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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Time to throw out the Democratic trash

Failed President Barack Obama: Time to go (Reuters)

Failed President Barack Obama promised change in Washington. What he delivered is more of the same.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised to drain the swamp. Now the House’s boss bitch is drowning in her party’s own swamp of corruption, ethical lapses and lies.

Democrats got another shot at running things in Washington. The only thing they ran was another scam on voters.

It’s time to throw out he Democratic trash, sending them to the compost pile to join their equally-corrupt Republican brethren. We can start in a few months at the mid-term elections but the process won’t be complete until we purge Obama and his cabal of miscreants from the White House in 2012.

These cretins are beyond redemption, driven by their own greed, lust for power and lack of concern for the real problems that face this nation and the poor sap voters who trusted them with the keys to the government.

Leaked documents from the nation’s failed Afghan war effort shows the Obama administration — like those that preceded it — lied to the American people about what was really happening in the conflict that is now “Obama’s war,” an effort that he promised would make this nation more secure.

Why should be be surprised that Obama lied? He’s just another corrupt, lying son-of-a-bitch who said anything to get into office and then turned his back on the very people who put him there. His promised “transparency” was a lie just like the promises by Princess Pelosi to clean up Congress.

Under Democratic leadership, Congress remains a cesspool. Pelosi proved her true attention when she tried to install criminally-corrupt John Murtha as her number two in power when the Democrats took over in 2006. Even other Democrats balked at that one. Her inaction over slimeball Charlie Rangal is just another example of how Democrats care for their own criminal kind while telling the American public to go fuck itself.

Replacing one party of political hacks is not the answer. Republicans and Democrats are out of control and so is the system that allows them to destroy this country.

The system must be replaced and unless that happens soon it will be too late to save a failing nation called the United States of America.

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33 thoughts on “Time to throw out the Democratic trash”

  1. Government controls nothing. Money controls everthing. But, I don’t know which scares me more, the thought of money controlling the government or the thought of government contolling the money.

  2. I wonder how many posters have been banned from Doug’s site for throwing the F bomb? PLENTY!!!

    It’s over the HILL…and BLUE in the face faux rage… Seriously Doug, take your own advise and retire…You are so TIRED…

  3. “Time to throw out the Democratic trash”…headline

    The real question might be when do we throw out the statutes, possibly even the system that supports our nightmarish paradigm that we must now collectively suffer…?

    It’s no longer Dems vs. Repubs, but the question is how do we rid ourselves of this vermin and survive as a nation…? : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. My father used to tell me: “One of the great mysteries of the world is why there are more horses tails than horses heads”.
    Once again Dad was right!!!!!

  5. Doug: An additional P.S. from the above: We have become a corporate entity, not the original united states of America, since 1871. All states are corporations as well as cities, and counties. The original intent has been usurped by legal manipulations as we slept in a comotose condition.

  6. Doug: I quit reading your web sites when you were pitching our current nutjob as the savior to all our problems from face it, ………., the last century of incompetent liars, to a lesser degree with the Kennedy administration.
    I don’t know why I went on this particular site today, but it is refreshing to see you are smelling the rats — ALL of them, regardless of party. I’m hoping you don’t default to the usuals when the election frenzy heats up. The republic is broken.
    The first thing to remedy the situation is to eliminate the corporate ability to have rights, which sometimes exceed the rights of natural flesh and blood citizens of the ‘several states’. Also eliminate the ability of lawyers and their cabal [the bar] to hold office [13th amendment] and to enrich themselves with hip pocket legislation. Another couple thoughts bandied about is that only one subject item per piece of legislation, and next that all legislation passed shall equally affect all Americans….including the elite ruling class.
    Thanks, for letting a redneck vent in Colorado, and welcome back to gravity, Doug.

  7. We’ve had a slow boil right-wing corporatist coup for the past 30 or so years, starting with Nixon, accelerating to Reagan and completed by Bush I, II’s gutting of the checks and balances/civil liberties, development of an unaccountable civilian intelligence machine, stacking of “regulators” with industry crones, institutionalized Goebel’s level talk radio hate machine and and the fleecing of the treasury under the guise of TARP. Fascism by any other name is still fascism and it didn’t come from the Left. Obama probably checked into the White House with all of the right intentions and found the horse’s head in his bed. No other answer as to why he’s so feckless.

    • Unless the puppet masters perceived Obama to be more of a ‘team player’ than McCain. My guess. But no doubt he got the horse’s head.

      • Just more easily defend-able via the “race card.” It’s much more taboo in our society than the “respect your elders/POW” and “woman’s suffrage” cards. Truth is anyone that isn’t with the puppet masters never gets a change to be a front runner for either major party. They don’t even get invited to the primary debates unless it’s to make them look like buffoons ala Ron Paul.

        Never forget McCain and Giuliani laughing and smirking at Ron Paul while he warned us of the coming banking crisis. Totally disrespectful, and totally pushed by the mainstream media. Then FOX didn’t even invite him, preferring to invite Fred Thompson, even though Ron Paul was the top fund raiser at the time. Outrageous!

        • Oh and the Greens, Libertarians, and Constitution party candidates were so used to being shunned by the mainstream media, they held there own debate amongst themselves. Not that anyone bothered to notice but us that actually care about our country and seeing the best people in charge of it.

  8. The minute Obama hired the Israeli Mafia for his cabinet, everyone knew it was “business” as usual. If you want to get to the real source of corruption in this country, start with that “other” so-called country and their capos here.

    • The problem is not exclusive to this country alone. These people want to dominate the world through the money supply and banking system. It is the New World Order.

  9. An alledged pervert has a good prescription for what ails “We the People”.

    “I’m Starting With The Man In
    The Mirror

    I’m Asking Him To Change
    His Ways

    And No Message Could Have
    Been Any Clearer

    If You Wanna Make The World
    A Better Place

    Take A Look At Yourself, And
    Then Make A Change”

    By Michael Jackson

    In reality…given our system of government, how else is the system going to be changed? WE (individuals) have to place brutal expectations and make accountability a mandate with our elected officials. We’re quickly coming to the end of our rope.

    The Washington Royalty is gonna take us down…no doubt about it. Monarchies just don’t work for the benefit of the people they rule.

  10. John F. Kennedy held a dinner in the white House for a group of the
    brightest minds in the nation at that time. He made this statement:
    “This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to
    gather at one time in the White House with the exception of
    when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

    Jefferson knew the banks and corporations would have to much power and control over the peoples government. JFK did away with the Federal Reserve and someone did away with JFK.

  11. I don’t mind sounding like a broken record, so, once again, I propose a restructuring of the rules for federal government office holding:

    Every elected official should serve only one, three year term in office without possibility of re-election to that, or any other, federal office. Judicial appointments should be restricted to a similar 3 year term, and this would include the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. In the event of evidence of malfeasance, an immediate trial by jury should take place and if found guilty, the official should lose his office and forfeit all monies paid to date as well as any accrued benefits. Any retirement benefits should be the same as accorded to the average employee of any average company, and should be the social security that everyone in the business world receives, no more and no less.

    I could go on and on, restricting foreign travel to one, two week trip in the three year term of office, and domestic travel to be made on either public airlines in economy class or military planes IF they are headed to the official’s destination.

    We need to halt the Imperial Congress as well as the alleged supremacy of the Executive and Judiciary branches of our government. Take away the perks and the overpayments and perhaps we can find some honest, hard-working American citizens who will serve our country.

    An alternative posed by a friend of mine would be to draft citizens to serve in the respective offices using some sort of national lottery. Anyone could enter the drawings by paying a small fee, say ten or twenty dollars, and presenting a minimum of a high school education. Drug tests would be used to screen the applicants, etc. etc. etc.

    We can’t get much worse than we already have, and perhaps we might finally get something better.

  12. Thanks Warren for what I class as a brilliant summation concerning the order of the day. I’m glad you included the Libertarians and Tea Party as a facade: I.E., round-heeled whores that will the serve the same major players as usual in this sick “faux” political game.

    “Same masters, same results = insanity” …Albert Einstein slightly modified

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. The sources of power determine who is elected. Rupert Murdock’s media machines and Diebold’s voting machines decide the matter. Who gets elected? The puppets of their masters.

    It’s time to realize a brutal truth. That is, our federal government has become nothing but a facade for the power that controls it. Our government provides the legitimacy for enacting the wishes of its masters, sanctifying their masters’ outrageous usurpations.

    It matters nil whether Democrats or Republicans or Libertarians or Tea Party’rs are the front men for the facade. Nor does it matter that the facade resembles a democratic republic or a democratically elected parliament. Same masters, same results.

    I wish I knew the solution.


  14. Ugh, I’m self-irritated when I do this! “crowed” should read “crowd”, re: third paragraph. The reason? I take the time to write something thoughtful and I ruin it with a “proofread” typo; or am I just gettin’ plain ‘ignernt’ and don’t know how to spell it? That is the question tonight my friends in thought.

    Carl Nemo**==

  15. More “good cop/bad cop” partisanship dichotomy bull-hooey.
    They are BOTH corrupt.

    The American populace have been intentionally given the finger, right up in their faces.

    If this is to truly be remedied, ALL incumbents must go and we should audit the Fed as soon as possible. Remove those in office who have been preventing this audit and replace them with “real” Americans.

    • You’ve called it spot-on again Eve. But, will the American electorate make that change; not only no, but hell no?! They are too much under the hypnosis of “consumerism” gone bad! Many if not most of the biggest whiners don’t vote and those with “fire in the belly” continually get roped as dopes voting for an illusion; I.E., one of more of the ‘Duopolist Party’.

      All the average, “serfs”; ie., taxpaying U.S. citizens have on their collective mind is to “shop until they drop”. As long as there’s no incursion on this last remaining, but skewed ‘right’ in their minds, then there will be no change. This country has simply been reduced to a “consumeristic feedlot”.

      A factoid: 80million Americans are on antidepressants and no doubt other add-on drugs too. Saving “the Republic” is farthest from their minds and is surley eclipsed by the latest sale or crowed pleasing event whereever… : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Concur fully with one nitpick.
      The finger did not go right up in their faces.
      It went somewhere else, somewhere it often goes.

      Audit the Fed. Then close its books. Then disband it. Congress can issue money directly for infrastructure repair and for green energy projects for starters. This money would be backed by the completed infrastructure projects. Windmill farms. Highways. Bridges. Hiking trails. Port modernization. Modernize the electrical grid. Let private contractors do all the work. Let private contractors manage the infrastructure where necessary and provide repair and maintenance. Where feasible turn over the completed projects to private business to operate and maintain. Think outside the box. But get us away from the damn FED and insist that Congress coin (print) money as the Constitution demands.

  16. Fine Doug.” Throw the bums out,” but replacing them with the GOP ass***** who got us in most of the mess would do nothing. So where in your article is there a valid suggestion? Other than closing down the whole sysyem and starting over ? Most Americans are sick of both sides. They both pander to their base and will do anything other than “change the system”mto get reelected. Did you actually believe that once the Dems regained contrl that they would clean up the system. After Bush’s and the Supreme’s assault on our liberties why would any Prez give up that power??
    FYI most of the Afghanistan intel leaked pertains to events before it became “Obama’s War” It was W’s war for 9 years and now after only 18 months it’s as if Obama adpoted W’s bastard and now has to pay child support.
    As was said about Nixon’s dad, ” GHWB should’ve practiced instant withdrawal in 1946.”
    Hopefully the next meteor strike is on the horizon. In 1,000,000 years as the next humans emerge from the ooze perhaps they will be created a better image of God/allah/Jehova.

  17. Good column. I believe the degradation process is far too advanced, the welfare and entitlement system too entrenched, to allow for meaningful change. Little will change until the system collapses under its own weight of corruption. The shock waves of such collapse will be far more unpleasant than most imagine. Farewell to what once was a great nation that now is, apart from its still potent military, only a fraction of its former self.

    • “apart from its still potent military”

      This would be the trillion dollar a year military that has not been able to “pacify” Iraq and is losing badly in Afghanistanf? What a waste of lives and money.

      As for the “welfare and entitlement system”? Say what you mean. Welfare is a drop in the bucket. Do you really mean Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid? Would you keep funding the military at the current obscene levels while cutting “entitlements” and putting old people out in the streets?

      I agree that the system is corrupt from top to bottom, and most likely the only way out is to rebuild after a complete system crash. Be warned however that spending on the military will be the last to be cut. You’ll get your wish regarding “entitlement” programs soon enough.

      I’m not sure this ever was a great nation as 200 years of propaganda insists. It is a nation born by way of genocide and slavery.

      • Kent, you said it perfectly. That is EXACTLY how it is in this country. It’s a mirage, never really was what it claimed to be. We need to face that and do something different.

  18. Replacing one corrupt form of government with anouther will not solve the problim any more than replacing one party with anouther. The source of the corruption must be attacked and eliminated.

    • “The source of the corruption must be attacked and eliminated.”

      Eliminate basic human greed? How do you go about that? I agree Obama is the biggest disappointed ever. He’s dishonest and has demonstrated over and over that he’s completely gutless.

      I think what we need is an independent third party growing from the grassroots up. The established parties have, historically, been nothing more than the lesser of two evils.

      Writing out congressmen does NOTHING. Calling congressmen does NOTHING. We need something new and different. Something that comes from the people and not from Wall Street and or coporate conglomerates.

      I’m so fed up with this system of bullshit I could spit. Electing republicans to replace a democratic leadership would be the disaster of the century. It HAS to be a third party candidate.

      I don’t see a potential candidate out there that I’d trust with my car keys let alone my government.

      • Ha. Join the club.

        We don’t need some thing new and different, we need some thing that’s tried and true. America is the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      • You can’t eliminate greed but you can eliminate its influence on our government by public campaign funding only.

  19. You are right in a way. A Parliamentary system might be better, but the writers of the Constitution didn’t have many models to emulate. The Senate Filibuster system is preventing meaningful action to take place. In a Parliamentary system, the legislature chooses the leader, and deposes him if they lose confidence in him or her. We could still have a President as a figurehead. Perhaps, if the filibuster rule was modified, things could get done.

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