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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Failed Congress leaves town in disgrace

The Democrats who came to power with so much hype and fanfare after the 2006 mid-term elections limped out of Washington Sunday, battered and bruised from multiple losses to the most unpopular President in modern American history. After seven months of failure after failure, the Democratic Congress compounded their many errors by passing a far-reaching bill that allows Bush to spy at will on Americans without court approval. All he needs is a sign off by his lackluster and flawed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.

The Democrats who came to power with so much hype and fanfare after the 2006 mid-term elections limped out of Washington Sunday, battered and bruised from multiple losses to the most unpopular President in modern American history.

After seven months of failure after failure, the Democratic Congress compounded their many errors by passing a far-reaching bill that allows Bush to spy at will on Americans without court approval. All he needs is a sign off by his lackluster and flawed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.

The Democrats, of course, will spin their failures as some measure of success against high odds and will point to high profile bills like raising the minimum wage to bolstering U.S. security and expanding children’s health care.

But their main promise — to bring the troops home from Iraq — remain a broken pact with American voters and even with Republican defections from the President’s unpopular war, the Democrats lack the votes or the fortitude to stand up to Bush on his failed Iraq policy.

The spin started early Sunday with Democrats pointing to claimed victories and ignoring their many losses.

Reports Richard Cowen of Reuters:

Much of the Democrats’ progress was incremental and out of the spotlight of the fights with Bush over the Iraq war, now in its fifth year. While those battles were raging, Democrats were able to plow ahead with bills they say will fulfill campaign promises to improve national security and help the neediest.

“We have made more progress in the last seven days than previous congresses made in the last seven years,” Democratic leaders boasted about the spurt of legislation that passed in the final days.

“Democrats have had a good run legislatively over the past few weeks and that does help them going into the recess,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

That would be welcome news for a Congress that this year has seen its public approval ratings dip even below Bush’s chronically low polling. A Pew Research Center survey released on Thursday said Bush scored a 29 percent approval rating, while Democratic leaders were at a similarly lethargic 33 percent.

Even though those poor ratings do not necessarily translate into public support for Republican lawmakers, Democrats will have their work cut out for them, trying to convince voters back home that they have responded to last November’s call for change.

And they will face another challenge when they return from recess in early September when the future of the Iraq war will again take center stage with a mid-September progress report to Congress.

But all the political propaganda in the world can’t hide the fact that the Democratic leadership of Congress has been a monumental failure.

54 thoughts on “Failed Congress leaves town in disgrace”

  1. I did some research of my own on Ron Paul – and for all practical purposes, he does appear to be a man of integrity, although I couldn’t find clarification on the issues of outsourcing – and I haven’t found out how he voted in regard tax cuts for the rich.

    The bottom line is that he appears to be a man of integrity and a “constitutionalist” – however he is still a Republican, and unless he switched to heading a third party, ran as a Democrat in case a third party doesn’t become a reality, or ran as an Independent – I’ll stick with Dennis Kucinich, who deserves my support for his courage and having the guts to stand as the one candidate that believes impeachment is a duty, and a man that has demonstrated his campaign promises are being fulfilled to the best of his ability.

    The mere thought of the GOP winning and/or stealing another election makes me want to vomit – and it will be a cold day in hell when I’d support a Republican unless he totally separated himself from the Party.

    Besides, I’ve seen too many “campaign promises” that are only rhetoric, and when I saw Jim Webb cave-in with the rest of the “soft Democratic underbelly” I was truly disappointed and disillusioned with the entire Democratic Party. As You said, let’s be honest about this – it’s time for a new start – and neither the Democrats nor Republicans are representing the American people.

    William Cormier

  2. Paolo;

    I’m not sure I see where your message is necessarily “negative” in any sense of the word. The way it is written is as if some of us here don’t share somewhat similar views.

    I haven’t picked a candidate yet to support, was leaning toward Dennis Kucinich because of the courage he’s shown in pursuing the impeachment effort – which I personally believe every member in Congress has a constitutional obligation to at least attempt impeachment, otherwise they are stating it’s OK to shred the constitution – and perhaps want that power for their party.

    I’m a strict constitutionalist myself, and will have to look into Ron Paul. I believe the Democrats have betrayed America as well as the GOP by this recent fiasco, so I am joining the movement to establish a third party. The other two have become decadent and are only of use to support corporatism – which is partly behind the rape of America. It’s time for a change – and my loyalty is to the constitution and the Bill of Rights, regardless of who the candidate is; as far as some of the “Liberal” programs being unconstitutional, I’m unsure – but if we could get a REAL President and re-establish a Justice Department that did it’s job as mandated instead of operating as a yes-man to the White House – we would be back on the road to cleaning up this mess – including re-establishing a non-biased Supreme Court.

    America needs a lot of work, and it’s actually quite a simple task; The Constitution has the answers that have worked for years – and I see no need to do anything except support the Constitution and Bill of rights – regardless of who the candidate is. BUT, I want that candidate to head a new third party. I believe it’s time to dump both the Dems and the GOP – who have shown that neither is willing to step-up to the plate and represent the average American – and obey the Constitution and Rule of Law.

    William Cormier

  3. Let’s be honest, folks.

    A lot of Americans these days are calling for government to follow the Constitution. Most of them do not really mean it.

    I am especially amused when so-called “liberals” say they are shocked–SHOCKED–at how Bush has shredded the Constitution. True enough–he has. But about 99 percent of the programs “liberals” stand for are also plainly unconstitutional.

    Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution enumerates the areas in which Congress is allowed to legislate. Just to make things crystal clear, Amendment 10 says Congress cannot legislate on any issue not specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

    Read the Constitution. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

    For example, the Social Security program is unconstitutional. Nothing in the Constitution gives Congress the power to create financially doomed pyramid schemes.

    Of course, conservatives are just as bad, or even worse, than liberals. The “war on drugs” is unconstitutional, but “conservatives” support it. Nothing in the Constitution authorizes Congress to create a federal police force that can invade people’s homes at 3 AM to search for illegal plant extracts.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually believes in following the letter of the Constitution. He has a perfect voting record in saying NO to any proposed law that is not strictly authorized by the Constitution.

    Some of you who bewail Bush’s shredding of the Constitution do not understand that you are being inconsistent. Take a little time and read the Constitution.

    By the way, don’t waste my time by saying the “general welfare” clause allows Congress to do anything it wants. Read that clause yourself, and see if any sane person could read it that way.

    Also, don’t waste my time saying the “commerce clause” allows Congress to do anything it wants. Again, read the actual words.

    Historically, the federal government early on tried to break these constitutional shackles by just passing laws and seeing if anyone would protest. The “strict constructionists” of the early republic stood against them.

    Today, there is no area in which Congress thinks it cannot pass laws, and no one even bothers to reference the Constitution.

    Today, it’s called a “living document” which is a nice way of saying it’s a “dead document,” in that no one need pay any attention to it.

    Bush has said the Constitution is just a “god-damned piece of paper.” Unfortunately, folks, he’s right. But he’s not the one at fault. The people are at fault, for letting the Constitution wither away.

    Have a nice day….

  4. Carl, thanx for the info:

    My cancer is Multiple Myeloma. That’s not a tumerous form but cells that grow in the bone marrow. There is no cure as yet but it is very treatable and can be controlled for many years in most patients. Mine was discovered very late due to the symptoms being almost identical to my existing sciatica which forced my retirement as totally disabled. They weren’t about to allow me to command the SEALs while on a minimum of 120 milgms of oxycontin. However, the cancer came years later, probably from something I picked up crawling around in a jungle somewhere. It was so extensive it had caused a compound fracture in the middle of my back. They said a couple more months and there would have been nothing they could have done except make me more comfortable until I died.

    But 6 months later I was cancer free. That lasted 11 months until the chemo drug they had me on quit working. They switched to another and now I am 99% free of it again. Another month and all gone. This will be the cycle for me. I can oppt for a bone marrow transplant if I want to risk it in an attempt to be permanently rid of the disease but that will be a last resort if the chemicals fail to control it.

    I have already taken a quick look at the info site and will bring it up to my doctor. I am fortunate to live 20 minutes from one of the top five Cancer Centers in the world. It’s a great place to educate voters due to the long waits in the waiting areas. The TV’s are invariably tuned to Fox which opens the door for my comments that always find some Bush supporter that I can make look stupid. I love the ones who tell me I don’t understand because I never served like they did in Korea or Viet Nam. I just show my ID, ring, tags and laugh at them and watch them shrink.

  5. WOW!! Carl…be careful. Had to laugh because I believe Sandra referred to me as a …what was it?…Oh yeh, a “manic depressive”…Ouch!!! that almost hurt. But making any comments about a ladies age is some real dangerous stuff. Sandra knows I respect her comments and I consider her truthful and very well informed. You here that Sandra!!

    Glad that was you Carl and NOT me.

  6. To Seal,
    Many possibilities there may be.
    But the out come is the same. I can agree that some, through fear, are going along with the corrupt system, but that does not negate the actions of the crime, they are still in cahoots with each other, and where if it was just one group, for one or two terms then the scenario you mentioned may be plausible, but the actions of the congress and senate have been such for MANY MANY years. The truth is that each president is just a figure head or front man if you will for the real power which resides behind the scenes and as the corruption grows each new member of congress and the senate gets drawn into the cesspit which is our corporate government. Where with milk the creme rises to the top, the same with our so called selected officials.
    Except the analogy would be as with a cess pit the scum rises to the top.

    Below are a few quotes from people who should know.

    “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson

    “[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most
    significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United
    States to change it’s perceptions.” — Henry Kissinger, World Affairs Council Press Conference,
    Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19th 1994

    “All of us will ultimately be judged on the effort we have contributed to building a NEW WORLD ORDER.”–Robert Kennedy, former U.S. Attorney-General, 1967.

    “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise their power from behind the
    scenes.”– Justice Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court.

    “When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical Constitution with a radical
    Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of freedom to Americans…” “And so a lot of people say there’s
    too much personal freedom. When personal freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it.
    That’s what we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the Housing Projects, about how
    we’re going to have weapon sweeps and more things like that to try to make the people feel safer
    in their communities”–President Bill Clinton 3-22-94, MTV’s “Enough is Enough”

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great
    publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion
    for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty
    of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National auto determination
    practiced in past centuries”–David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting
    in June of 1991.

    When you know something wrong is going on and keep silent you are complicit in the crime. These are supposed to be our elected officials and yet either through fear intimidation or outright complicity are involved with the overthrow of the constitution, which they have SWORN to uphold and protect.

  7. The Constitution Speaks

    And now let’s all give a warm welcome to … The Constitution of the United States of America!

    Hello citizens. The Constitution here. I have a message for you.

    You have been betrayed, and I am about to die.

    Every loyal American citizen in this country must immediately register as an Independent voter, and abandon the Republican and Democratic parties who abandoned me, or I can protect you no longer, and my life will end.

    The only legal way to change the rule of law I embrace is by amendment, and a proposed Amendment must pass with two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, or a Constitutional Convention must be called by two-thirds of the state legislatures. If the amendment passes both the House and the Senate with two-thirds majority, then three-fourths of the states (38) must ratify it.

    And yet here is the latest of my most cherished laws to be illegally declared null and void.

    Amendment IV
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Save me fellow Americans. I protected you for over 225 years, and all I ask now is that you not let me die, without even a whimper, so that my protection may continue.

    A Future of the Brave –

  8. I agree surgethis and it’s my hope that folks in California might do a Gray Davis procedure on her and start a movement to recall her from office. I’m not familiar with Nevada procedure for recall relative to Reid, but he needs to go too. We simply can’t afford to let these people run amok for their entire term in office. The people of Connecticut need to get motivated and yank Lieberman too. Believe it or not some states do not have a provision for recalling Senators or Congressional Reps in their state constitutions; once they get to DC they can wreak havoc and the people have to suffer their term in office. If recall proceedings started to pop up across the nation relative to non-performing, listless incumbents then that would be a wakeup call for these shuffle-butt traitors.

    Nemo **==

  9. Carl, I would bet that in not too many years we are still here at the home page of CHB and I will be 80! I’m rather proud of my age and still be able to enjoy an active and wonderful life. I have managed to out outlive every member of my family. I tricked them all by not turning into a drunk! I will run down one of these days and outlive you all!

    Now lets locate some freedom for all Americans.

  10. Now we see that the Democrats are not representing the people. They are in collusion with this criminal president.

    We have a huge problem with the leadership in congress who are allowing this tyrant to get away with taking away our rights.

    Pelosi and Reid need to be replaced as soon as possible. They have to go.

    They are unworthy to hold their offices.

  11. Hi Sandra Price…

    I offer my apologies for even referencing your age in a post and then over-shooting it by 6-10 years. We have another female poster that said she was in her 80s who writes quite well as yourself, but doesn’t post all that often. I dare not throw out another name and end up in the dog house again. ; ) Sorry for the mixup.

    Carl Nemo **==

  12. Carl. I am a mere 74! Not 80 yet! I just worry about CHB. It is growing quickly through the blogs here and the forum at Reader Rant. I believe the future of our freedoms will be inspired by the internet. I listen to many radio and television late night discussions and there are so many threats from the right trying to stop the left and the other way around that I just want every one to consider what they write. You all know whose side I’m on and I want this to grow into a major force for freedoms.

  13. Gene : we couldn’t run and hide if we wanted to.All the holes are filled by the RATS that are perpetrating this rape and plunder of our liberties. Better to stand in the open and save a couple of shovels to bury the bastards with. Something in a man /womans soul tells them that once they drink of the water of freedom it is worth all the consequences they may be forced to endure to secure it.ALLONS..

  14. Hey (bryan)..Just to let you know I am with you. I had made plans with others (5) friends to head for a particular isolated area of the country when and if the real shit hits.
    I have been looking at these issues for many years and new for sure one day it would happen. I know their plan, I even know who is ultimately behind all of this and just for your informaton, I even know how it will all play out in the end.

    I have decided to go no where but will stand and fight. I served a country I believed in because of its values and justice but that is fading (fast). I’ve seen the horrors of war, I have killed others because I believed what I was fighting for was real, I was very young then. Now I know the truth, who my real enemies are.

    My (9mm) is never far and if forced to, I will kill again but this time it will be my true enemy. I was young and blind once but my eyes were opened eventually and now I see as most of you here do. I am NOT afraid to die. My only desire is that I take just one of these lieing bastards with me and I WILL.

  15. Carl: They took the oath ,but it appears reading and comprehension is not their strong suit.I would like to compliment all who have contributed to this dazzling debate.I’ve found myself riveted by the expertise and literary knowhow on display. I am very pleased to know I’m not alone in recognizing the patriotic duties we all share as Americans. Thanks to all…….

  16. Yo Bryan McClellan…

    If only the “gang of 535” in the House and the Senate had the same sentiments as you and other true patriots concerning our foundational documents…! Without a Constitution, the Bill of Rights and respect for the rule of law “we the people” are nothing but modern era barbarians…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  17. I stand by the oath I took when I entered the military.If and when my government declares this oath no longer valid, then I stand ready to fight with extreme prejudice for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as I so swore. Nothing more,nothing less.

  18. Hey Carl, thank you for your response on ‘The Fourth Reich’, I re-copied my response to your response in case you didn’t backtrack to page 3 of postings.
    You Rock Carl.

    The Reichstag fire is one of the most relevant historical episodes that parallels 9/11 in that it gave Bush the window he needed to make Amerika roll over as did the Reichstag fire give Hitler a great boost to outlaw opposition parties.

    It’s astonishing to see how Deutschland was before Hitler hijacked the country.

    I’m fascinated by Berlin in the Weimar years, the Paris of the North, and even more wild than Paris, all fell into the abyss. The Germans during the Weimar years created the Great Bauhaus school of arts and architecture with greats like Mies van der Roe, Walter Gropius, and Marcel Bruer.

    Yes Carl, Americans do indeed by and large think that
    a facist America is just stuff in the movies.
    In many ways I think Iraq is Bush’s Operation Barbarossa although America has a great deal more resources, but never the less, with the stop loss thing, over-extended tours, National Guard being siphoned off for Iraq, this countries resources are being massively squandered.
    Since there is no draft, it’s always somebody others kid that dies. So Americas pre-occupation by and large is getting theirs now at Wallmart.

    It’s interesting to hear your wifes eye-witness accounts as a child in Deutschland during the war. I’m very fascinated by WW-II history and the implications it has for us now. The wanton way that Hitler sacrificed the whole sixth army in Stalingrad meant nothing to Hitler as does the wanton way Bush sacrifices our troops now in Iraq.

    You always have a message of optimism Carl, and we always need hope, but also, as you have expressed, to be prepared for the worst. I’m always optimistic too, but prepared for the possibility that America and the politicians will not rise to the occasion.

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt thoughts, and I
    hope Seal will get some benefit from the naturopathic remedies you mentioned.

    I’m a big history buff so I always enjoy your posts.

  19. Sandra;

    Speaking for myself, I have never uttered one word on this site, my own site – Justanothercoverup – or any other site I have ever posted on that is not covered under our constitutional right of free speech. I do not suggest that any of us participate in an armed revolution, but constantly implore all to participate in any legal protest or traditionally recognized protests such as work stoppages, mass protests that could and would paralyze traffic and normal business much as the supporters of illegal immigration did. Protests and strikes are an American tradition and are the only means the “people” have to draw attention and guarantee that the politicians in Washington are listening to us – the people who placed them in office, and therefor expect them to represent us as they promised in their campaign speeches.

    As I stated earlier, Progressives’ all over the Internet are voicing their alarm at the possibility of Bush/Cheney declaring martial law in order to suspend the 2008 elections and thus keep themselves safe from prosecution for their crimes against America and others in the world; what would you have us do – simply lay-down as Congress has and allow the Bush Crime Family to take-over our country without so much as a whimper? And, I agree wholeheartedly with Nemo – the NSA and their affiliates have been compiling lists since Bush was elected, and disagreeing with this administration has its price – but only if we fail to raise the alarm and get Congress to show some guts and impeach these despots before it’s too late – if it isn’t already past that point right now.

    How can any sane American not push for the impeachment of Bush/Cheney when their crimes and utter disregard for the Constitution and Rule of Law make Richard Nixon look like a saint in comparison? If we don’t attempt to impeach these tyrants, what does that say to the next President and Vice-President that hold themselves above the law? If you believe in our Constitution and Rule of Law – then it is imperative to bring these criminals to justice – otherwise, there will be no semblance of what this country used to stand for and represent left except a memory – and that is not acceptable!

    William Cormier

  20. Right on, Seal. This latest round of voting smacks of high stakes chess fueled by blackmail to keep most of the dem’s pieces moving where the neocons want them to move. The whole bunch of SOBs running the executive branch are desperate to avoid prison but, sadly, the dems will let them slip silently into the night in exchange for power in 2008.

  21. I agree, the average American has no secrets that are worth knowing – but the majority of us have something in our past that most of us would rather leave forgotten and buried; as I said, we are all human, and there are no “perfect” people. That’s one of the problems with our political process; we look upon candidates as if they are somehow supposed to be perfect. A DUI 20 years ago, a misdemeanor pot conviction, or even something like a police call to the home for a family dispute. It happens every second all over the United States – but that’s the nature of people. We make mistakes, and most of us learn from them and then don’t repeat it again.

    Politicians on the other hand are expected to be perfect – and we all know that not one of them is – but a disclosure of any of the above behaviors is absolutely disastrous to a politician – is used against him/her to assassinate their character, and used wisely by the opposition to effectuate an edge over the opposing candidate. The big-money parties have found ways to purge public records of many of their misdeeds when they were young – and then hop on the bandwagon to join-in and brutalize anyone that doesn’t appear to be squeaky clean.

    Frankly, I’d rather see a “real” person representing the people, someone who has made minor mistakes in life – learned from them, and thus is able to benefit from life’s experiences as it pertains to the general population. Show me a politician that claims they have never broken a law in their life – and I’ll show you a liar, or an individual that is so naive and so full of their selves that as elected officials, they become judge and jury on those who are not so “perfect” and look upon the average American with disdain and contempt.

    Remember, this great democratic republic we live in has imprisoned more of their population than any country on earth – and even today, as the prisons swell to the breaking point; there are still calls for tougher laws and longer prison sentences.

    We know that Bush and Clinton both used drugs when they were young, and if either had been caught (except for Bush)- it would have ruined any prospect for a career in politics. We have raised the bar so high in regard our elected officials that what we seek is actually non-existent from a practical standpoint, so all we wind-up electing are those with enough money and power to effectively hide their past indiscretions; what we eventually wind-up electing are people of wealth and power that could care less about anything except getting elected – and then when they get in office, quickly forget about anything except themselves.

    How in the F**k can a wealthy individual relate to the poor or disappearing middle-class of our country? They’ve never felt hunger, had to deal with a system that only caters to the rich – and are utterly useless to “the people” because in reality – they are not a part of mainstream America.

    By the way, I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the compliment a couple of days ago. It was greatly appreciated. I’ve been beating this drum for almost three years, and have been fighting with the government ever since they screwed me royally back in the 80’s when I used to work for them myself – deep undercover for months at a time without a smidgen of backup. I’ve been called a nut, paranoid, and too reactionary – but from experience, I know how they work, am extremely familiar with their surveillance techniques – and am 100% positive that they lie their asses off in court when they have to – as I have been privy to it many, many times – which is extremely well documented. I even sued the DEA and had the case dismissed in federal court because the statute of limitations had run out – even though there is no statute of limitations on civil rights violations.

    Yes, I was somewhat of an insider back then, and I still know too much for my own good – but my health stinks now, so I don’t give a rat’s ass if they like it or not. I’m more interested in the future of my children, grandchildren – and as callous as this may sound, even more concerned about the future of our country. Even though I’ve come up on the short-end of the stick many times in working on a contractual basis for several different law enforcement agencies – I still love what used to be my country, and will fight until my last breath in attempting to raise awareness and preserving the rights and freedoms that several of my own family have fought and died for. We all owe a debt to those that gave their lives in the service of our country – but too few of us are left to remember that freedom cannot be taken for granted – and there will be casualties in any fight, especially as vicious as the coming one will be.

    William Cormier

  22. Hi Sandra…

    The maintenance of our freedom is not an abstract discussion found at a “tea and scone” party! Doug mentioned some time back that he was already on the domestic no-fly list…! Surely they have CHB posters and our hardcore members on the roundup list… :)) I play a mean blues harmonica,so I’m sure I’ll be a Camp Halliburton ‘fave’… :))

    You also mentioned you are in your 80’s, me in my early 60’s and my wife in her 70’s. Why are you so fearful in these truly “interesting times” as the Chinese might say?!

    These sites and our commentary are not simply a “dry” intellectual run concerning dissent! We are now in condition “orange” not quite “red” yet. Sandra Price this is a DEFCON 1 alert and no longer an excercise in simply intellectual pontification…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  23. “There are many organizations that are being watched by Big Daddy and I would rather not have CHB on their list.”

    With all due respect, I believe its too late to worry about that.

    — Kent Shaw

  24. The Reichstag fire is one of the most relevant historical episodes that parallels 9/11 in that it gave Bush the window he needed to make Amerika roll over as did the Reichstag fire give Hitler a great boost to outlaw opposition parties.

    It’s astonishing to see how Deutschland was before Hitler hijacked the country.

    I’m fascinated by Berlin in the Weimar years, the Paris of the North, and even more wild than Paris, all fell into the abyss. The Germans during the Weimar years created the Great Bauhaus school of arts and architecture with greats like Mies van der Roe, Walter Gropius, and Marcel Bruer.

    Yes Carl, Americans do indeed by and large think that
    a facist America is just stuff in the movies.
    In many ways I think Iraq is Bush’s Operation Barbarossa although America has a great deal more resources, but never the less, with the stop loss thing, over-extended tours, National Guard being siphoned off for Iraq, this countries resources are being massively squandered.
    Since there is no draft, it’s always somebody others kid that dies. So Americas pre-occupation by and large is getting theirs now at Wallmart.

    It’s interesting to hear your wifes eye-witness accounts as a child in Deutschland during the war. I’m very fascinated by WW-II history and the implications it has for us now. The wanton way that Hitler sacrificed the whole sixth army in Stalingrad meant nothing to Hitler as does the wanton way Bush sacrifices our troops now in Iraq.

    You always have a message of optimism Carl, and we always need hope, but also, as you have expressed, to be prepared for the worst. I’m always optimistic too, but prepared for the possibility that America and the politicians will not rise to the occasion.

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt thoughts, and I
    hope Seal will get some benefit from the naturopathic remedies you mentioned.

    I’m a big history buff so I always enjoy your posts.

  25. You guys are making me nervous. Could you be putting Doug in jeopardy with your posts? Is there a chance for your starting up your own site where all of us can keep up with the plans that you want? There are many organizations that are being watched by Big Daddy and I would rather not have CHB on their list.

    Think about it.

  26. 9 trillion…12 trillion…20 trillion…evidently it doesn’t mean squat to our Congressional, check-kiting thieves! There’s no honor in these times to being debt free. The entire world’s financial paradigm is simply “smoke and mirrors”. In terms of it’s absolute collapse, it’s a question of “blink poker”. Every government; ie., every nation on earth is joined at the hips when it comes to this deadly, financial, conjugal activity! If “we the people” go down they “all” go down, plain and simple! When the ultimate crash occurs it will be “assholes, elbows, and ricebowls below”… 😐 Everyone on planet earth is running around with paper; ie., “asswipe” in their wallets and in their paper print-out accounts. 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  27. Hi William Cormier…

    The average American has no secrets that are worth knowing by anyone, but rest assured our everso corrupt pols have many secrets worth knowing! As they say “knowledge is power” and to have the knowledge of the ongoing corrupt transactions of these duly elected disappointments gives absolute power over them via our intelligence gathering services for the benefit of Bushco.

    Pelosi looks simply “nuts” in recent photo’s as if she’s being puppeteered by Bushco. She has a mix of craven power and fear in her eyes! Reid looks like a burned out dead-head “wino” that will simply march to his controllers, left right…left right jody calls. We the People are in trouble with these losers at the helm. I refer to this effect as “Empire of the Rising Scum”…! 😐

    Carl Nemo **==

  28. Please allow me to offer another explanation for the Democrats failure to reign-in this President. Too many people “assume” that Democrats simply “caved-in to Bush” because they are somehow complicit in the overall PNAC NWO movement; There’s no question it’s a possibility – but I don’t personally believe that was the underlying reason. My first reaction was one of outrage – that the Democrats simply caved-in because they didn’t want to lose their precious vacation time, and Bush was gong to hold them in Washington until he got what he wanted! But, after settling-down and looking at the situation objectively, that explanation doesn’t hold water – especially when I noted Jim Webb was one of the Democrats that eventually signed-on to the bill – a surprise to many of us who expected better from Webb – especially considering his outspoken criticism of Bush and his cabal of Neo-conservative Rethuglicans. Remember that Jim Webb has a son on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, which country I honestly don’t recall. But, the bottom-line is that his son is in harms way, and he knows it!

    The President’s approval ratings are absolutely terrible, although the Democratic led Congress has almost caught-up with him by defying the will of the American people and essentially passing Bills that do benefit us somewhat at home – but for all practical purposes, have done nothing to end the war. Of even greater concern is that Congress refuses to begin impeachment proceedings against the most hated President in American history – and we all know that if impeachment hearings began, just as it happened with Nixon, the evidence and publicity would arouse and educate the general public to the magnitude and depth of the crimes perpetrated by this administration – and the final outcome of a successful impeachment would almost be a certainty, especially in consideration that the MSM has kept most of the Bush administration crimes away from the public eye. The “average American”, the ones that don’t get their news and facts from alternative new sources really don’t have a clue as to the magnitude of Bush/Cheney’s treasonous actions against the people of the United States – and impeachment hearings would educate everyone, whether they liked it or not. The process would dominate the airwaves – and people would finally be awakened. Anyone that thinks this President could survive an honest impeachment attempt, with the subsequent public release of their activities doesn’t know much about politics or the impact the hearings would have on the MSM. Complicit or not, they would have to report on the hearings.

    Ask yourselves why this wire-tapping program is so important to this administration? They damn sure haven’t stopped an attack, nor have they successfully rooted-out the many Al Quada/Quds Force cells that exist in our country – but tens of thousands of innocent Americans have been added to the terrorist watch-list – many for the “crime” of participating in peaceful protests and exercising their constitutional rights of free speech, posting derogatory messages and facts that expose the Bush Crime Family for what they are, and a host of their political adversaries. DHS is definitely attempting to protect the homeland by identifying and cataloging all of these potential “homegrown terrorists” in the event of martial law – whether it’s declared because of an attack or another Katrina type of natural disaster – and I have little doubt they will be rounded-up and confined to “protect” the new and emerging Amerika.

    The answer’s actually quite simple; In the writer’s opinion, the Bush administration has actively been wiretapping their political adversaries – especially members of Congress and other high-ranking public officials in order to gain the upper hand by and through the simple process of blackmail! I didn’t arrive at this conclusion because I’m paranoid, although I’ll admit I’ve suspected it for a very long time. During the 2006 Mid-term elections when I interviewed Joe Roberts – he stated that he believed that the GOP was using the NSA wiretapping program for political gain – and even though he was well liked, actually came from the area he was campaigning in – and faced incumbent Jeff Miller who was almost universally despised by many in the panhandle of Florida – the Democratic Party absolutely offered him no support, and when it came election time, he only captured 20% of the vote. Consider this happened at a time when the mere mention of “Republican” was a four-letter word, even in a Republican stronghold like Florida. Mr. Roberts made the mistake of discussing the NSA wiretapping program when the controversy was just beginning to ratchet-up – and a couple of days later pleaded with me not to make the interview public – which I unfortunately agreed to. I have since recanted that agreement, only because the election is over – and probably was before it even began, at least as it pertained to Mr. Roberts. Shortly after the interview, I was approached by Federal agents in Biloxi, Mississippi – and was questioned unmercifully, with innuendos that my adult son(s) could possibly be in harms way. They also refused to properly identify themselves except to say they were with “law enforcement” – and I had no right to know who they were.

    The actual transcript of the interview with Mr. Roberts is contained in the below article:

    The NSA Wiretapping Program – Is Bush spying on Politicians?

    Please, use your own logic and subjective reasoning and come-up with a better explanation; Congress is either being blackmailed or bribed – or possibly a combination of both. I am not inferring that all of Congress has committed crimes they could be blackmailed with, but all of us are human, we have our weaknesses – most visibly which are our families, business associates, and there are few individuals in Congress or anywhere else that don’t have some skeletons buried deep within their closets, whether it’s their sexuality, a close family member’s indiscretion – or something they would loathe to become public. The behavior of this immoral and criminal administration have already demonstrated they will lie, deceive, alter information, and even out our own CIA agents to achieve their political objectives – and if you don’t believe they are capable of blackmail to stay in power – and out of jail, then you really haven’t been paying attention.

    Almost two years ago I wrote a post on the Blue Lemur political forum (RAW Story’s now defunct forum) and suggested that before the 2008 elections that Bush would declare martial law to suspend the elections. Blue Lemur was a Progressive and liberal forum, and I was almost laughed off the board for that post – now I peruse the Internet and find that Progressives’ everywhere are expressing those same fears – and not a soul is laughing… Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that it isn’t true!

    William Cormier

  29. Hi Klaus…

    Hitler and his cohorts would be truly envious too if they could view the awesome data gathering powers of the modern state. Heinrich Moller (diacritic umlaut over the ‘o’) the head of the Gestapo did an excellent job of documentation of enemies of the state using simply long-hand records and photos. Everything and I mean everything was noted, annotated and documented including the nuances of every “torture session”. The archives are still available to viewed in Germany and it’s truly horrific what they did to Jews, Catholics, gypsies and anyone that was considered simply an “enemy of the state” …!

    The trouble with Americans is they’ve watched so many movies over the years that war/s, torture and death has been trivialized. Of course it’s never them, it’s just the people in the old documentaries or the violence based films that have been made over the years. These incredible acts of evil have no physical reality to the average American.

    My wife is German, many years a citizen and is ten years older than myself. She viewed Hitler’s Nazi Germany through the eyes of a child hiding in the basement while her older brothers, sister and father served in the German army. She witnessed the Gestapo and the SA/SS dragging the butcher, the baker, the banker and the candlestick maker off in some cases dragging them on a rope behind a vehicle. Her father, a dentist was the equivalent of a Colonel in the Wehrmacht. Her oldest brother was captured by the Russians post the seige of Stalingrad and spent five years in a Russian prison camp. He came home looking like a “stick-man”. All he had was a little cup made out of a tin can that he had had from the beginning of his capture, but was the only thing in the world he had that he could call his own. The Russians were incredibly vicious captors.

    My wife and I will be married 42 years the 27th of this month, and it grieves us both mightily that Americans and the peoples of the world have learned nothing from the great losses of WWII predicated on simply “the evil that men do”. A tear just dropped in my keyboard…!

    I’ll post the duty links so my fellow Americans; ie., citizen patriots will hopefully get motivated and to kick the door via phone contact, snail mail, email in their order of effectiveness to their duly elected disappointments and get them motivated to reign-in Bushco and their never-ending schemes to turn America into “their” AmeriKa and all-surveilling, arrest-happy police state. To America I say, this is not a movie, but the real deal, and you are soon to become part of a long line of victims marching to your demise under Bushco’s tyranny!

    Carl Nemo **==

  30. Yo SEAL…

    Thanks for your compliment concerning my knowledge base. I’m hoping beyond hope that my outlined scenaria does not come to pass, but at this point the odds are stacked in favor of them pulling off their NWO scheme to convert the planet into their global plantation divided up into enterprise zones from Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

    They will fail due to massive resource failures; ie., oil, freshwater, timber, and ag products in general within 20 years or less leading to theatre and/or global based warfare up to and including the unthinkable; ie., the useage of nukes. Our Iraqi invasion if the first of the 21st century resource “grab” wars. The wars of the future will be simply “resource wars”; nations both fighting and grubbing to seize and control these dwindling assets.

    In the past you’ve mentioned you had cancer. I have no idea as to what stage you might be, but I have a recommendation for you and others that might be plagued with various forms of the disease. The suggestion is to acquire and to start a regimen of taking Annona muricata aka graviola, soursop, or Brazilian paw-paw. Pharmaceutical companies have studied the effects of this plant for years and it’s known effects for killing off cancer cells to the exclusion of healthy cells. They’ve never been able to synthesize the unique compounds that are attributed to this effect so they cannot patent it as a medicine. I’ve saved one family pet and one woman with my recommendation. Don’t expect your doctor to go along with your idea to take graviola since most doctors are sorely remiss when it comes to naturopathic remedies for various diseases. If you locate a MD/ND; ie., medical/naturopathic doctor then you’ll possibly get a different response. I suggest buying it in capsule form for more efficacious ingestion. They offer a product called Graviola Plus. Don’t forget to be taking a quality multi-vitamin daily, B-stress complex and my all time daily favorite cod liver oil and now krill oil too. Swansons Vitamins out of Fargo, ND are a good source for these products at reasonable price points. Another is the Vitamin Shoppe based in N.J., but having outlets nationwide. Graviola generally must be acquired from specialized sources, but Swanson is now carrying the capsules too.

    Some friends of mine have a 17 year old dog named “Digger” that was diagnosed with cancer. I mentioned graviola to them and it’s possible positive effects. They bought it in powder form. It cost under $25 for a pound from a Nevada source. They mixed the powder into the dog’s food and after about two months it started to improve and recent tests indicate a negative test concerning cancer!

    I also recommended the same regimen to an ailing woman. She was pronounced terminal with no further hope concerning traditional treatment. She conferred with her M.D. and he said “don’t” take graviola because of it’s harmful side effects…! What a hoot she’s dying and he’s worried about harmful side effects…? 😐 Anyway she worked up the courage to start taking graviola and she too is doing much better after several months almost to her doctor’s “disappointment”…?! I’ll provide you with a link and I’d say “go for it”. I have no financial interest in these companies and simply offer this as a good-buddy idea to you and others. It may or may not work in your case, but what do you have to lose by not doing so?

    What’s interesting is they use the fruit of this tree as the basis for an SE Asian dessert. It’s a large spiny fruit found in asian markets. It’s so large it looks almost silly with it’s pufferfish like spines protruding from the surface. They use the flesh of the fruit to make a wonderfully light sorbet’ type of drink that’s served either with meals or afterwards generally with a sprig of mint. Truly a delicious beverage. The tree itself is quite beautiful especially when loaded with these large fruits.

    Take care and good luck concerning your condition. The world will be a lesser place without you…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  31. First to Carl: I’m impressed with your knowledge of firearms and weaponry. I can verify the truth of what you have stated and support it as very appropriate and beneficial information people should value. You’ve never stated whether you have any military background but some of what you list above is unknown to the average military grunt. So, you’ve done some research.

    We have had several conversations within our family about our plans and have decided to split the family in order to benefit the opposing needs we have. My boys will take their own and leave to a predermined destination north where they will be expected. My wife and I will stay and fight. My age and cancer makes that decision. Also, I have the unique ability to inflict damage that will surprise beyond imagination. It will be fun while it lasts. My boys understand me and have no problem with dad’s going out the way he wants.

    BTW Carl, I am, as always, a known enity. With this post of yours, you are one, now. You would be wise to have an alternate location handy. And perhaps a tunnel (:])

    Second to Yarply: there is another possibility to consider besides there being enough members of congress literally in cahoots as true believers of the corporate facist state and NWO that is causing the transition of all this power to the executive branch and destruction of the Bill Of Rights. Consider that these votes are being cast out of fear. Either fear for their own life or fear of what Bushco may do if they anger them.

    Look back at the last time anyone garnered enough power and/or influence and had the balls to attempt to dismantle the corporate neocon control. The Kennedys were literally wiped out. The attempt on Teddy failed but nonetheless rendered him drunkenly harmless to them. Jackie wisely moved to protect John Jr. but he made the mistake of returning. “Bobby” Jr. has wisely confined himself to non-threatening issues. Add Wallce, MLK, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin, etc. to the death list and then the list of blacklistied performers like the Smothers Brothers and George Carlin for so many years and the picture is completely vivid that if you buck the powers that be you disappear, one way or another.

    Or, could it be that the congress critters know better than we that unless they appease the current mafia dons sufficiently until they are gone from the White House that they may engineer another attack that will make the democrats appear so incompetent on national security that they will lose the 2008 election. From that standpoint, they are doing the smart thing. Don’t put the Bush/Cheney led gang in a corner with impeachment or or any serious threat of it. They want to know they can escape clean in 2009. Passing this bill lets them off the impeachment or criminal hook for the wiretapping.

    Just some other possiblities to consider.

  32. Thankyou Carl, just what I needed to hear. I have a plan and place to go. Have already stock food supplies and ammo. Their are 5 of us and we continue to tweak our plans. I initially wanted to stand and fight and go out like a John Wayne but they (my associates) talked me out of it. We have been in the planning stage for at least 18 months and now we are ready but continue to tweak as we get new information. My friends are well educated individals who are fully aware of what they face.

  33. One side liner.

    The congress and senate are again voteing or have voted to raise the debt limit. What trillion of dollars is it now? Want to know who pulls the stings in this country? Consider the saying from Proverbs; The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

    The borrower is servant to the lender…..
    True then, true now.

  34. After seven months of failure after failure, the Democratic Congress compounded their many errors by passing a far-reaching bill that allows Bush to spy at will on Americans without court approval.

    I think you do not give credit where credit is do.
    To say the Dems had failure after failure is a false premise when one understands that they are really “hand in hand” with the president and the majority of republicans. To watch them you would think they are actually against what the republicans and the president want but really this is all a show. Think of it as a WWF bout where the bout is choreographed and the winner is picked before hand. This realization when fully comprehended and accepted brings the truth to the one who has gathered this understanding. As one great writer said; all the world is a stage.

    How else can one explain the passage of bills like this and many others which give the decider exactly what he wants. The pimpocrats say they are against him yet time and time again, hand in hand with the republicrats write the laws which give him the power he desires. Its all a show.

    Most people will not believe this or except this truth. They think that there is actually a difference between the two parties. There may have been at one time and on the surface they appear (if one does not look to closely) different in ideology.
    But its all a show. They are mostly ALL corrupt, treasonous, elitist, and are selling us down the river. This country is being turned into ‘something’
    monstrous. Consider the 1968 gun control act, ( which is almost exactly copied from the gun control act of Nazi Germany) consider the federal reserve which is owned and ran by PRIVATE interest, consider that since the great depression this country has been in a state of National emergency which by executive order gives the president dictatorial powers, consider all of the executive orders since then which give even more power to the decider of the moment. Consider NAFTA and other such
    treaties. America, The home of the free and the brave? No no no my friends. Its AMERIKA the home of the deceived and enslaved.

    Congress and senate fights are,,, ALL A SHOW.

  35. Correction and disclaimer:

    “The Minutemen” were an anti-Communist organization formed in the United States in the early 1960s. The founder and head of this right-wing group was Robert DePugh the author of the book “Can you Survive”; ie, the referenced 1973 publication which is still available through and is “not” associated with the modern day organization known as “The Minute Man Project” which was founded in 2004 by Jim Gilchrist to aide in the enforcement of existing immigration laws.

    I’m not affiliated with either of them nor ever have been and have no no idea if the original “Minutemen” organization founded in the 60’s is still extant, most likely not. There is some information on the www about both orgs.

    I’m personally against organizations of any type because they tend to develop a life of their own with the possibility of intellectual and psychological bullies eventually riding roughshod over the group, violating their original feelgood charter; then finally running afoul of the law etc. My advice is to never join, or form any organization, “ever” for your own personal safety regardless the promised or imagined benefit. If the org goes bad then you get dragged down along with them. Robert Depugh eventually ran afoul of the law through his emergent criminal behavior.

    My apologies for alluding that the older similarly named organization and this newer org founded by Jim Gilchrist in 2004 are related in any way. They are not. My focus was on using the the book “Can You Survive” as a reference for family survival. Links are available on the www for your personal research concerning the referenced orgs.

    I’m limiting my link posting due it’s detection as a possible source of SPAM by CHB filters.

    Nemo **==

  36. Hi Gene,

    My research on the implmentation of U.S. based martial law is that it will first be of a “pink”, low-impact variety; ie., no overt publicly displayed violence etc.that ends up on the evening news that will possibly panic the sheep and cause a bloody, work-stopping, economy destroying revolution.

    Some crisis similar to 9/11 engineered or otherwise will occur and then the “chimptator” will come on the boob tube to simply state in the interest of national security and the safety of the nation martial law is being declared via the powers vested in him via; ie., then a listing will come of Acts, Executive Orders and other Constituionally suspending “rabbits out of the hat” with instructions to follow directives per a followup FEMA broadcast…?!

    The main thing initially will be that the the proceedings of the House, Senate and Supreme Court could be suspended, but then again maybe not, due to them wanting to keep some semblance of business as ususual, but serious law-making and the normal process of legislating shall be overviewed by our “benevolent” protectors…not! The naming of a new post office is fine, but anything else if verboten! Actually based on their current performence as legislators and protectors of the people there won’t be any difference…:))

    As a note all agencies police, fire, rescue etc. from the Federal to the lowest municipal leveles already have their manuals and marching orders in place to facilitate the implementation of martial law. How smoothly it proceeds is another question? Most of our guardsmen and reservists are out of the country in Iraq and other places at this point in time. People don’t realize there’s thousands of UN and troops from former Soviet satellite nations in our country along with their equipment. The influx of this equipment and so-called “joint training” started to occur under the Clinton administration. These offshore, UN and east-European nationalist types would have no trouble following orders to enforce martial law with extreme prejudice if necessary. People must remember that the Bushistas and the Clintonistas have an unholy pact to implement the NWO. Fail to heed my warning at your own peril…! That’s why if this ugliness doesn’t happen under dubya then we are in grave danger with a “Big Sister” win on “Billarys” part.

    Post declaration of martial law, people will be definitely be perplexed and somewhat antsy but as long as they can go to their soul and mind deadening jobs, earn enough, to pay their bills and buy food, and “SHOP”, they’ll stay fairly calm at first. They’l also up their dosage of Prozac or it’s analogs in order to cope. : |

    Then surreptitious roundups will begin. Roundups are always conducted in the dead of night so there’s no public viewing of the “ugly business” of rounding up enemies of the state! This is how the Gestapo operated. They called the process “nacht und nebel”; ie., “night and fog”, meaning you were rounded up in the night to disappear into the fog, never to seen again…!

    So if people start to see their friends and neighbors entire families disappearing with nothing but yellow police line tape around their homes that will be an indicator that something horrible is going on. Of course there’l be no dispensation of information concerning the vacancy, but if someone presses enough they’l simply say they are being investigated for terrorist activity or maybe it was a drug bust; either one will serve the purpose!? A wise man once said that if Nazi style fascism ever comes to America it will happen under the “red, white, and blue of Old Glory”. It seems that he was right.

    Now the average “me,me,me, I’ve got mine” citizen might think; ‘thank god they’ve apprehended these sob’s’. I’m so happy our government is finally doing something about this imbedded scum”, until they too are visited in the night and on and on it goes until no one is left to even ask why the neighbors are missing. The only remaining citizens, the so-called “good people” will be vapid, stupidly grinning ” shoppers”…no?! :))

    If people have the will and spunk to survive my best advice is to flee northward to Canada and seek asylum. Have backpacks and stores for family members and a plan of escape. Maps, rations, some store of their wealth in gold bullion coins, tenth ounce denomination, about dime sized are smarter to hold then the larger one ounce variety since the stored wealth can be fractionated and stored more effectively such as inside tubular packframes etc., again recommended for a nestegg to start fresh etc. Diamonds are b.s. and highly inflated in price; ie., price-fixed by DeBeers. A diamond broker once said to me the reason “diamonds are forever” is once pay the ridiculously high price you are “stuck with them forever”. Visit a pawn broker and see how well he’ll treat you concerning a diamond ring… :))

    As far as weapons are concerned the .22 rimfire is the best possible round because of the large amount of ammo that can be tranported in a small volumetric space. Firepower is not important but accuracy is of paramount importance! The .22 rimfire is a mighty little round in the hands of someone that knows how to facilitate it’s positive qualities. The prime weapon of choice is the Ruger Mark I, II, III .22 rimfire semi-automatic pistol with a long barrel for improved accuracy. After the recommended 22 caliber pistol then the next best weapon is the Winchester Model 1200 police model pump shotgun as an additional tool, but not the main defense/offense weapon. The marine version in stainless steel is choice because of it’s resistance to corrosion etc. and is a standard weapon kept onboard by yachtsman, commerical, and U.S. Navy vessels. Handguns chambered for the 9mm round are fine if you own one and it is a universal round available from a host of both civilian and military supplies. Keep it, but you you’ll bring up the bottom line in terms of the amount of ammo that can be carried chambered for the .22 rimfire and it’s universiality and efficacy for bagging small game up to defensive anti-personnel needs. The 22 rimfire round is available in subsonic loads below the speed of sound so it does not report with a “whipcrack” sound. Subsonic CBEE rounds are so quiet you simply hear the firing pin striking the cartridge rim; 29 grains, and a marvelously effective round under 25 yards. Many people don’t realize that rimfire rounds of various calibers were used during the American Civil War. At five to 50 feet it was quite effective.

    Families will have to make a decision to stand and fight to defend their “stuff” or to save their lives and to flee. Even suicide may have to be an option as grim as that may sound with a preliminary “send-off” of your property; ie., “your stuff” via pyrotechnics as many people have done throughout history in the path of invading armies. I’m not joking either. There is no possible defense against modern police, military or SOC type personnel. The average American home even with a brick facade is built on a “stick frame” principle and can literally be cut in half in a NY minute with chain gun fire or even intense automatic weapons fire from 7.62mmx39 or 55mm;ie., Russian or NATO round weaponry. Even the full metal jacket 5.56mm round will penetrate quite easily through multiple walls. So unless a home was specifically hardened below window levels with at least three-eighth’s to half inch steel plate, sandbags etc., there is no viable defense from military or police rounds by hiding behind doors, walls etc. This also does not allow for attack from tactical missiles, stun grenades, tear gas and a host of other nasty weaponry usually used in warfare, but would be used against “roundup” resistors. The average American lives in a “cracker box” even if it’s a multi-million dollar c-box. So if it’s undefendable, then why defend it…no?!

    My recommended reading is a 1973 publication by Robert DePugh of the Minuteman Organization (anti-communist) which seems passe’ by todays standards but the content of the book itself is a meat and potatos survival guide for an average citizen that might find their world turned upside down by the forces of evil and need a methodology to survive. I am not a Minuteman, but I am eternally vigilant as advised by Jefferson. The book is available through Also check out the Minuteman site to see what they are up to. Gee, they seem to be interested in defending our southern borders unlike our criminally negligent government at this point in history!? I guess that makes them “bad guys” as far as our NWO government is concerned…no?!

    Another recommended publication is The Special Forces “Endurance Techniques” by Chris McNab a 2001 publication by Brown Books and offered through the Military Book Club, but is no doubt available through Amazon. It covers all the worlds’ superb SOC groups and the techniques they use to survive etc. There’s far more to survival than weaponry etc. Survival first begins in “the mind”. If you are mentally strong enough you can survive anything, it’s simple as that! The neat thing about this book it will reveal to the civilian how the military, SWAT, and police types will operate against civilians etc. Without this knowledge you’ll end up like a rabbit in a well-placed snare.

    Obviously one could go on-and-on concerning this issue, but a family needs to make a decision to either stand and fight or to flee to live another day and start afresh elsewhere. Mexico is not an option unless one speaks Western hemispheric conversational Spanish to some extent. If not, Mexican desperados and there’s no shortage of such scum will take advantage of gringos in a NY minute. Mexico is also corrupt to the core and is not a safe place to reside unless you can afford to grease palms 24/7/365.

    If you have a small plane or connections to fly you out of the country then that’s an option too but it’s best to go where it has the least impact in terms of you and your family’s adaptation. Also if you plan to escape have a pre-arranged rendevouz point for all family members to meet on a certain date at a certain place either every few months, semi-annually, or annually so they can hook back up after an extended period of separation if that should happen. Many people lost contact with their family members during WWII and it took many years if ever to make contact again, so a meeting place in a certain city at a certain day, month, and time is wise in the event of separation. I realize alot of my material sounds scary and frightening, but the way things are proceeding in our nation at this point in history almost anything is possible.

    Because “we the people” have chosen to ignore the maintenance of our Freedom and Liberty we shall pay the price by ending up getting the government we evidently deserve…!

    Carl Nemo **==
    p.s. As a disclaimer…I am not preaching revolution but simply offering “survival” information relative to the possibility of martial law being declared at some point in the future. To be forwarned is to be forearmed. God Bless America and more importantly in these harrowing, dangerous times, may God Save America…!

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