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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Barack ‘can’t do anything right’ Obama

Barack Obama: Screwing the pooch...again (Reuters)

There is so much blame to go around in the incredible FUBAR* surrounding the knee-jerk firing of USDA employee Shirley Sherrod that we need a massive manhunt to round up all the suspects.

Leading the cast of screwups, of course, is serial liar Andrew Breibart and his co-conspirators at Fox News. Even among the bottom feeders of the right-wing, Breibart tops the scumbag list. He’s a vile creature with no regard for the truth or even basic human decency. When you combine his penchant for character assassination with the trial by innuendo nature of Fox News you have an unfettered propaganda machine.

But even worse than than the propagandist feces of Breibart, et. al, was the willingness of the left to let he and his mud-slingers motivate them into inane and stupid actions, be it the overreact without thinking remarks of the NAACP to the incredible ineptitude of Barack Obama’s black comedy of errors administration in mishandling the entire mess.

While Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack appears willing to fall on his sword for the knee-jerk firing of Sherrod for something she didn’t do, the real blame lies at 1600 Pennsylvania and our not ready for prime time President who continues to let the right-wing yank his chain.

At one time some of us thought Obama was smart. He’s not. He’s an idiot in a job he can’t handle, floundering helplessly from one crisis to another without the slightest grasp of reality.

Not only is this inept President incapable of dealing with serious issues like a failing economy, his escalating war in Afghanistan or the worst environmental crisis in history in the Gulf of Mexico, his White House can’t even deal effectively with an obvious smear campaign by a lying blogger with a history of distorting the truth.

Obama has become a massive, irretreivable, embarrassing failure. We can no longer afford to look the other way simply because he is America’s first black President. He’s a screwup who — with the help of the corrupt Democratic leadership of Congress — has destroyed the hope and promise that swept him into office in 2008.  With luck, voters will wake up in 2012 and send him into well-deserved political oblivion.

Sherrod says she needs time to think about the offer of a new job from the United States Department of Agriculture.

She’s smart.

People need to think twice before working for the likes of Barack Obama.

*FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair

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24 thoughts on “Barack ‘can’t do anything right’ Obama”

  1. You’re all arguing fine points around a basic premise, that the power lies in Washington and our elected government is in control of it. What if that basic premise is false?


  2. Well, Obama isn’t completely stupid. He can follow instructions perfectly. He has done everything Wall Street has told him to do. It is when no one tells him what to do that he gets everthing screwed up.

    • I don’t think using the same strategy as our foreign policy will work. 🙂

      If we want to win the hearts and minds we have to have equal representation in the mass media. Or we have to continue to destroy the credibility of the mass media until we reach critical mass. But I figure there will be a clamp down on the Internet and World Wide Web in the name of “defending children from online predators,” or perhaps to stop terrorism.

      For instance, nary a peep after the FBI ordered a server shut down with some 70,000 blogs removed. They claim it was due to messages from al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

      I’ve worked as a webhost and in webhosting as a server administrator since 2000. You don’t shut down an entire server because of a few compromised accounts. That story might work for the technically challenged majority of Americans, but for people in the business, it’s an obvious cover story for something else.

      It was probably lots of anti-government sentiments from the bloggers on that particular service. That is the same reason Yahoo! turned off comments on their articles during the Bush years. It was obvious the posts were 80-90% against Bush policies. Those types of real numbers make it easier to see when they are “bending the polls” in the directions they want and outright lying about what most people think about our country.

      We aren’t allowed to have open political discussions anymore. We are taught never to talk about religion and politics. This wasn’t always the case. Used to be all the watering holes were packed with folks discussing these very things over food and drink. That’s how many of our ancestors formed our state and local governments. Today all we get is sound bites and opinions, vetted questions and rehearsed answers. The dog and pony show for the mass media zombies.

      What passes for Republic in the USA today is a mere shadow of what it used to be. And soon even that shadow will disappear with the setting sun, leaving us all lost in darkness.

      • A veritable Joe Pyne show, complete with microphone eaters.

        Pop said, man has no answers, just reason, and darn little of that as he works one gainst tother.

        Rally Round the Flag, Eli is comin. Don’t hide your heart..

  3. I just saw a statistic that says 40% of the voters are independents. If the Dems and Reps are evenly split, that gives them 30% each. Hey, we have the majority!

    • Problem is 80% of those Independents vote for either major party because they think voting for an independent candidate is wasting their vote. Now how did that little bit of doublethink get in there?

  4. re: DejaVuAllOver, July 23, 2010 – 12:36 am

    He may turn out to have been the perfect Manchurian candidate. Clinton was called ‘Slick Willie’ but Slick Willie ain’t got nuffin’ on Slick Barry.

    • Hey kent, a word on C4L…It’s more than just a website, it’s a PAC aimed at not only advancing the cause of individual liberty, true free marketsand sound money but also encourage and support local and state – as well as national – activism and like-minded candidates.

  5. Obama is a neocon who looks like an Arab and talks like a moderate. I must say, though, I think he IS VERY smart. He’s pulled off a con job on this country that Bush could only dream of. Lying as well and as consistently as he does about his intentions is not something any old idiot can do. Evil, yes. Stupid, no way. I suspect the only thing Obama regrets about this incident is that he (kind of) got caught pandering to Rahm’s pals at FOX.

  6. HEY! What are you doing back here? It is cool in the mornings. Get out in the wind. It’s the best medicine.


    • talking to myself again, so what else is new

      I forgot to mention that even a few days off has seemingly cleared your mind. This column is a nice, clear, concise, pointed statement of opinion. Nice finish, too.


  7. We have to dethrone the Washington Royality and return them to the status of “Public Servant”.

    A starting point for systemic change can, in my opinion, only begin with public financing of campaign only…and taking away the personhood of corporations, both profit and nonprofit, which the Supreme Court recently granted. That decision clearly undermines the voting power of the people.

    Once those changes have been put in place, then we’ll taken on dealing with the Corp/lobbyists debacle.

    • You got it right Austin. The original intentent of the check off box for campaign contribution on the income tax form was public finance only. But, when Washington got a hold of it it, it became oh boy, we can take this cash and the corporate cash too.

  8. Doug, hope you had a nice break. Good to see you back and appearing to be rested and wearing your boxing gloves.

    For me, I can’t disagree with most of your comments, but who can America turn to in 2012 that will yank American politics out of the bottom of swap of corruption and Washington Royalism?

    A change in persons isn’t gonna cut it. We need a change in the system, as you have so often pointed out in many of your columns. Who could possibly have to power to do that in 2012?

    It seems that no matter where we go – there we are.

    • I seem to recall the Obamanoid mantra being that of “we can talk policy after he’s been elected – he’s a man of the People and he’ll listen to us.”

      Well he’s not listening. Maybe their ears will perk up after we clean house in November, but it’s up to us to make it happen.

      Contrary to the popular theory that our current problems started with Bush, it has taken decades for us to get where we are today, and it will take decades to get things right again.

      Obama and the Democrats bamboozled the medicated masses into believing he was the One to do it. I think He finally put to rest the notion that this government, in whatever detestable partisan form it takes from year to year, is actually working for us.

      It’s time we reminded them where the real power lies – and it isn’t on Wall Street or corporate boardrooms.

      A monumental undertaking. Are we up for it? I’d like to think so.

      • “Contrary to the popular theory that our current problems started with Bush, it has taken decades for us to get where we are today, and it will take decades to get things right again.”

        A monumental undertaking indeed. Which do you think would have more promise, trying to organize a completely new political party, or trying to, with like-minded cohorts, try to take over one of the existing parties? Or, am I blindering myself? Are you thinking in terms of a new paradigm, possibly outside of political parties altogether, perhaps starting with a constitutional convention? Regardless, it all has to start at the grass roots level in my opinion. If, for example, we are trying to take over an existing party every individual needs to get sincerely involved in local politics, and the establishment even at that level is often entrenched, immovable and will not willingly step aside for a bunch of uppity riff raff from the wrong side of the tracks.

        “Obama and the Democrats bamboozled the medicated masses into believing he was the One to do it. I think He finally put to rest the notion that this government, in whatever detestable partisan form it takes from year to year, is actually working for us.”

        Second that.

        “I think He finally…”

        Was divine capitalization of the pronoun, “He”, intentional in agreement with your mention of “the One” messiah? (grin)


        • Hey kent , good to see you around again.

          My opinion is that a third party is not viable, aty least in the present media climate. I wish it wasn’t so, but with the two parties in firm control of the media, it’s a pathetically simple job to marginalize any outsiders or upstarts (see: Libertarians, Tea Party).

          Proof of this can be seen all over the internet on sites like this one…the mindless parroting of the punditry, the lack of sophistication and independent thought, the cognitive dissonance and selective amnesia of party worshippers.

          Another thing Obama has finally shown us is that it won’t – can’t – happen from the top. It could possibly happen with the right person, but that person would never be allowed any where Washington, much less a television studio or “news” program.

          I guess first we would actually have to believe in some thing again. It’s clearly evident that both parties are detested by most people, but again we’re content to give the Republicans another try. It has to be done, I’m afraid, but perhaps the outrage is sufficient enough this time that we stand a chance at making some real changes. Going back to sleep is not an option, nor would be the same blind devotion to party that has become the mainstay of political “thought” and activism these last several decades.

          A Constitutional Convention is a dangerous thing and I wouldn’t be for that. During a convention, the Constitution is suspended (not that we’d probably see any difference – they haven’t much use for it) and with the lack of basic constitutional understanding and lemming-like obedience of the vast majority of people, that would be a scary prospect.

          The only real answer is not so much to take over an existing party but rather to remake it. The People not only need a voice, but we need to know what that voice sounds like.

          As James Madison wrote in 1822, ” A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

          Right now, the two parties have total control of the “knowledge” and our means of acquiring it. Televisions need to darken country-wide, the blue glow in living rooms replaced by the glimmering light of an informed and educated populace.

          I also think that we should usher in this new Congress with a mandate not of legislating anew but of repealing the old. Repealing the last fifteen years or so would be a good start, and would keep them quite busy for some time.

          For me, Campaign for Liberty is the only game in town. Incorruptible.

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