Va got some funding and the taxpayers got a whole lot of pork for non-VA. projects

    7)The credit card business wasn’t about financial reform or protection it is about the take over of the financial sector of this country. Franks, Dodd, Clinton and their “No potential Homeowner left behind ” is what started the whole financial debacle in the first place.

    YEP. Epic Failure we can believe in…..

    • Bovine scatology?

      You ARE a sweetheart, aren’t you, Jim? Was there anything I said thatt was not true?

      You people scream about the senseless war in Iraq and then when the politician gets us out of it you excoriate him for being a coward. I love to see the right-wing knee jerks. Love it! As a retired Air Force officer I followed orders. Perhaps in the infantry they don’t do that, but if so there’s a word for it: insubordination.

      People said the same thing about Social Security when it first started and now all you right wingers scream about its impending bankruptcy. Consistency is certainly not the word to describe the far right conservatives, is it?

      Many do not have health care because when they get sick they just go to the ER and ignore the bills. I pay for that. And I resent it. If you promise not to get health care when you are sick you can eschew the insurance. Otherwise. . . .

      Your understanding of the Lilly Ledbetter Act is flawed, tragically flawed. It closed a loophole that allowed corporations to plead a statute of limitations on their discriminatory pay decisions, completely avoiding responsibility for illegal acts of discrimination. The idea that the act created a class of victims is so unbelievable I can only assume you got it from good old Rush Limbo.

      I stand by what I said on the doughnut hole. Seniors are saving millions of dollars on inflated drug costs, inflation caused by the prior administration which REFUSED to dicker with the drug companies to reduce drug costs.

      The VA was fully funded for the first time in at least a decade. If we don’t take care of our veterans we are a miserable excuse for a society. If you want to throw them under the wheels of the bus that’s your bad judgment. And for your information I have not asked for a dime from the VA, nor do I have any intention of doing so, having spent 40 plus years working hard and saving and paying into retirement accounts to secure my financial future. So don’t even think of going there.

      And the stuff about the takeover of the financial sector is, like the stance on the Lilly Ledbetter Act, too ludicrous to contemplate. Ask all the people who benefitted from that law if they think it did anything except help protect them from the ruthless practices of the banking industry.

      The real epic failure here is in the failure of the right wingers to see that they are not in control and, hopefully, never will be again. They certainly did their share to bring us great pain and suffering.

  2. Yep. Worst President ever.

    Ask the employees of General Motors, which has posted billions of dollars in profits in the last two quarters and which appears ready to take its stock public. The US, which owns a 60 percent share in the new company, stands to make billions of dollars on the IPO.

    Epic FAILURE!

    Ask the combat grunts in Iraq, who are coming home at the end of this month. They’ll tell you that they want to stay there in that hellhole for the rest of their lives.

    Another epic FAILURE.

    Ask the people who have suffered for years without health care, who can see on the immediate horizon the chance to achieve a better life through going from sick to healthy.

    Yet another epic FAILURE!!!

    Ask the women who have benefited from the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which gives them the right to sue to overturn discriminatory pay decisions.

    Yes. another EPIC FAILURE.

    Ask the senior citizens who can now be assured that the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” is being closed, saving them potentially thousands of dollars each on their prescription medicines.


    Ask the veteran who has benefited from Obama’s successful push to fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs, providing much-needed funding for our defenders of liberty.

    YES! Just another EPIC FAILURE!

    Ask the holders of credit cards who have been protected by new financial rules that severely restrict the amounts of late charges banks charge.

    Dare I say it again: EPIC FAILURE.

    This unspeakable excuse for a President has had the f***ing nerve to keep all those campaign promises. We should hound him and all his Democratic lackeys out of office at the earliest opportunity.

    IMPEACH HIM NOW!! Before he has the chance to keep another promise.

  3. Worthy aspirations of going to D.C. and “knocking the hell out of the place”.
    You cannot fall into a cess pool without getting some on you and getting used to the stench!
    Jimmy Carter has to love Barack Hussein Obama because he knows that he is no longer our worst president. I think Mr. Quayle’s summation of this president is right on target…Fire for effect.
    I guess I’m a racist for criticizing the “Annointed One’s policies” If he actually has any that is.

    • If Mr Obama has no policies . . according to you last sentence then why the condescension. Is not a do nothing government the right wing dream?

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