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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Bill O’Reilly: A dangerous demagogue of deceit

To put it in polite, social conversational terms: Fox News blowhard Bill O'Reilly is a lying sack of shit.

To put it in polite, social conversational terms: Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly is a lying sack of shit.

Now that I have the niceties out of the way let’s deal with what O’Reilly, known phone-sex freak and self-appointed expert on all things political and historical, really is: A lying sack of shit.


Bill O’Liar

In one of his typical shoutfests with retired general (and former Presidential candidate) Wesley J. Clark, O’Reilly, who lies just about every time he opens his mouth, repeated an incredible falsehood he uttered last year when he claimed American soldiers massacred members of the SS Panzer division at Malmedy Belgium in World War II during the Battle of the Bulge.

In fact, it was the Nazis who wantonly killed 84 American prisoners of war at Malmedy, an outrage that still stands today as a major atrocity of the war. O’Reilly, by rewriting history to fit his own warped point of view, tries to place the blame on Americans as part of an incredibly lame defense of killing of Iraqi civilians by U.S. Marines.

Like most of the verbal diarrhea that spills out of O’Reilly’s mouth, his claim insults the intelligence of anyone with an IQ above that of the average plant but a demographic survey of O’Reilly’s constantly shrinking cable TV audience would no doubt show that a vegetable intellect is normal for his viewers.

Even worse, Fox News – a joke if there ever was one in the annals of journalism – compounded the lie by rewriting the transcript of O’Reilly’s show to make it look like he said "Normandy," not "Malmedy."

The Campaign for Our America, which monitors media newscasts for accuracy and fairness, captured what O’Reilly really said on the air and passed the video on to news organizations who helped reveal O’Reilly’s and Fox’s lies.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who never misses a chance to bash O’Reilly for his many mistakes and gaffes, shook with rage Thursday night as he responded to the Fox loudmouth’s latest insult to facts and truth.

I don’t blame Olbermann for his anger. I share it. O’Reilly is a disgrace to the news profession, if one can call what he or Fox does "professional" in any sense of the word.

Yet he is all-too-typical of the conservative loudmouths and blowhards who feed the misinformation channels of the rabid right-wing, fueling their misguided passions with misstatements and inaccuracy to further their extremist causes.

Whether it is a phone-sex freak like O’Reilly, a pill-popping junkie like Rush Limbaugh, a homophobe like Mike Savage or an egomaniacal hothead like Sean Hannity, the conservatives flock to these charlatans like flies to shit – and shit is just what they are.  They are extremist demagogues, peddling hate, bigotry and intolerance to the ignorant – the same cadre of the uninformed that gave us George W. Bush and the GOP "leadership" of Congress.

They represent the worst that society can dredge up from the depths of a system rotting from within from the cancer of corruption, the infection of greed and the psychosis of control.

They must be stopped but they will not be stopped until those who use their brains as more than a receptacle of propaganda step forward to return control of this nation to the people.