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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Dennis Kucinich for President

This is a call to arms for Democrats, those of you who know our country is headed down the toilet and who hope to see a pulse in their party’s Presidential hopefuls. Hillary Clinton has unquestionably shown that she has the balls, Barrack Obama the charisma, and John Edwards the heart, but the only candidate in the race for President in 2008 that is right on the important issues of the day is Dennis Kucinich. I heartily endorse him and will vote for him.

This is a call to arms for Democrats, those of you who know our country is headed down the toilet and who hope to see a pulse in their party’s Presidential hopefuls. Hillary Clinton has unquestionably shown that she has the balls, Barrack Obama the charisma, and John Edwards the heart, but the only candidate in the race for President in 2008 that is right on the important issues of the day is Dennis Kucinich. I heartily endorse him and will vote for him.

Like many Americans, I have thought that the field of candidates on both sides of the aisle has looked dismal for a long time. The “viable” candidates fight each other to show how electable they are, raising large sums of money and avoiding all “third rail” issues like the plague. Dennis Kucinich alone has staked out clear, unequivocal and honest positions. The darling to the right, Ron Paul tries to portray himself as the candidate of liberty, but too often he is missing for key votes or passes off his bias to the states rather than make a clear stand for equality and freedom for all.

The stand by Kucinich that got my attention was his introduction of impeachment articles against V.P. Cheney, after all the hand wringing by others in his party over tactics, Dennis had the guts to stand for what is right.

Yes I am an unrepentant liberal. I am proud of that and if you had listened to me all these elections ago we wouldn’t live in the messed up world we do today. Seriously folks, you have been paying attention to frauds and charlatans. Here are the key issues that Dennis stands for:

-Creating a single-payer system of universal health care that provides full coverage for all Americans by passage of the United States National Health Insurance Act.
-The immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq; replacing them with an international security force.
-Guaranteed quality education for all; including free pre-kindergarten and college for all who want it.
-Immediate withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
-Repealing the USA PATRIOT Act.
-Fostering a world of international cooperation.
-Abolishing the death penalty.
-Environmental renewal and clean energy.
-Preventing the privatization of social security.
-Providing full social security benefits at age 65.
-Creating a cabinet-level “Department of Peace”
-Ratifying the ABM Treaty and the Kyoto Protocol.
-Introducing reforms to bring about instant-runoff voting.
-Protecting a woman’s right to choose while decreasing the number of abortions performed in the U.S.
-Ending the war on drugs.
-Legalizing same-sex marriage.
-Creating a balance between workers and corporations.
-Ending the H1B and L1 Visa Programs
-Restoring rural communities and family farms.
-Strengthening gun control.
-Balance Between Workers and Corporations
-Environmental Renewal and Clean Energy
-Restored Rural Communities and Family Farms.

It would be difficult to find anyone, much less a candidate for President, that is as much in line with the real needs of real people, the average, above average and under average American who has to work for a living, pay for their family’s needs, support their communities, and lend a hand for those less fortunate.

With income disparity growing to obscene levels, with more and more of us unable to afford decent healthcare, with more and more of the good jobs being sent to wherever big money wants to set up shop and rape the population, we need a leader who will speak for the citizens of this country, not for the interests of the top 1% who increasingly own and run everything.

Long ago Kucinich was elected to be the youngest mayor of a major city in the U.S. and despite huge pressures to cave in he stood for the interests of the people of Cleveland. At the time he was ridiculed for opposing the sale of a municipal electricity facility. Not until years later did people realize that he was wise beyond his years and that he was right. We need leaders who can stand up to big money, and the candidate who has shown this time and time again is Dennis Kucinich.

Instead of trying to handicap the race for President trying to figure which candidate might get past the Karl rove vote suppression juggernaut, this year show that you have the guts to vote your principles. Don’t vote for someone who is second or third best. At least not in the primary election. Don’t wuss out.

By the time the millions have been spent and either tweedle dee or tweedle dum is selected as the Democratic candidate, vote for the candidate that stands for true Democratic principles, the principles that made this nation great and grateful. Come out of the political closet and stand for progressive, liberal and honest policies.

Vote for Dennis Kucinich for President.

43 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich for President”

  1. I too will be voting for Kucinich. He is not perfect, but for me he is much closer to my ideals than all other candidates.

    It seems to me that many of his ideas were what democrats used to stand for. It seems today, everything has shifted to the right so far that what used to be considered good democratic stances, no longer stands a chance of winning.

    To me Kucinich brings back those old time democratic standards and ideals. He appears to be for the average working family. He seems to understand our needs.

    As far as Iraq, and getting us out, I think he has the right idea. Even if there is no multinational force to take the place of the US, why can’t the Iraqi’s be left to fix this mess themselves? Hasn’t the US already done enough to screw up their lives?

    I hate to not clean up my own messes, or fix my own mistakes, but this Iraq debacle is just another military-industrial complex party for those top 1% of the wealthiest get to continue their rape of the world!

    So, instead of being so stupid to get in to such messes in the first place, I’d rather see a leader that has the wisdom to do what is the right thing to do: not what is best for the top 1% of the world! We should have never attacked Iraq and I’d bet that if Kucinich was our leader at the time, we would not have!

    There was a time when I was thinking about voting Obama since he had a chance to win. No longer! I will now vote for the one that is closest to my own goals! I will vote Kucinich even if he is a write in!

  2. I like Dennis Kucinich’ stand against the war in Iraq, against the Patriot Act, and for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

    As a libertarian Democrat, I look at Kucinich as a good second choice, after Ron Paul. The way I see it, Kucinich would stay out of wars in the Middle East and would restore some important civil rights at home.

    Unfortunately, he would also institute a lot of ill-conceived government programs like mandatory “single payer” medical “insurance.” He would also further erode our right to own guns: our best defense against criminals and politicians (in the rare cases they can be distinguished from one another).

    Though these domestic programs are harmful, they pale in comparison to the worst government programs ever invented: war and empire.

  3. When the House Democrats let the Chimp have
    un-fettered control over the FISA court it is time to not be spoon fed what the corporate media is coddling as the only electable Democratic candidates. What is to lose when the Jack-Ass party turns the other cheek to the neo-cons one billion times in a row.
    The Democratic Leadership Council has to be taught a lesson, vote Kucinich.

  4. So far I’ve agreed with Kucinich more then any of the others, I’m heartened to find all this support for him here. There is a lot of feeling “to go with an obvious winner”, get the test question right, follow the main stream, etc. I think it is incumbent upon us to do the brave thing in the primary and vote for the best man rather then the best bet, then if necessary reassess for the general election. We ask our representatives to vote a conscience, which we attempt to help educate and form, rather then following the pack or vote out of fear, we need to be ready to do our part when it is our turn in the primary.

  5. Most people do not know that FDR had to be CARRIED from his wheel chair up onto podiums, in and out of vehicles, etc. The press was respectful enough to not snap photos of that.

    When FDR “walked,” it was always between his two adult sons, holding on to them and literally dragging his dead legs forward.

    So there, folks…it takes courage to overcome such adversity, and the man was lucky enough to at least have a lot of money to cover his medical expenses and daily care…not the case for tens of millions of American citizens.

    Dennis Kucinich has overcome immense odds in his life, and he never let the fact that he is not tall, or handsome or rich STOP him. WHY SHOULD IT STOP US?

  6. I disagree with your contention that “not a single post on this site advocates voting for the front runner”.

    Several posts are saying exactly that by saying that a vote for Kucinich would be wasted because he hasn’t a chance of winning. So it is clearly inferred by the people posting this sentiment that we should vote for someone who has a “chance of winning” ie: between the folks chosen by the media and the moguls as the “front-runners”.

  7. In 2004 I follwed the other Dem sheep and accepted the “more electable” candidate, John Kerry over Dean. What a scam THAT lie was.

    Today I am absolutely convinced the DK is the only viable leader who can lead the nation out of this debacle, this morass, these darkest days of cheneybushslut fascism.

    I am sick of hearing how he lacks charisma and is “too short.” Kucinich has a formidable intellect, a gutsy delivery, a great voice, and a depth of character UNMATCHED by the other pretenders. He is taller than Napoleon — and at 5’7″ is likewise taller than Truman was. John Adams and Quincy Adams were no taller than Dennis (and they lacked his great mind). Van Buren was shorter. FDR was a CRIPPLE, for chrissake…who could barely stand alone.

    So, I beg you to STOP BEING POLLUTED by these media propagandists who dismiss DK as “un-electable.” He IS ELECTABLE if WE sweep him into the WH, where he BELONGS and where he will prove to the world that he is A GIANT OF A MAN, who towers above the small-minded other pols.

  8. I like Dennis Kucinich – except for his stance on strengthening gun control. That’s why I’m crossing over and supporting Ron Paul. The two-party system is a joke anyways. Paul is amazing to listen to. He will restore your hope in America – for real. Just listen to the man.

    I wouldn’t mind a Kucinich / Paul ticket. It’s what’s best for us a country.

  9. It’s hard to disagree with most of Kucinich’s goals but on closer examination, many are really pie-in-the sky, like ‘a chicken-in-every-pot, or actually contradictory.

    For example, how do you replace our troops with an international force when there is NO international force ready, willing, or able to step in – it would take years to develop the size of international force needed. So while commendable – very unrealistic.

    Or –
    How do you expect to ‘Foster a world of international cooperation if at the same time you are immediately withdrawing from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    Finally I wonder what the implementation plans and costs look like for guaranteed quality education for all; including free pre-kindergarten and college for all who want it. And what is the definition of ‘quality’.

    Most of these goals while desirable represent what my husband calls ‘the just-nail-it-together’ mentality – sound great but there’s good reason why they’ve not already been undertaken – doing it is unbelievably complicated.

  10. Pharmaceuticals tickle Hillary’s epiglottis with the big campaign bucks from its medicine chest as well as the medical insurance pimps. Obama is making noises like the Chimp about pre-emptive bombing of Pakistan -you’d think with nearly 5 years of Bush attacking the world that we wouldn’t hear this kind of mindless dribble from
    the Jack-Ass party.

    The Corparate media as the previous poster stated is trying to convince us that Pillary Dillary Crock & General Obama Westmoreland are the Cats meow and you have got to question this, the very right wing echo machine that’s trying to get Amerika juiced up for a war with Iran.

    I’ll eat spinach & Vote for Kucinich

  11. VietnamVet, I’m not going to pretend that I know what the poll numbers of every president were. What I do know is that there is a major factor in this campaign which has previously been non-existent in previous ones – the internet. Information and attitudes travel much faster now than they ever have before. Predicting the outcome of this election based on previous trends is a bit short-sighted. Just look at how fast things have turned around for Obama. Just a month ago people thought he was the messiah. While you may not think that Kucinich can win the presidency, I’d urge you away from being so absolute in your opinion.

    Kucinich can’t win if we don’t vote for him. Let’s stop being so self-defeatist. The mainstream media tells us that the top two candidates are the only ones worth voting for. Let’s try and examine why they would want us to believe that.

    Anyone interested in supporting Dennis further should visit The 35 Percenters to see our most recent video on Dennis’ Universal Health Care plan. Peace.

  12. Nice try Art4Peace, but you have not provided anything to refute my points. Lincoln was still second on the slate, despite your comments, thus making him a very viable candidate. Clinton was a favored candidate early on, from everything I can find on the net. And you provide not one iota of evidence that either Clinton or Carter were at 1-2% early on. How about some evidence, such as links on the net to support your position? Even if by chance you find some obscure poll that so indicates, it STILL does not detract from MY point, which I restate at 3. below. I searched the net and could not find anything that indicates that either were that low. Then, your ad hominem attack stating that I do not know Dennis’ positions is an unfounded assumption on your part. You don’t know me, what I read, what I listen to, and so on. Early on, in my first post, I clearly indicated that any Democrat could find points of agreement with Dennis’ position. Assumptions are the mother of most screw ups!

    I do not plan to post further comments on this subject, so let me close this one with a few final comments:

    1. I have not posted a single negative comment on Dennis Kuncinich’s positions. If by chance he becomes a viable candidate, with a possibility of beating the GOP candidate, he would probably get my vote also.

    2. I do read and respect other opinions on this site and others I visit. I avoid ad hominem attacks, assumptions about others, and try to show respect, UNTIL someone comes on and seems to enjoy that type post.

    3. My first post on this subject simply indicated that we should vote for a candidate that has the best possibility of winning against the GOP. That is STILL my position, despite other comments posted hereon. I believe we should not take our eyes off the ball, that being, putting a Democrat in the white house.

    Take care folks and thanks for reading my comments.

  13. Hey, excellent points about Kucinich, and why he’s my got my vote. I refuse to vote for Democratic Leadership Council Coporate darlings like
    Hillary Pillary Crock & General Obama Westmoreland.

    I’ve been hearing things like, be realistic, Kuncinich dosen’t have a ghost of a chance because the electoral system is stacked in favor of the CorparteKrats, and if
    the Dems don’t regain the house, a vote for Kucinich is a vote for the Neo-Cons.

    Do you think the Democrats would have regained the house on campaign promises for non-binding resolutions to get our troops out of Iraq and silly BS like censuring the Chimp?

    Nancy Pelosi gave in to AIPAC and took out a provision in the May Iraq spending bill to require the Chimp to go to congress if he wanted to bomb Iran. So if the Chimp bombs Iran, who is to blame.

    Actions speak louder then words when Nancette Pelosi and the Jack-Ass Crats caved into the Chimp on a mandatory withdrawl date for troops on the spending bill in May.

    The Dems gave Bush the right to not have to go to the FISA court for wiretaps.

    Of course, Kuncinich never went along with any of this folly.

    The Jack-Ass Crats under Nancette Pelosi and Hairy Reed
    haven’t done a damn thing, they’ve given away the store
    to the Neo-Cons. Diane Feinstein’s husband is a war profiter.

    There is absoulutely nothing to lose by voting for Dennis Kucinich since Nancette & Hairy Reed ain’t worth spit.

    I am going to donate funds for Cindy Sheehan’s run against Nancette Pelosi.

    If incumbent politicians don’t feel the wrath of the voters, they’ll keep on feeding the MIC.

    There are a few good Dems such as Henry Waxman, Barbara Lee, and a few others but they are far and few between.
    We the voters have got to try to break the back of
    the Democractic Leadership Councill and its unswerving
    self serving machinations.

  14. To VietnamVet:

    First I need to point out that back in the day of Lincoln they used a much more accurate form of polling … they spoke directly to many people. Today’s polling system is basically a “paid advertisement” for certain candidates! Candidates and various political groups PAY for various polls, which of course are going to be scewed to lean toward their desired outcome. Hillary has paid almost $500,000 on polls so far! Wonder WHY she continually shows up in 1st place, even with all the negative views of her??

    Secondly, Clinton was at about 1-2% at about this same time in the 92 campaign. Carter was also around 2-3% early on! Results depended on what poll (and of course WHO funded the poll), but both of these guys were WAY low about mid-campaign.

    Finally … it seems besides lack of memory, you have lack of knowledge when it comes to Kucinich. Just like Carter and Clinton, Kucinich may currently be “showing” very low in the polls, but he does have ALOT of experience!! Kucinich has more experience than ANY of the “front runners”!! He began in politics over 40 yrs ago, at the age of 23. He served in Cleveland City Council, as well as Ohio State Senate. At the age of 31, Kucinich became the youngest mayor of a major city, mayor of Cleveland. He is now currently serving his SIXTH TERM in Congress, a ranking member in many House committees, as well as chairman of the House subcommittee on Domestic Policy. Not to mention Kucinich was honored with the Ghandi Peace Award in 2003 and the Heart of Humanity Award in 2003!! So Kucinich is loaded with experience … he has dedicated his entire life to public service! NONE of the corp “front runners” can compare! With Kucinich’s experience, incredible foresight on major issues, and his increasing public attention (even without ANY major media coverage) you WILL see his poll numbers start to rise … like cream rises to the top … Kucinich IS the “cream of the crop”.


  15. Who has a bad memory? For your information, polls were not even in vogue during the election that put Lincoln in office, BUT he was the second choice in a lineup of four candidates. Bill Clinton, nor Jimmy Carter EVER had ratings of 1-2%, even in the beginnings! Clinton was a well respected Governor of Arkansas, and Carter served in the Georgia Senate as well as Govenor of Georgia. Hardly nobodies as you claim. Before you preach at others in your condescending manner, get YOUR facts straight. And, though you didn’t notice, not a single post on this site advocates voting for the front runner. Read before you write!

  16. I will definitely vote for Kucinich in the primaries, and on the extremely remote chance he wins, I will vote for him against whatever Republikaner he’ll be against.

    I will NOT, vote for Pillary Dillary Crock.

    Obama lost it for me when he said he believes the US should attack Pakistan if there is actionable intelligence that Osama is hiding in a cave.

    Attack Pakistan! Oh yeah, just go on attacking the world like The Chimp already has been doing. Attack the Fu*king world, great plan Obama.

    Edwards is the only votable candidate in my opinion vs
    Pillary Dillary Crock or General Obama Westmoreland.

    I’m sure as hell not one to shrink from military options, but being a rogue nation attacking the world at will has not gained us security as The Chimp’s
    administration has since he’s attacked everyone under the sun except the man on the moon.

  17. You folks are really something.

    If you like the way this country has been run for the past 25 years, then vote for a “front-runner.”

    If you want a change in course for this country, vote for a different kind of candidate.

    There’s one in the Republican Party.

    And there’s one in the Democratic Party.

    It’s really that simple.

    If you say that you want a change, and then don’t vote for that change, well, I guess then… you’re full of it.

    Oh, and the person wanting to know who was at 2% and then won, How about Abraham Lincoln? And more recently that outsider Jimmy Carter. Both were nobodies in the early going. Even Bill Clinton wasn’t given a chance in hell by the talking heads till after Iowa. You guys have a really bad memory.

  18. Mimi,

    I read your post. As I mentioned, there are many points Dennis stands for that I fully support, but I believe we have to face reality. At his current approval levels, I do not believe he has a prayer of winning the primary. If we have any hope of having a Democrat as president in 2008, which I believe should be our goal, we have to be realistic in our choice of a candidate. As some analyst have said, 2008 is OURS to loose, and one way to loose is to vote for a candidate that has practically no chance of winning. Thanks for your reply.

  19. I really like Kucinich, and he is expressing views that the pharmaceuticals, Military Industrial complex will never accept, so we are stuck with Pillary who is in the pocket of Pharmecuticals, she even admits this.
    Then there is Obama who wants to start BushCo Lite adventures and bomb Pakistan (yeah, that will help Musharraf to keep control of Islamic radicals even

    Edwards is the most palatable of the Corporate-Krats.
    Edward’s positives: He’s against commerical nuclear power, his health care plans seem to be the best of the
    three front runners.

    However, I’m at the point where I am doubtfull of even Edwards, but he is less the Corporate-Krat then the other two.

    Again, what does it matter if we get a corporate-krat in again, they won’t rock the boat, they’ll cozy up to corparate Amerika as soon as they get in, their record
    proves it. The corparate-krats used to fill the minumum of catering to MIC, and were acceptable, but now the
    the MIC is their total Mastuhs.

  20. Hi VietnamVet,
    Please read my reply to Bill Robinson above. A vote of Dennis would not be wasted and if he wins the Democratic Primary, there is no one in the GOP who could stand up to him. If only people would understand who he is and that he is not a third party candidate, he would be considered “viable.”

  21. This is probably the best and most concise article on Dennis Kucinich I’ve read. Thank you, Phil, for writing it. Mimi

  22. RE: Submitted by Uncle Ludwig on August 8, 2007 – 3:32am

    I do not see any posts on here that indicates it would be best for one to vote for the front runner. I DO see on that indicates one should vote for the candidate that has the best chance of beating the GOP’s candidate. That does not mean it necessarily has to be the front runner in the polls. It could be one polling second, or even third. Polls do have validity, despite your comments. There is a science here called statistics and they are more often right than wrong. Given this, it is an open ended question as to whose logic is sane. If you can produce even ONE presidential candidate in the entire history of this country that has come from a consist 1-2% rating to win, I will concede you just might have a point. Meantime, I plan to vote for the best candidate that has a chance of winning, despite your snide comments about other’s opinions. And, by the way, few people depend on ONE poll, which you use for your logic. Knowledgable people watch for trends over time and what the candidates have to offer.

  23. RE: new Submitted by Uncle Ludwig on August 8, 2007 – 3:32am

    I do not see anyone on this site advocating only voting for the front runner. Where did you read that? I posted a comment that we should vote for the person most likely to beat the GOP…that does not necessarily mean the front runner. So, it is an open ended question as to just whose logic is insanity. Polls DO have validity, irrespective of your position. If you can name one person in our history that came in to win an election from a 1-2% rating in the polls, you just might be able to support YOUR logic. Meantime, I plan to vote, as I said, for the candidate that has the best chance of beating the GOP. That implies, of course, that his/her position is most closely aligned with the values of the Democrats.

  24. Dennis Kucinich may not have a fart of a chance of winning, but what does it matter, the Democrats don’t make good on promises anyway like the new Democratic congress that got in on getting us out of Iraq.

    Do you think that if the Dems ran a campaign to get the majority they now have based on passing non-binding resolutions to get us out of Iraq
    they would have gotten the votes they got.

    The new Congress polls are lower then the Chimps.

    The Dems had a chance and they blew it.

    Dad Blasted Jack-Ass-Party

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