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Friday, December 8, 2023

Kerry fudges on yacht tax dodge


Sen. John Kerry says he always intended to pay taxes in Massachusetts on his $7 million yacht but concedes he mishandled the public furor over his decision to dock the vessel in tax-free Rhode Island.

John Kerry's Yacht (AP)

Kerry tells The Boston Globe that he doesn’t believe he dealt with the issue quickly enough or effectively enough. He added that he did nothing legally wrong.

The Democrat moved to end the controversy this week by saying he would write Massachusetts a check for about $500,000, whether he owed the money or not. He told The Associated Press that he and his wife “have always complied with tax laws.”

The 2004 Democratic presidential nominee had been dogged by charges of tax evasion since the Boston Herald first reported his decision to dock the yacht in Rhode Island.

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3 thoughts on “Kerry fudges on yacht tax dodge”

  1. A description of many Capitol Hill Blue commenters:

    Long on character assassination; short on character.

    Another way of putting it: scurrilous sh*tmongers

  2. This story has been huge in Massachusetts since the hoi polloi are getting jammed up daily with this poster child for tax and spend. When confronted on this issue the Senate gigolo has been doing a song and dance that would cause envy by Gene Kelly. The biggest hoot for me is when this elitist bangs away from reporters and doesn’t fasten his seat belt! And he does manage to toss the bride under the bus or is that keel in an attempt to excuse his behavior.

    As far as nothing wrong this character is a lying POS since the boat has made several visits to Massachusetts ports before the six month docking in R.I. Lapsed – hence he is responsible for the tax. Which he (Theresa) will now pony up.

    Now he gets this toy built in New Zealand. Huh? The very legislation that allowed him to go tax free in R.I. has been a boom to the boating industry in that state. Can’t find a builder in R.I. or the U.S.?

  3. “saying he would write Massachusetts a check for about $500,000, whether he owed the money or not”.
    Sort’a like three Purple Hearts I guess, use them to get home wether he earned them or not!

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